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  1. Yah originally that was the idea... the motherboard has the colors Army Military hence the "military grade components" but I wanted to go with "red and black". So yah it was a trade off... Military grade like motherboard and the rest can be red accents. In the future I can always color the heatsinks over the VRM's and Northbridge. But for now it works. Upgrades in the future will be PTG rigid tubing and maybe some Kingston Savage Memory to match the SSD.
  2. Yah for some odd reason that always happens with any build I have... The real temps are CPU and Mainboard... On load it's not bad at all. 50*C when playing Smite, WoW, League of Lengends, Battlefield Hardline and Warframe. So I am happy with how it turned out.
  3. Hi everyone... Kinda new here on the Linus Media Group forums but wanted to share my latest build with all of you. The specs: AMD 9590FX Asus Sabertooth R2.0 Motherboard AMD 16GB 2133Mhz Gamer Memory XFX R9 280 3GB GPU Kingston Savage 240GB SSD WD Black 1TB HDD 3.5" Seasonic X-Series 1050w Modular PSU PC Case: Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra Gaming Case *Watercooling: Koolance CPU block Koolance 420mm Radiator Koolance 280mm Radiator Alphacool GPU block for R9 280 Fittings: Bitspower Tubing: Primochill Advanced LT Fans: BitFenix Spectre Pro and Thermaltake 15mm Luna Fans Comments welcomed. Thanks everyone!
  4. This would be a GREAT Xmas present for one of my son's or daughter! Because my daughter has a small computer desk and limited space underneath her desk, this would be a great fit whereas she plays some games but they aren't too graphic heavy on the GPU. For my son Michael again a great little PC/Gamer setup for him and would allow him to play games like Minecraft, WoW, and some other titles he enjoys on a daily basis. Thanks to Zotac and LTT media group for presenting this give-away!! Good Luck to all who enter! All the Best Celticfox aka Robert
  5. Well the front filter inside the plastic bezel of the case is coming out when we remove the honeycomb grill-like part and also that front mesh doesn't stay in place if the honeycomb is removed. So we will need something as a filter. Thanks for the question.
  6. Okay so first cuts on the case to 'mod" it will be this... We will be cutting out entirely the fan mesh area using the 'slots' as (seen in these arrows) as a guide to make a nice square opening on the front intake fans of the case. To then re-attach the 140mm fans back in place as you see in the picture above there is four counter-sunk holes. We will be using these to hold our new acrylic mounting plate in place. You can see our Google sketch-up in the below picture. To keep dust out of the inside of the case, we will be using a dual 140mm magnetic fan filter on the front of the case thus covering the fans and which will be easy to clean. Pictures coming soon once we get the acrylic and cut it out ...
  7. Some more pictures of the case and looking around to the front bezel and top area of the case. As we can see here where the 140mm fans are there is notches to add a removable filter just like the one on the bottom of the case Why Rosewill didn't include this in another mystery. Again the same where the two 230mm fans are. Here we see the same notches indicating that a fan filter can be added here.. Custom fan filter material can be purchased and cut to shape for these areas. Here there is room for a place of 3x 140mm fans (480 rad). The only modification is to remove two 'post' in the middle of the top bezel for them to fit. See the link here Here is a look at the I/O port on the top of the case. It is noted that you could remove this area entirely and create your own style of I/O port.
  8. One mod that is going to be complete here in a few weeks (need cutting wheels for the dremel) is removing the honey comb plastic part behind the mesh panel... As you can see in this example below: The Thermaltake Element G case which has a 200mm fan in front behind the bezel had a honeycomb design as well, by removing it, it allowed for a much better looking concept. Which of course the stock fans on the Tt case were super bright to begin with. So it just looks much more "pro" this way. SO yah when I can, I will be posting up pictures very soon as we start to mod the case. I have ordered three of these custom fan grills from a person in the UK who is doing them for me. 2x 140mm and 1x 120mm one... I think they will look great on the inside of the case where the fans will be located.
