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    Track & Field, Hardware, Software, Every programming language, Networking, Operating Systems etc.
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    Hardware Retail


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    32 GB Corsair Vengeance 3000mhz SO-DIMM
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    GTX 1070
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    Intel 760p 512gb - Gigabyte 1TB 2500/2100 NVMe SSD (Yes they call it that)
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    2 x LG27MP35 IPS 1080p Displays
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    Sharkoon Skiller Mech SGK3
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    HyperX FPS Pro
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    Windows 10 Pro - Linux Hybrid
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    MSI Creator P65
  1. After last weeks preview of the upcoming Playstation 5 the console was posted this week on amazons french site. Amazon "accidentaly" posted the price and release date of the console on a pre-order page which was visible for the public. Hence amazon has taken down the page and made it invisible to the public but when you give in the complete url (https://www.amazon.fr/Playstation-Sony-Console/dp/B087VL1YHH?th=1%20) the page still exists without the price and date of release. If the page can believed it confirms the holiday release of 20 november 2020 for a price of 499 Euros (around
  2. yo You can with a android x86 ISO file but i don't know if it works with aal these os's at the same time i've seen people multiboot a crap load of os's one one drive but no tuts it's 2017 come on world
  3. Hello there, So i'm here to ask one question: Is there any way to multiboot these OS's in order easily or hard doesn't matter just want them to boot on a preferably 1TB or larger drive with shared memory over al the OS's so you can acces file's from one to another. The OS's that i want to boot are: - Windows 10 (PRO?) - Linux (Kali linux, Ubuntu, linux mint and maybe other linux distro's in the future?) - Mac OSX - Reskinned android versions/Android Nougat 7.1.1 or Oreo when ISO files are available Please help