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  1. Thanks for your answer. Before buying the 3900x, I checked for cheap threadrippers, but at this budget the 3900x was the king. Actually no, on ebay you could find nice deal for 1950x and other but the performances of the 1 st gen threadripper are still lower anyway and when it comes to the 2nd gen, it's too expensive... until I stomped into those budget monster that are the e5-2690(+) v3-4... I actually regret my choice a bit... I feel like for the same budget I could have get like 20-30% more multi-thread performance, even easily beating the 3950x... I'll just save 700 euro and buy it al
  2. I never heard about any current Zbrush Benchmark... Apparent there was one coming with an very old version but I'm very unsure.
  3. Before buying the 3900x, I checked if there was any threadripper build that could concurence it... I found that no, for 450$, the 3900x is the best bet... But now for 450$ two xeon IS THE BEST BET !!! you see. Thou the big weakness of this build would be the tremendous power consumption... 2 x 120 w tdp ... Yeah, that WAYYY more than a 3900x
  4. And of course I am happy, I just made the second best choice possible with my budget, I could have made one thousand other choice that would have been worse so of course I feel very lucky... But it's not perfect... But that's ok.. That's life lol Yeah, I have red all the thread concerning hardware for Zbrush and this one is dead wrong... lol, for the story I almost bought a 10700k because of this thread... But after watching this video, I immediately bought the 3900x... Cause there is nothing more annoying than working with a laggy viewport..
  5. No it's for money, so I must have a working computer all the time. And yeah the 3900x does wonderfully ! But knowing that the dual xeon is an available option, I just feel scamed by the industry... That's weird because 3900x is probably the second best option available after the dual xeon... Yeah, most of the people just don't bother and go with a ryzen or a threadripper. And I couldn't find any xeon user "benchmarking" zbrush on youtube
  6. I use Zbrush so the more core the better... In fact, the ideal cpu would be a 3990x but I don't want to sell my house, and even though I had the money, I think always going for the best perf/price deal is the best route. (which is the reason for this thread)
  7. Yeah and usually stable motherboard mean trustful manufacturer and more expansive product (with few exception of course) And what do you think about the double e5-2695 v4 option ? Paired with a solid vrm 200-300$ x99 motherboard.
  8. Yeah, of course you are right not cheaping out on the motherboard, what I was trying to say is that with the right xeon you could easily compete with even a 3950x... Speaking of the right xeon, I dug a bit and found my supposedly perfect candidates : e5-2695 v4 and here is a performance idea (see this benchmark)
  9. Ohh with 2 cpu ? Are you on a x99 mobo ? I though you'll get around 8k... even challenging the 3950x... but it appear I was mistaken.
  10. sans GPU ? what does that mean ? For 500$ !!! How well does this build do in cinebench r20 ? (multi-core score of course) And me who though the 3900x was the best bang for the bucks option for a multi-thread build...
  11. Hum... good ideas there, but a used 3950x is REALLY unlikely and the 5950x would be way over the budget I guess
  12. Yeah very expensive if bought from the factory and recommendable webstore, but from eBay or ali-express... like that https://aliexpress.ru/item/4001135866276.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.11f93114ErXnLS&algo_pvid=1909b7f4-038f-4c9e-8b6a-728299571997&algo_expid=1909b7f4-038f-4c9e-8b6a-728299571997-22&btsid=0b8b034116013874989863254e7222&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ I guess it's possible
  13. Lol a fellow redditor pointed me this https://aliexpress.ru/item/4001135866276.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.11f93114ErXnLS&algo_pvid=1909b7f4-038f-4c9e-8b6a-728299571997&algo_expid=1909b7f4-038f-4c9e-8b6a-728299571997-22&btsid=0b8b034116013874989863254e7222&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ What's your take for this build ?
  14. Hello, I recently upgraded my computer(1 month ago) and having bought the 3900x paired with a 160$ b550 mobo, I was wandering if I could have get more multi-core performances for that same budget(650$) by going the dual Xeon route. The performance I seek is only in multi-core (and we will use cinebench r20 as the reference), so the concerns are the following : with a 650$ budget, what is the most powerful combo (cpu(s) + mobo) you can get ? (used parts are allowed of course) Stock 3900x scores around 7200 points. For 2 Xeons to top that, a single Xeon would have to hit
  15. Don't need to respond it's ok I know the answer thanks to @GoldenLag : https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1246997-upgrading-the-old-2133-ram/?tab=comments#comment-14027494