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  1. YES it is so bad. For what reason does it have to be so bad TT_TT
  2. Im saving up for it to be around $200 for the cpu and I need to buy other parts for the pc as im going to build it new
  3. So should i save up for a great pc or just buy a decent one? as I want to try Blender and started to get into games,for the phone tho as my pc is still running ddr2
  4. I mean anything would be fine as i still have AMD athlon (tm) 64 Dual Core Processor 4200+ 2.20GHz
  5. Yeah I have a friend working in Germany (not now tho,thank god) but I don't know how good/bad prycing is there, Do you know?
  6. I just want to know which cpu is giving the most use for its price.
  7. From my own experiance and some help from you guys I found out that prices here are to the roof.Some could call them ripoffs. I was looking for parts and had help here but saw that in the end it was too much to pay here than in usa,canada(?). I would recommend trying to find help here to not get scammed as I almost got. IF someone from Croatia sees this than PLEASE look for help here for pricing in normal situations. For example i saw bitwit making a 3000 series pc for $1000 but here it'd cost at least $1500-$2000. Sorry if i posted in the wrong part as I don't know where to post this
  8. I would like to build a new one, but as im from Europe most places overprice things and shipping can be too high
  9. it's facebook marketplace.Sorry for being late; i had a haircut
  10. Procesor intel i5 4 core 3,8 GHZ Cooler INTEL ORIGINAL RAM 10GB Hard drive 1000GB 7200 RPM Grafic card RX 480 4GB sapphire nitro Power supply 500W BE QUIET case GAMING RGB Motherboard ASUS B75M $408 Is it bad or good price?