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  1. Yes, we allow it in our household. But with a no-no policy on any micro-transactions. It's a part of the culture in this day and time. - Hello fellow kids!
  2. Network map clean up? Just like resetting the router to the starting point? I might try this. Even though I find it weird that all other devices, including TVs and Android phones work without a hitch.
  3. My wife and daughter have two iPhones and yesterday, they both started having issues with their wifi. The other devices in the house work normally. The router is an TP-link archer AC 1200. The funny thing is, that when I've tried just about everything else I can thi k of, except for a factory reset of the phones. I think of the guest network function on the router. So I made a new network, and thir access to the internet works fine. But they can't use chrlmecasts etc in the house, because I don't want to grant an unsecured network local access, so everyone can connect to it. The phones connect to the router, at least it says so on their phones. But when I check on the router client list, their phones doesn't come up. - Note that this is only an issue with the encrypted network, not the guest network. Anyone know a workaround, except a factory reset? - I've Google quite a bit around about resetting network settings, forgetting the network, reconnect, reboot the router, update the router firmware etc. But still the same issue. A very clumsily written post, I know..
  4. Thank you for the quick replies. Will try to disable all the mods, and the re-enable them, to figure out if I have a bad one. Will also try the fixed frame rate at the same time for good meassure.
  5. I’ve got a strange issue that started occuring a few months ago. When I log into WoW it works fine for 30mins - 90 mins. But suddenly the screen starts freezing for a little bit. - This gets more and more frequent, and the freezes gets longer and longer each time. And it always end up in WoW not answering. Relogging solves the issue for a little while, then it’s starts again. After reading a few threads here, I’ve ran the userbenchmark just after a reboot of the computer, and one run while the problem occurs. I’ll also link a pastebin to my DXdiag. Hopefully someone can find a solution to this mystery. YT link to video of both of the benchmark runs: youtu.be/1VOafqf7bx8 Pastebin of DXdiag: WkW7vhPA