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  1. I'll figure out the motherboard when I choose a CPU, budget for a mobo is about $150
  2. Building a new rig and I am not sure what CPU to get. I do quite a bit of 3D modeling in SolidWorks, Sketchup and Fusion 360. I also do graphics design and illustrations in Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. I am pretty new to video editing, but I would also like to add this to my business services once my skills get up to an acceptable level. I also game occasionally, can't wait for Fallout 76 and Doom Eternal! Max budget for a CPU is about $450 I am not sure to go with cores or clock speeds Rest of my specs: EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Gaming
  3. Have to replace my whole setup because of smoke damage from a house fire. Should be getting about $5K USD for my old setup from insurance. Preferred retailers are Amazon, Newegg, and if need be eBay. I have another budget for tools, but I have already replaced most those already, so what ever is left after I buy new welding equipment may also go into my setup...or an office chair that doesn't suck, not sure yet. I'll be giving rough budgets per category for what I am realistically looking to pay Monitor, Peripherals, TV, Etc: Budget $1400 Theme: My color scheme for thi
  4. I was wondering is anyone knew what kind of vinyl DBrand uses for there wraps. I have one on my MacBook Pro and its held up extremely well for the past 2 years, but I have 2 devices that DBrand doesn't have a skin for, so I want to make my own. My friend has a vinyl cutter and owes me favor, they said they would help me if I could get the vinyl. I want matte black
  5. I'm tired of messing with it, I'm just going to sell it and get a GTX 1060
  6. Installed Windows 8.1, it worked until I installed the graphics driver then nothing
  7. R9 390 seems to work fine on my old windows 7 gaming computer, maybe windows 10 is the problem
  8. Update, after installing windows 10 again (no drivers or programs installed), a picture will show up through the whole process, but as soon as it goes to boot for the first time my monitor doesn't detect anything and goes to sleep. I tried an old HD 6670 I had laying around and it boots into windows and shows up on the screen, theres something weird going on with graphics card. I'll try it on an old windows 7 gaming computer and see what happens
  9. I'll give it a shot, this is the first time I've ever had an AMD card in one of my builds, not pointing a finger at AMD, but I've never had this kind of thing happen on my GTX 460 or GTX 670, my problems started the day I got the R9 390
  10. My motherboard doesn't like switching between integrated and dedicated GPUs, it just opens up a whole new can of worms to try and fix
  11. My old computer that I sold to a friend was rock solid reliable since the day I built it no matter what operating system I had on it. I wanted to build something with more modern components such as M.2, DDR4, native PCIe 3.0, etc. Well all was good for several months until the past week, I wasn't able to get a GPU or an M.2 drive until this last week and that's when my problems started. Most of the problems seem to be centered around Windows 10 and my graphics card. I've managed to kill Windows 10 3 times this week. First time I was completely unable to boot into Windows no matter
  12. Unless anyone can convince me otherwise, I'll probably get that R9 390, it has very similar performance to an RX 480 and gives 8gb of vram for $200 shipped
  13. Yeah. It would be better than a 290, they had some issues, 390s were a much better card