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  1. Tarzan

    Microsoft introduces New Office icons

    What about Microsoft Project logo? Same as PowerPoint but in green?
  2. Tarzan

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Well as a straight male I wear cargo skirts in the summer. As my wife says, skirts shouldn't be "girls only". After all, no women were allowed to wear pants before 1950, same story. So I started wearing skirts as I like the look of it, and more convenient with hot temperatures. I must be the only one in my city, still haven't met another guy with a skirt. The skirt you ordered is more "stylish" though, long and black, you won't get as many weird looks as I get ;). Enjoy!
  3. Tarzan

    Gaming PC

    Well my build is now almost 4 years old (i5 4690K - GTX970 - 4*4GB RAM 1600mhz) and I think it's time to upgrade. I'd like to go with Zen 2 in a few months, and keeping my GPU for a year or so (playing at 1440p but games like Rocket League, Age of Empires, War Thunder, so my GPU is still fine for now). 4 years and not a single issue yet .
  4. Well I have a PC and use a Xbox Controller for Rocket League. Have you ever tried to play Rocket League with a keyboard? Noob.
  5. Tarzan

    Apple Watch series 4 with bigger screen spotted

    More interested in the new Galaxy Watch by Samsung, just came out. And I'm still rocking my Gear S3 Frontier for almost 2 years. IWATCH looks too small and feminine IMO.
  6. Tarzan

    Is rumble still missing?

    When did it disappear?
  7. Tarzan

    Linus = German

  8. Tarzan

    Suggestions for our iMac Pro repair

    How is this even possible/allowed? In EU we have so many rules preventing "over consumption" of products (started a decade ago with the same charging cables across brands, planned obsolescence, etc.), having a new product that, when broken, cannot be repaired, is beyond understanding. What a waste, of money for sure, but especially a waste for the Earth. American way at its finest.
  9. I like how need to specify your use of torrent applications to disculp yourself^^
  10. Tarzan

    New mouse in 5 years

    I have the G402 and the G602, both great. I like the G602 better though (wireless and better handgrip).
  11. I use Debian with the Cinnamon Desktop Environment, works great. Mint is nice but in the end it's IMO better to go directly with Debian and add any DE you want .
  12. Now my only tech worthy source left is the remarkable Tech Deals. He's just the tech God everyone should listen to :).
  13. Tarzan

    I7 8700k Or Wait?

    If you think like that you won't ever decide, as there will be always some new products down the line a few months later.
  14. Tarzan

    What spec is my PC? Low/Med?High?

    CPU Med/High end RAM Low end GPU Low/Med end Storage Low end