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  1. Jtm227

    Huge Borderlands sale

    If I didn't already have Borderlands 2, I would have definitely jumped on this sale.
  2. Jtm227

    Open or Closed headphones?

    Closed for listening to music in public and open for listening at home.
  3. Jtm227

    Keyboard feet, to use or not to use?

    Whenever I use the keyboard feet, my wrists start hurting. So I prefer not to use them.
  4. It might be time to upgrade my Gtx 560.
  5. Does the controller fit better in the hand now?
  6. Jtm227

    PC games roundup on E3

    Man I am excited for all these games!
  7. Jtm227

    My R4

    Man awesome build! And are those Denon AHD2000's?
  8. Jtm227

    $100 headset

    Linus has always recommended the Steelseries 7H however they have pretty bad build quality.
  9. Jtm227

    Headphones for around $60?!?!

    Koss Pro DJ100 They sound great for $50 and they are built pretty well. (Machined metal earcups and metal headband)
  10. Jtm227

    tell me about ur headphones

    Koss Pro DJ100 I got them off of amazon for $50 and for that price they are pretty good.
  11. I hope that you won't have to sign into origin to play the campaign.
  12. Jtm227

    Xbox one $499

    I wonder how the PS4 will compare in price.
  13. Jtm227

    iOS 7 Revealed

    Finally some of the features that android has had for ages.
  14. Jtm227

    What Resolution Is Your Screen?

    I have 7 year old lg monitor 1440 by 900 :(