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  1. They are the same price for half a year already
  2. I just checked the manual on their most expensive $650 x570 board, it is also using Asmedia on 2 of its 6 sata ports.
  3. The manual said that sata1 and sata2 ports are from ASMedia ASM1061, and sata3 - sata6 are from AMD x570 chipset. A google search said that the ASMedia one sucks, why would MSI cheap it out like that?
  4. I'm using the MSI x570 A-Pro motherboard and I just installed a brand new WD blue 1TB ssd. The ssd spec is 560MB/s read and 530MB/s write. But on my benchmark, I'm getting sub-par speed at 360MB - 406MB. At first I thought that the drive was faulty. But then when I connected the drive to another sata port, I'm getting the advertised speed. See the red cable in the image. connecting to the bottom sata port give me slow speed connecting to the top port became normal again What is the problem?
  5. I have 3 HDD in my PC right next to me, one being a 7 year old HGST model and one being 8TB Seagate installed last week, and the only time I hear a sound from them is when they wake up from sleep mode.
  6. I just brought a WD sata ssd for the same purpose. There is no difference in performance between nvme and sata ssd on gaming and their price is the same. I choose sata over nvme because I want to have a spare m.2 slot for the future, and the sata one is more portable.
  7. Have you update your AMD driver? Which includes the Windows power plan for Ryzen that reduces the voltage use when idle.
  8. There is no point on waiting, you're not going for the highest end cpu anyway
  9. All of them will work with Ryzen 3900x, I have the entry level MSI x570 A-pro for my 3900x and the performance is completely fine. It's more going down to what feature do you need from the board. For example, if you're into gaming, you should go for the board with the "gaming" label instead (one tier higher than the entry level board) because it has the wifi/bluetooth feature that you would need for connecting your controller.
  10. According to Passmark benchmark, Ryzen 3600 is faster than 2700x, so you may want to switch that up. Along with the x570 board, those gaming labeled board is about the same price so it doesn't matter which one you choose. The ripjaw ram is good choice with good price, it was like $110 during Black Friday. Your 1TB NVME ssd is more than enough to store all you programs and system, so don't waste your money on that extra sata ssd. However, you do need one to store your games, something like 1TB should do. The 1TB HDD is definitely not enough to store 4k footages, I'll go with 4TB at least. The RTX 2070 is an overkill, the RTX 1660 is enough for video decoding and encoding as they use the same chipset https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-decode-gpu-support-matrix
  11. I tried that IC graphite thermal pad this Summer, it didn't work well. I had it on my Ryzen 3900x, and in full load the temp went up to 94C, then I switched to Thermal Grizzle and it dropped to 87C. It didn't work well on my old 4770k system either, with the stock Corsair AIO paste, it was in the 50Cs at full load, with the pad, it was in the 60Cs. I'm suspecting that it doesn't work with high ambient temp. My room was at 32C in the Summer.
  12. Update, I think I fixed it, I turned the switch on the pump to "auto", and then in the bios I changed the fan control to DC mode and turned off the "smart fan mode", now the fan is reading a constant 1900rpm and auto adjusting itself. Thanks all for the help.
  13. Hi this is what I got so far, switching to DC mode did actually gives me the correct rpm, though I still don't know what number to put for the curve. Right now it idles at 43C, where it was 32C with the PWN mode.
  14. The S36 has three radiator fans and I have connected them to the radiator hub already. I have another three 120mm case fans
  15. The three cases are connected together into one header So I opened the case and switched up the header. Now the three case fans are connected to the system fan header and it's showing up correctly in the bios. So now should I be connecting the AIO pump to the pump_fan header and then in the bios choose DC mode and turn off the smart fan control?