  9. YUP! that's always a great idea too!
  10. Okay today we are taking a "very interesting" look at the front bezel. Why I say that is as you will see in these pictures it leads me to question what is in store for maybe a "version 2" of the Black Hawk Ultra? So looking here at the 4 5.25 drive bays we can see that it's only just a piece of mesh molded in to a cover. All metal mesh, just like the mesh that in on the front bezel and carries over to the top of the case. In this picture we can see "tabs" just like those on the 5.25 bays? What's this Rosewill?? Let's take a closer look. Upon closer inspection they are indeed drive bays? A total of 8 bays with tabs for locking in the bay covers as I demonstrate here. If we were to remove the mesh completely from the front of the bezel these drive bay covers would snap right in like the 4 usable ones on the top of the bezel. Also upon an even closer look (arrows) shows that there are 'cut outs" for "tabs" to be used with mesh? But since the front bezel has mesh from top to bottom these aren't used? You can also see all 8 clips for the drive bay covers?? Hmmm a mystery is afoot here. Here is a closeup of the mesh bay cover. Not much but shaped into a cover for the bezel. Something easy enough for any modder to make. Conclusion: So we are going to explore this area a little further and see what other possible Rosewill cases might have been used for same design. Can the 8 bays be used for something other than fans? Can the drive tray walls inside be turned 90* and remounted to use these bays? What other possible uses can be used here? Could another drive bay cover from another Rosewill case be used in these areas? I guess we will find out as we continue to build the Ultimate Dream PC. Stay tuned.
  11. Okay so lets take a look at the window and mesh that can hold up to 9x 120mm fans or 2x 230mm fans total. Okay so here you can see a 1/8" lip around the backside of the left panel where the mesh has tabs that are bent over to allow it to be held in place. Here is another view showing approx. 1/2" of space between the lip and the mesh itself since it is 'raised' with a beveled edge to it. The radius here is 1/2". We measured it because we wanted to get a custom window to either fit 'inside' of this area OR place it over it .... Okay so here is the mock up window we want to add in... It will be 'smoke' acrylic so you will still be able to see the motherboard and all inside when done. Overall size we wanted was 18" because we want to keep the overhang on the window as mentioned to give it a nice 3D look. We will be lining the inside 1/8" lip with U-Channel so that the window has something rubber to keep vibration down. Also we still wanted the 230mm fan help keep the air cooled XfX R9 cooler, so we will be using a 250mm round fan grill (magnetic) on the opening. Thus it will allow us to be able to clean it without having to take out the fan as well. Also the words "Spartan Ghost" will be 'etched' onto the window as in the example. Okay more updates soon.
  12. Okay just a little con here with Rosewill... Maybe it was just overlooked?? This is one of two fan hubs included with the case (picture borrowed from Google Search) The two circles indicate when I tried unplugging the 3 pin connector (that connects up the two fan hubs together) ...the 3 pin header came right off the PCB?? Then I tried to unpin one of the top fans and the same thing happened to the other 3 pin header in this picture...?? Close inspection showed not much soldier on the connections... Hmmm... ** Note only on 4 pin molex is needed when "daisy chaining" the two hubs together, connecting 4 pin molex to both and using the connecting 3 pin wire may short out your PSU, Fans or worse. ** ** Note to use these fan hubs, you have to use the standoffs they are attached to. There is a 'cut-out' behind the PCB so that the soldier joints don't touch the motherboard tray and cause a short. ** So in conclusion, we will be replacing these with some other fan headers to feel better about not having fans, fan controller or PSU being shorted out.
  13. Okay just a little planning before we start in Jan. 2015 with mods to the case... For now using the Coolermaster Seidon 120m that came with the 9590FX processor. You can see specs of the AIO cooler here. Just a little concerned how close it is to the memory modules but I think it might just clear it?? This is under the 10 HDD bay. As you can see here 6 rivets holding on both sides of the drive cage. I would have like to see Rosewill use screws here instead of rivets so that those who want to install a 240 or 280 rad in front can without having to drill these out. Possible idea is to cut out a 140mm fan port to allow more cool air to enter the case from the bottom. (Idea #1) Also great location for a drain port since there is more than 2" of clearance under the case. (Idea #2) Though I like the easy to remove and replace triple 140mm fan filter here (2 for 140mm fans 1 for PSU fan). I am going to use a magnetic triple fan filter for easier removal and cleaning. In this picture, just some test fitting of cables and such. The sata cable you see here is for the hot swap bay on top of the case, a 4 pin molex brings power to the port. Easily hidden behind the right panel. Also planning on using the extra motherboard standoff mounts to create a "raised" platform, 1) to hide the cables behind and through the rubber grommets but to also have a place for possible two rad/pump combos (Idea #3) Okay sometimes the flash on a smart phone just sucks v. the HD HP 3100 Webcam I used in the other shots. Here we can see the clearance between the ATX motherboard, the pre-installed 140mm fans which also have two more pre-installed fans in the front of the case. Also to note, the front of the case has a mesh filter in the bezel however it isn't easy to remove with out taking the entire front grill off.. so we will be using a dual 140mm magnetic fan filter on the front of the fans under the bezel for easy cleaning. More pics soon!
