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  1. I am using one monitor to connect to my PC, Switch and PS4. I currently have a Koopman HDMI switch but it doesn't work when my pc is waking up from sleep mode, as it just shows a black screen. As a workaround, I have to first turn on one of my console, the device will then auto switch to my console screen, and then I can switch back to the PC channel for its picture to show up. It's getting into my nerve now, so I'm looking for a switch that actually works. My monitor is a LG 27GL83A-B.
  2. I have a 5900x and I did see a difference in Cinabench R20 after undervolt it by like -30. However it was too unstable with random restart and with -20 it gave no difference, so at the end I just don't bother.
  3. $300 for a device that you're going to use like once every 5 years is very expense. How much does it cost if I'm to rent them from photo shops?
  4. How do I mount the router? It has all those antenna sticking out.
  5. I have a 45 x 28 inch gaming desk and I have a hard time trying to fit all my consoles onto it. See my pictures. I have a Switch and a PS4 and I want to put them onto the desk. I used to have a monitor stand riser to slide the PS4 under it, but ever since I brought a new 27" monitor, with its huge stand that is bigger than the riser, I have no choice but to remove the riser and the PS4 altogether. As you can see, my desk have been jammed with stuffs already. I don't even know where to put my blu-ray drive so I just put it next to my mouse, and
  6. I have had noticed that my monitor being pretty bright with brightness at 50 from the start, but I had never dug deeper into it. And today I came across a review on amazon that listed out a suggested setting for color accuracy from a reddit post. The guy calibrated using the i1Studio tools, which seems legit. But then I found a review from rting.com which is a little different from the reddit post. Which one should I follow? https://www.reddit.com/r/Monitors/comments/e4u7y9/my_lg_27gl83ab_calibration_settings/ https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/lg/27gl83a-b
  7. That MSI x570 board doesn't have build in blue tooth support, so if you want to play PC games with your controllers, you'll need to higher tier board.
  8. Don't reference this guy, he was bullshitting. I had unsubscribed from him a long time ago because he bullshits too much, it was so hard to watch. And in this video he did it again, the title said "why Gigabyte can no longer be trusted," but in the video he complained about his lead in Gigabyte didn't want to talk to him...and I wanted to add: "and so did AMD's". There's nothing in his experience that justify that statement.
  9. I gave up on this, my 5900x would random crashes when I set the curve optimizer to -25, but I would have no performance gain when I set it to -20, got a lower score in Cinebench r20 than my stock volt. So there is no point to tweak it now.
  10. Thanks for the advice, I'm going to get one tomorrow.
  11. Yes, that's what I'm thinking too. To add to that, the 5000 series is going to be the last for the AM4 socket. It's like if I'm to wait a little longer for the AM5 cpu, then I'm also going to need a new motherboard, which means there is no point reselling my old cpu anymore. It will turn out to be buying a new computer instead of an upgrade. What make me hesitant is that when I ask my friends or from the videos, they're all like "Do you really need it?." I was like "Um, no. But it seems like a good deal."
  12. I was planning to sell my 3900x to get the new one. My plan was there since January, but since it was oos everywhere, I couldn't do a thing. And now there's some restock in my local Microcenter, so again I'm itching to buy one. The resell value of the 3900x is about $450 on ebay, so I have to pay around $150 (tax included) for the new cpu. I had watched all the comparison videos and they all suggested that it's not worth the upgrade, but what happen if I'm to resell my old cpu for it? So it's about $150 for around 20% increase in performance. Does it still not worth it?
  13. I'm using Fractal Design Celsius S36. Everything is in auto. When you said that you got like 85C without the front panel, I think it's a reasonable temp for this cpu. The things you probably need are a better thermal paste and better airflow for your case.
  14. I have a 3900x too. At first it was getting over 95C too, but that was mainly because of the stupid thermal pad I was testing out. When I replaced it with Thermal Grizzly it never get above 87.5C. Ambient temperature is also a factor, my machine peaked at 80C during the Winter.
  15. The quality in PS4 is lower than the lowest setting in the PC version
  16. I have a batch of scanned tiff file with resolution around 5990 x 7600, and when I viewed them at 100% with my 144 Hz LG 27GL83A-B monitor, I'm getting flicker. This problem doesn't occur when I switch to 120 Hz or when I zoomed out. After more testing, I narrowed down the problem to that the flicker only occurs when the image being displayed exceeded a certain width on the screen. Like this: There is no flickering with the width of the image viewer here, but anything longer than that it will flicker. I'm also suspecting the problem to be cause by the screening pattern
  17. Oh you're right, the 144 Hz option is in the Nvidia control panel
  18. I did turned off adaptive sync, but it's still showing 100 Hz.
  19. I tried a couple solutions I found, either I need to turned off adaptive sync when connecting with an HDMI cable, or connect the monitor through display port. The latter one resolved it but don't know why the first one doesn't.
  20. I have brought this LG 27GL83A-B monitor last week, however when I check on the setting, it is only running at 100 Hz instead of 144 as advertised. What is wrong?
  21. There is no reason to not go with the 4K one if you don't game a lot.
  22. There is this video of the PC version of the game where the uploader hacked away all the logo animation and it turned out only taking 15 seconds to get into the main menu, with his SSD transferring at 390 MB/s max. So it's relatively safe to say now that all those logo animations on all the platforms were just there for displaying purpose, not to buy time for data loading.
  23. So the startup should be very fast and the reason that it took like 50 seconds was because they want to show all the developer logos?
  24. But that would not make sense if the player had like 10 saves from different locations. It doesn't make sense to load textures for all of them when the player is only going to load into one save.