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  1. The quality in PS4 is lower than the lowest setting in the PC version
  2. I have a batch of scanned tiff file with resolution around 5990 x 7600, and when I viewed them at 100% with my 144 Hz LG 27GL83A-B monitor, I'm getting flicker. This problem doesn't occur when I switch to 120 Hz or when I zoomed out. After more testing, I narrowed down the problem to that the flicker only occurs when the image being displayed exceeded a certain width on the screen. Like this: There is no flickering with the width of the image viewer here, but anything longer than that it will flicker. I'm also suspecting the problem to be cause by the screening pattern
  3. Oh you're right, the 144 Hz option is in the Nvidia control panel
  4. I did turned off adaptive sync, but it's still showing 100 Hz.
  5. I tried a couple solutions I found, either I need to turned off adaptive sync when connecting with an HDMI cable, or connect the monitor through display port. The latter one resolved it but don't know why the first one doesn't.
  6. I have brought this LG 27GL83A-B monitor last week, however when I check on the setting, it is only running at 100 Hz instead of 144 as advertised. What is wrong?
  7. There is no reason to not go with the 4K one if you don't game a lot.
  8. There is this video of the PC version of the game where the uploader hacked away all the logo animation and it turned out only taking 15 seconds to get into the main menu, with his SSD transferring at 390 MB/s max. So it's relatively safe to say now that all those logo animations on all the platforms were just there for displaying purpose, not to buy time for data loading.
  9. So the startup should be very fast and the reason that it took like 50 seconds was because they want to show all the developer logos?
  10. But that would not make sense if the player had like 10 saves from different locations. It doesn't make sense to load textures for all of them when the player is only going to load into one save.
  11. I was watching this video about load time comparison on Assassin's Creed Valhalla and the load time from game startup to the main menu was significantly longer than loading into a save from the main menu. The latter only took 16 second while the former took more than 50 seconds. Does the game startup actually require more data load than loading into a save file?
  12. Well I guess I'll wait for Black Friday. I hope they drops to $250 for some good one.
  13. $500 is out of my budget, I don't need the best. I only need a good one with reasonable price, like under $300.
  14. I do color grading stuff and am getting a PS5 in the near future, so I'm looking for a monitor that has the IPS feature as well as high refresh rate for gaming, like this one. Right now it's sitting at about $300, will there going to be a price drop or should I just pull the trigger right now?
  15. I have a 3900x with a Fractal Design Celsius S36 and it's running at 87.5C on max load, so I think you're fine.