  14. LOL! Do they still make Cat3? Sorry for laughing, I remember Cat3 for DSL and Telephone lines back in the day...
  15. Was thinking of going with the Seasonic XM2 1050w PSU... Though I may have to do some sleeving as I don't like the cables the way they are. From a review on Johnny Guru, seen here , all the cables are black from plug to plug?? Yet on Newegg.com the picture shown shows cables not as those on Johnny Guru? IF I was lucky enough to get the PSU with all black cables such as that.. It would make sleeving some alot easier... And "Thank You" I will be sure to tell him.
  16. I recently purchased some mini-display port to hdmi cables because the monitors I have a HDMI port on them.. The graphics card I purchased to use is a XFX R9 280 which has 2 mini-display ports, 1 hdmi port and two dvi ports.... So here is the cables I am using for three monitor setup.. Hope it works? Never done eyeinfinity before. Mini-Display Port to HDMI Cables ~ Lenght 6 feet Features: This cable features a Mini DisplayPort connector and a male HDMI connector to provide sound for newer models of mac. Compatible with Macs that use a Mini DisplayPort for video output. Use this to connect to an external monitor or other display device with HDMI input jacks. Color: White & Gold Length: 6FT The newest monitors I want are these: ASUS VG248QE Black 24" 144Hz - 1ms And these have a Display port, HDMI port on them...
  17. We will be taking away the mesh on the left side panel and replacing it with a smoke acrylic window and yes... A PSU cover will be created with "digi-camo".
  18. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share a build I am doing with my son. He's in the Military and his first deployment is coming up. Parts: (For starters) (Custom Watercooling by June 2015) AMD 9590FX Processor w/ Coolermaster Seidon 120m AIO cooler (Won in Contest) ASUS Sabertooth R 2.0 Motherboard (Purchased) AMD Gamer Memory R9 2400Mhz 16GB Dual Channel Memory AMD/OCZ 240GB SSD WD 4TB Green HDD WD 4TB/8GB Black SSHD XFX R9 280 3GB GPU Seasonic 1050w XM2 PSU Bitfenix Recon Fan Controller w/ 3x 230mm Spectre Pro, 4x 140mm Spectre Pro, 2x 120mm Spectre Pro fans (Red LED Version) Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra Gaming Case (Purchased) But for that starts he has been wanting a "Dream PC Build" for some time. Well since winning a 9590FX processor by AMD's #Spreadjoy on Twitter it was time to start shopping for the parts to make this dream a reality. First the processor, as I mentioned is a 9590FX, 8 Core, 5Ghz (Turbo) Processor with an included Coolermaster Sedion 120mm AIO cooling solution. Second we chose the Asus Sabertooth R2.0 board for the build. Reason for this was 1)Military Grade Testing and 2)Asus Reputation and Quality of Products 3)Color: Going for a military like theme. 4)Features and Overall Design. Third thing we chose was a gaming case. He picked out the Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra Gaming Case. See the link here where Linus reviewed it. More coming soon!
