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  1. the bottom one with the football. what is that from
  2. honestly not really i OCed mine and got like 1-2 more FPS
  3. my mom kicked me out for smoking weed
  4. is that for all sites tho? i can't do that because i won't be able to log back into half of the websites. i used different email and passwords for every site. well email are different for like 4.
  5. hell nah. the 260X beats those 2 any day, even the 260 non X is better
  6. so if i keep doing shift f5 will it eventually clear it?
  7. eh its hitman absolution, i like it but i played it on PS3 when it came out and i was hoping for it to seem better on PC but meh, the controls were weird and just didn't want it anymore
  8. shift F5 just refreshed the page. but the incognito works. thanks
  9. i kinda feel like i should be the one to test it. but i do want the refund