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    New Jersey
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  • CPU
    4770k @ 4.4Ghz (or 4.2 when I want lower temps) I have the worst chip..Thinking about delidding
  • Motherboard
    Asus Maximus VII Formula
  • RAM
    32GB G.Skill Trident X @2133Mhz (32Gb? Yeah, not practical I know.)
  • GPU
    2 x GTX 980 EVGA SC (Each with its' respective EK full cover waterblock & backplate)
  • Case
    Red/Black NZXT H440
  • Storage
    one 500GB Samsung 840 EVO ssd, one 240GB HyperX 3k ssd, & 2TB Seagate HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair AX860
  • Display(s)
    24" Asus TN panel & 23.9" Dell IPS panel both @ 60Hz
  • Cooling
    Single 240mm & 360mm radiators cooling CPU + both GPUs
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Vengeance K70
  • Mouse
    Corsair Raptor M45
  • Sound
    Logitech Z506 5.1 surround
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Honestly, I agree with R3ep3r here as to the illegibility of the screenshot. But that aside, if when you experience the WHEA error in terms of a blue screen followed by something like 'uncorrectable error' then it wouldn't hurt to bump up you Vcore a bit. (0.005+). Aside from that you can use Memtest86. Typically a WHEA error is because of the CPU or memory. Fair warning- stress tests aren't an accurate representation of true stability. You can run Prime95 24/7 for a week straight and yet jump into a game and crash within the first round of playing.
  2. Of course you never complained with your 4790k, because you weren't using it for anything other than web browsing and playing small games. In my usage scenario, it sucks. 4c/8t is not enough. Don't come saying I'm a special snow flake when you're the one who bought a 4790k for simply web browsing and playing small title games. There's those of us who render, content create, and depend on saving as much time as possible. You might as well have gotten an i5. I also do 1440p /165hz and I'd like to always set every game setting to ultra (with the exception of msaa) without every sacrificing frame rates. Again, I'll reiterate- if you don't even do heavy cpu intensive tasks you look like a fool for having brought up the argument that my opinion is invalid and nonsensical when I've had this 4770k for years and OC'd to ~4.6Ghz and have been increasing my workload to the point that it's justified needing and wanting more out of a cpu. You also look like a fool for having gotten a 6800k when you've only specified you web browse and play small title games, we don't all shit money out of every orpheus like you.
  3. Um, incorrect. Because the Zen architecture is still new, it means that within a short span of time game developers will improve the perf you get with it. Sacrificing 4c/8t because you suspect it'll give you better gaming perf is quite flawed and hesitant to assume right now. I have a 4770k & I plan on upgrading to the 1700x + 1080Ti SLI. I value both gaming and productivity. Quite frankly my 4770k sucks ass and I'm tired of Intel, like seriously- I can't have Photoshop (w/ bunch of layers), VLC or other media, and games running at the same time without it slowing to a halt and just chugging- that's a shitty experience and will be the same if you're a heavy heavy multi-tasker.. That 7700k will behave the same, a higher clock speed and insignificant IPC improvement isn't going to help you, I run my 4770k @4.7Ghz on all cores, and I'm recommending you either give this all some time or go with the 1800x/1700x as the most logical choice. All complaints against Ryzen aren't fully warranted given its' infancy- literally. However right now I can speak from personal experience the smarter choice is the 1800x/1700x if you actually want an upgrade in performance both in games and ESPECIALLY in multitasking + editing/rendering. Otherwise, you're unfortunately victim to being an Intel fanboy if you're not taking both $/value/perf into consideration and just blindly going with what the mainstream (uneducated mind you-) kiddos say. If I sound harsh I'm sorry, but it's just me strictly speaking to you as someone that actually cares on how you stand to benefit on your next CPU upgrade since I myself and going for 2x 1080Tis.
  4. Hey OP. Just glossing over your specs, some easy upgrades that are quite cheap is an SSD (250gb+ recommended for an OS ... imo),an additional 4gb of memory if not a new kit of 8gb if you can't find the same model as the one you have. 4gb is OKAY but 8gb+ is better if you can (Chrome tabs, games with loads of textures, photo editing, etc.)