  19. Hi Everyone, I hope all had a great Christmas! Special thanks to Linus for the shout out on Tech under $100 vid on youtube! Anyways I wanted to continue to help others when it comes to saving money, building a PC or Home Theater, and all around share links I found useful and helpful. AND Free Shipping within the US. Moderators feel free to move this post to where it fits in better. I couldn't, maybe you can. _________________________________________________ For PC Builders everywhere... Supplies for under $100 USD. 6-Inch Hook and Loop Cable Management Straps - 50-Pack http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ultra-ULT40459-6-Inch-Hook-and-Loop-Cable-Management-Straps-50-Pack-/351252949741?pt=US_Video_Cables_Adapters&hash=item51c84eaaed 25x 8" Black Velcro USA Cable Ties http://www.ebay.com/itm/25x-8-Black-Velcro-USA-Cable-Ties-Wire-Straps-Wrap-Reusable-Hook-Loop-/181472013628?pt=US_Cables_Snakes_Interconnects&hash=item2a40932d3c LD Cooling Little Devil Cable Management Clip Black Mixed 40 pcs. http://www.frozencpu.com/products/19740/cpa-662/LD_Cooling_Little_Devil_Cable_Management_Clip_Black_Mixed_-_40_Pack.html?tl=g44c34s806#blank Lot of 20 SATA Serial ATA III Data Cable with Latch 19" inch http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-20-SATA-Serial-ATA-III-Data-Cable-with-Latch-19-inch-/110718302390?pt=US_Drive_Cables_dapters&hash=item19c75338b6 Heatshrink Tubing 2:1 150pcs http://www.ebay.com/itm/150pcs-2-1-Halogen-Free-Heat-Shrink-Tubing-Tube-sleeving-kit-8-sizes-Black-New-/231122559894?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35cffa6396 Display Port to HDMI http://www.ebay.com/itm/DisplayPort-Display-Port-PC-DP-HDMI-Male-M-M-Cord-Cable-6FT-PC-HDTV-6-FT-/290823079162?pt=US_Video_Cables_Adapters&hash=item43b66804fa 4 pack HDMI Cables 6 feet in length http://www.ebay.com/itm/4x-PREMIUM-v-1-4-HDMI-CABLE-CORD-6FT-BLURAY-3D-PS3-HDTV-XBOX-LCD-HD-TV-1080P-/290878657080?pt=US_Video_Cables_Adapters&hash=item43b9b81238 Mini-Display Port to HDMI 6 feet in length http://www.ebay.com/itm/6FT-Fosmon-White-Gold-Mini-Display-Port-HDMI-Adapter-Cable-Cord-6-Feet-/380487465888?pt=US_Video_Cables_Adapters&hash=item5896d1fba0 Cat7 Flat Ethernet Cable 6 feet in length http://www.ebay.com/itm/Brand-New-6-Category-7-Cat7-Network-Ethernet-Patch-Flat-Cable-Cord-Black-6-ft-/380718149567?pt=US_Ethernet_Cables_RJ_45_8P8C_&hash=item58a491efbf I will post up more links to great deals when I find them. Enjoy everyone!!
  20. Hi Linus and LinusTechTips! Special thanks to Intel for the give-away and to LinusTechTips for always bringing the best content to us viewers, subscribers, tweeters everywhere. What would I use this for?? Well I do have 3 sons and a daughter. So it would be either used for 2 of my son's or daughter's new build. I might even used it in an HTPC setup for gaming on my 82" diag. projector screen and home theater I am building. My other son is building an AMD FX9590 setup. Cheers! And Happy Holidays 2014 and Happy New Year of 2015!
  21. I also enjoy: Ronsanut 3DGAMEMAN TastyPCTV RushKit TimmyTechTV I have more than 80 +/- subs of various Youtube channels I check on in a daily basis and if there is a new vid I will watch it. I also tweet videos to share with people who follow me as well. Thanks for adding these to the poll...
  22. Linus Tech Quickie http://youtu.be/f38sotYHqtA?list=PLQMVnqe4XbictUtFZK1-gBYvyUzTWJnOk Jayztwocents youtu.be/KlN76oz93zE?list=UUkWQ0gDrqOCarmUKmppD7GQ Thanks goes to Linus Tech Tips and Jayz Two Cents for doing this giveaway. I really do enjoy your style and the content you post to your channel. Very professional and informative. "Stay Calm and Record On!" Cheeers guys! ** Note I don't know how to post the 'Video' as others have done...
  23. Thanks Meltymoon... LOL I am not like you guys, I don't have those fancy UEFI bios things... After July though I am getting a Gigabyte G1 Sniper A88X board... have to tweak the heck out that afterwards.
  24. So decided to play around some with my Althon X2 64... Normally it runs at 2.7Ghz stock and I have it running stable at 2.9Ghz... However the memory was set for a CPU to NB ratio of 9 x 200 (1800Mhz)... So I decided to check stability on 10x200 (2000 Mhz).. Stable, then went one step up from that 11x200 (2200 Mhz)... Stable So my question is this.. NB = North Bridge right? What does it do to increase the speed of the NB? Thanks everyone **BTW this isn't running any benchmarks at the moment, just surfing the web, playing Warframe or watching videos...** **Cooling is a Zalman 90mm Air Cooler...**
  25. I have an old rig at the moment, ram is DDR2 Hyper X... originally installed the mobo clocked it at 333mhz... I had to manually set it to 400mhz to get the full 800mhz out of it ... Yes the new G1 board is said to be able to use XMP settings and ramp up 2133 memory to as high as 2400mhz ... Once I decide on which memory to get, I will test that theory out.