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  1. Both have GDDR6 VRAM, I would go for the Super because of the better price.
  2. Please quote the person you are responding to so they can get notified. You should using a 500 watt PSU with the GTX 970.
  3. 450 watt PSU is recommended for the GTX 1660 ti, and a 500 watt PSU recommended for the RTX 2060.
  4. You could make some flyers, it is a bit old fashioned but it may help.
  5. Do the other games work fine, or maybe it is just RDR2?
  6. The stuttering may be from a rapid fluctuation in the frame rate of the game, I heard RDR2 does not run perfect on every system and turning V sync on or locking the frame rate may help.
  7. Welcome to the CRT Master Race. I use my CRT for pretty much all of my modern games on PC and for when I edit my poor quality videos. I love how nice every thing looks in my games and how very pleasing to the eyes it is with beautiful colors and no motion blur. As far as issues go, brightness can lower over the years if used way more than normal and it can be hard to find some one who can re-calibrate the monitor if you do not want to try it your self because of high voltage and stuff. Also some good CRT monitors can be overclocked to crazy high refresh rates, for example I pushed my Hitachi Gateway VX900 to 175Hz, that is not bad for something I found in the trash. Click on (Show More) below System Specs Below to see what I use.
  8. Ryzen 2700X would be good, at $140 that is a good deal.
  9. I think you need to optimize your settings in OBS and adjust the detail settings in the game.
  10. Here you go: https://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/optix/en/opti_755_techspecs.pdf
  11. Crank up the detail settings and your GPU usage will go up and the CPU usage may go down. It seems like you just have the wrong settings. At least 2666mhz I would recommend, maybe you might be able to overclock your RAM without any issues.
  12. Indeed. here is a link with more opinions, https://pcpartpicker.com/forums/topic/285431-is-the-resale-value-of-a-delidded-cpu-more-or-less Here is something I found on reddit: And here are more opinions:
  13. It sells for $140-$170 new as of now in 2020 Unmodified? No.
  14. Advertise it as working and modified as long as it not damaged, Ebay is full of crazy buyers my guess the CPU my go for $100 give or take 20 bucks
  15. Honest truth, as a buyer I would avoid a damaged or tampered CPU unless it is super cheap, and the fact that a new 2700x can be had for $140-$170 with a warranty makes buying new look like the better option. Since Ebay is full of inflated prices and bids I would just start an auction at $10 and see what happens, you will probably get more than what it's worth.
  16. How does everything run with the integrated graphics, like minecraft and normal stuff?, don't try the other games.
  17. What are your CPU and GPU temps in game?
  18. Things will look jagged like that with little or no AA.
  19. I feel your pain, they need to use foam and have it fit snug in the box.