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  • Birthday 2004-07-16

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    dare_f0kn_robertson #0339
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    Greeley Colorado USA
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    Computers, Gaming, Tinkering, Overclocking
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    I hate simplistic design
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  • CPU
    Intel Core I5-8300H
  • Motherboard
    ASUS TUF fx504gm
  • RAM
    16gb DDR4 2667mhz
  • GPU
    Mobile GTX 1060 3gb
  • Case
  • Storage
    1TB Seagate Firecuda and a 256gb kingston m.2 ssd
  • PSU
    Laptop charger
  • Display(s)
    60hz lcd panel OC to 100hz
  • Cooling
    2 Laptop fans
  • Keyboard
    Laptop or a Corsair K70 Rapidfire red
  • Mouse
    a cheap 125hz Blackweb mouse
  • Sound
    Realtek Audio drivers paired with DTS audio and some cheap headphones
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 home

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  1. thanks for answering the original question you were a big help
  2. thats true but the laptop cpus are still set to run at a lower clock and use less power
  3. ok lets shift the question what material will best protect my hard drive from a monster magnet regardless of whether or not i decide to be an idiot and bring it close to my pc
  4. no i just have the money and the desire for peace of mind
  5. what would be the best material to encase a hard drive in to protect it from magnets?
  6. they should have an option of what resolution textures to download
  7. i dont have an exact one in mind but im looking for an overclockable amd mobo with triple channel
  8. you should subscribe to anyaustin on youtube he streams often and regularly makes videos



    1. lewdicrous
    2. imreloadin


      I like how your justification for watching him is that he "streams often and regularly makes videos"...you literally just described like 95% of YouTube xD

  9. you should subscribe to anyaustin on youtube he streams often and regularly makes videos


  10. Im planning to get a 6 slot motherboard so i can have fast quad channel ram and use 2 high capacity dual channel chips for a ram disk. is this possible?
  11. its probably a problem with the cpu if theres no lag spikes before
  12. im looking for a home 3d printer that isnt user friendly at all
  13. What are some small commercial 3d printers that arent user friendly at all?