  5. Salma. (If you thought of Hayek- you're correct)
  6. Netflix's basic plan offers the ability for two users to watch at the same time, the next "upgrade" plan allows for 3. Multiple user 'profiles' are allowed but only 2-3 are able to watch simultaneously (respective of the plan you're on).
  7. Demorthus

    My current setup (still in the works!)

    I'm still purchasing things I lost during a building fire incident (I lost all periphers but saved the pc tower and guts)
  8. There aren't any full cover wb for the 390 StricOC (as of the time of this post), except for universal blocks that are only for the main die. Watercooling (if you haven't done it before) will be very challenging to get into if it's you first time, however, this will give you the lowest temps. Really the simplest solution is, more case fans. More airflow, I'm not sure why you wen't with multiple internal exhaust GPUs as this is the consequence. I recommend that next time you choose a blower style set of cards if you plan to crossfire and not watercool them. Buy a few NF-F12s or any other good brand fan and put them in the front as intake, the rear as exhaust, the top as exhaust and the bottom as intake. Rule of thumb is 120mm rad/per component + 1 extra for buffer, so as you initially mentioned- yes 360mm will be sufficient.
  9. Make sure you have all the fittings you need and maybe a spare incase one comes defective (learned the hard way)
  10. Hey OP, I did some looking and found a list with a review of the H-220x, it details the sound of A LOT of other air/aio's for comparison https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Swiftech/H220-X/7.html
  11. Dude, where did you buy the ROG SLI connector?!? I quit trying to search where to buy them months ago because it was impossible
  12. Funny story, I had the first gen Moto 360 but when I went into the building it was covered in mold (& beyond repair). So I got the 2nd gen after that
  13. "Ya gotta do what ya gotta do", lol. I have my water pump ghetto mounted onto my HDD with industrial velcro lol. Improvising is always a necessity in our world
  14. Hey all! You may have noted I've posted my setup before but there's been alot of changes. My building caught on fire and I lost everything except for my tower (I was able to scrap all the innards and replace the case with a new one, it was too damaged), I had to restore everything and spent countless hours removing rust and mold from nearly everything, yet surprisingly the loop was never contaminated. The pc was in a decaying building for over 2 months, and survived even thieves that broke in, they ransacked everyone's apartments. It's really a longer story than what I've summed up (kind of) thus far.. Edit2: Obligatory: The pc is my current setup (I lost the peripherals but saved/restored the actually pc and all its' parts, you may still see some rust on the close up shots of the graphics cards) I'm still in the process of slowly buying back the things I had. The k70 you see in the pics I just bought less than a week ago. The mouse was the first thing I bought, next up I want to replace my AmazonBasics speakers for something else & buying a secondary display as I had it before. The new addition to everything is the DxRacer chair, fortunately I didn't buy it before the fire or that would've been a goner for sure. Specs include 4770k // 32GB G.Skill 2133MHz // 2x 980s (EVGA) // Formula VII mobo // H440 case // AX850 psu // 500GB 840 EVO // 240GB HyperX ssd // 6TB HGST hdd // 360mm EK front rad // 240mm Alphacool top rad // 6x NF-F12 fans // EK waterblocks for GPUs, Koolance 380i CPU waterblock // single Corsair 120mm fan (only for aesthetics, lol), red sleeved cable kit from Corsair, 150mL Bitspower res, MCP 655 pump, Primochill tubing & mixed compression fittings (meaning diff brands), Bitfenix red color led strip. EDIT1: spelling All pics were taken with my DSLR. (They should all be 6000x4000 res) A few photos I've taken, edited, and printed Moto 360 My Nexus 6P with Dbrand skins The GTX 295 was from my friend/neighbor from the same building that burned down, I traded him a perfectly working GTX 780 I had before my 980s, I figured he can use it for a new build or sell it for cash, I didn't really need it so I asked him if I can have his GPU ( we went in his apartment and managed to strip the 295 from his pc, meanwhile there's so much stuff falling on us, contaminated water, ceiling debris, etc.) I used plastidip for the front to make a design, however the reds don't match exactly with the case, it's a bit darker up close