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    Dekstop, Gaming, Modding, Watercooling, Phone etc..


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    Inter Core I9-7900x
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    ROG Rampage VI Extreme
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 32GB 2666hz
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    NVIDIA TITAN X (pascal)
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    The X Desk
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    3x 480GB M.2SSD | 1TB WD | 3x 120GB SSD
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    Corsair AX1200
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    Acer H243H & G245HQ
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    Costum WaterCooled
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    Corsair K95
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    Corsair Glaive RGB
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    Astro A40 TR & Logitech speakers
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. The last components have arrived, still waiting for a few packages from highflow.nl and I can finally start the whole update! Here are some shots of the components: Attaching the EK heatsinks on the M.2's and installing it on the DIMM.2 slot. Well it looks badass! Installed the black cablemod modkit onto the ram. I'll keep you guys updated, the biggest part has ye to start, removing everything from the desk, cleaning the waterloop, reworking the cable management.
  2. Here are some quickpics of the rampage and the MP500 inside I know these are phone quality pictures, I'll only take quality pictures of the end result since I don't own a pro camera and I have to ask my friend a favor. Also started sleeving the 24pin and the 8/4 pins. New updates incoming in December!
  3. Just received my mobo, now waiting for the cpu and ram and some other things before I start taking things apart in the desk. Here some boxes and stuff.
  4. I've made up my mind for the sleeving as I'm going for white and black. The white sleeving is one of the whitest there is (Sleeving from MDPC-X) so it's going to pick up any RGB color you throw at it. Everything will be black and white when its shut off. Progress with the cables: Extending the USB's from the Commander Pro's Started sleeving the 24pin And also made a design for the fan grills They're ready and will arrive prob within next month They're waiting for the R6E waterblock before sending everything.
  5. Hi, I have a problem with the ekwb logo the machine doesnt recognize the "K" of the ekwb logo and just made a filled circle. I see no hole in the "K" on the drawing, someone with some knowledge that can look at my dxf file? Pics:
  6. So I've ordered some mdpc-x sleeving in different tints of blue and purple I'm going for a purple/blue theming So I think I'll go with Purple & Aquamarine and some black sleeving Or do you guys like another blue more? or something different? I'm still heavily thinking about the color scheme, so if you have any suggestion please let me know! Tested out the fans and I think I'll go with this setup: FanLighting EKWB also released 2 types of waterblocks for the rampage, which one do you like the most? I like them both, but I'
  7. That's what it's all about, happy that I could inspire you! I'm not doing a second desk build, im just upgrading this one I will be doing another desk build when ill move out, but that's way ahead in the future but already have some idea tho Was about to plan out a LAN gaming desk but never started that project since I have not enough space to build that thing and not enough tools and money unfortunately.
  8. Hi, thank you for checking out my updatelogSince that ROG has released the Rampage VI extreme I thought it was time for updating my entire system.The components that I have now are 4 years old, I want to update the desk so it is ready for the fully VR experience and the years to come.Also making it fully RGB would be pretty awesome so I've asked Corsair's help since they're the RGB guys (I'm sorry RGB haterzz)What am I going to update? In short:Visible- Main System (MOBO, RAM, CPU, SSD's)- Fans- Leds- Controllers- Waterblocks- Color scheme Non-Visible- Cable management- Quick disconnects- Tw
  9. It's simple math, the res needs to be above the pump directly first. I can see from your picture you have the tubing going underneath and up again to the pump. The pump cant suck out the water from the res, try to fill the other res also. Gravity can be a bitch sometimes bud Otherwise are you sure you connected the tubing to the right inlets and outlets of the pump? I've made that mistake with mine
  10. Here's some of my 3D work, it still needs many tweaks. So I am happy to invest in some hardware to make the process way faster I have a 3930K currently so it's going to be a big difference
  11. Thank you all for sharing your opinions with me and others I'll go for the I9 7900X my wallet will scream at me for a few months but I know It'll be a great upgrade in the end. This thing will be overclocked for sure, let's see where I can push it.
  12. I've seen worse in my opinion this is some of the better community out there.
  13. I was prepared for this, np It's not always bad to hear different opinions, that's why I am asking on a forum Despite, I am really interested in that specific mobo. Leaning more towards the I9-7900X. I also think it is indeed a good balance right now. Yeah, like I've said my interest go towards the rampage I've been using one for 4years now, I like the rampage extreme line up alot. So ryzen or threadripper are a no go for me neither am I interested in them right now.
  14. 3Ds max, KeyShot, Unreal Engine, Quixel & PhotoShop and some other random programs for making things easier. Yeah I could wait, I have to wait for my mobo to be available in the stores and the other parts. I'm not worried about the heat of the cpu, I have enough cooling to cool down 3 more systems Otherwise I would go for the I9 7900