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  1. Heloo. Been a while since I posted here. Audible has doubled down on captioned audiobooks. Lawyers involved and something. How about making my own AI that knows all the names, creatures and whatever apparently android 10 buuld-in captioning feature does not have access to? Sorry about my english.
  2. Thanks, still not working after installing this app.
  3. Yup. It plays fine on my pocophone too. Except not even HD is available. DRM shit. I have: Working 4K 60Hz on HDMI 2.0 motherboard connector. Ryzen 2200G APU, no other video card. Latest drivers. Does 4k playback on netflix works or not for other ryzen apu users? It may or may not be a HDCP issue on my part, this is what I want to find out,
  4. Thanks, I've upgraded from a piledriver buid mostly because of power efficiency difference. I really did try everything to make 4k playback possible. There is simply no options enywhere except on buid in tv app wich sucks btw. It's most likely a drm problem as atmos sound is available....and this sound option is only available on uhd plan.
  5. I have upgraded to uhd plan and I"m using the win10 Netflix app. There is only hd res available...
  6. Quick question: is anyone able to view Netlix in 4K res on a ryzen apu? The internet sais that it should work but it does not.
  7. In my experience, a cheap gigabit lan/wan wifi router does the job well for a switch. Two if them "in series" will give you plenty of lan ports. If you have the option, get yourself cat 6 or 7 cables for 10 gigabit in future.
  8. Hiding the notch with software will give you equal and small enough top and bottom bezels. That space will not be totally wasted, there will be networking, battery and other system icons yet without any risk for apps to mess that up, somewhat like LG V10 second screen on the top.
  9. The android app should really have a dark mode skin. The official youtube app destroys amoled screens in vertical mode.
  10. How many youtubers have a setup like that, besides mkbhd? It's a bit more than a camera, it's prestige too. Of course is stupidity expensive!
  11. Believe it or not, this is the solution to overcrowding, hunger, etc.
  12. As a manufacturer, why should I realease a good quality product, when I can focus on repairing my shit product on and on?
  13. @Zmeul Imagine the exitement if zen really was a fail. /S
  14. Tried to switch back to 7. On a 4K screen, that's a big no-no. Did anyone mention that dpi scaling is soo much better now on 10?