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  1. So, my old boy MSI GT72S 17,3 has this SDD in it: 128GB SSD PCI-e Gen3 NVMe Its usally used to play either WoW or Overwatch. But with the new wow expansion underway, they warn against using mechanical discs. So you should use an SSD with minimum 100GB available space. Any suggestions to cheap or viable upgrades that will fit within the current laptop?
  2. We tried this when we moved to a new house, waiting for a fiber installation. - Gamers as we are, the stability was horrible. - Didn't watch too much video though, as the monthly cap was at only 50gb
  3. I suppose they try to hold stuff like this internal just like UbiSoft trying to keep the allegations internal. They think it will go away if noone knows about it. But it's bound to come out after a while either way. - And when the public gets to know stuff like this a few months later, they react even worse.
  4. At least here in Norway, the placeholder price is usually 9999, don't know if other countries use others though. But a price that close to the actual rumored one, is a it strange.
  5. There are different styles of the controls. I didn't like the controls at first either, but when I adjusted the settings to my liking. I've gotten quite used to it.
  6. I think this will come down to exclusive games, just like it did in this generation. As Microsoft has announced, they won't have any AAA exclusives for a few years. That's where I think Sony will take the throne again. Maybe it's Microsofts turn next time, if they just dont go to services on a PC by then.
  7. Yes, we allow it in our household. But with a no-no policy on any micro-transactions. It's a part of the culture in this day and time. - Hello fellow kids!
  8. Network map clean up? Just like resetting the router to the starting point? I might try this. Even though I find it weird that all other devices, including TVs and Android phones work without a hitch.
  9. My wife and daughter have two iPhones and yesterday, they both started having issues with their wifi. The other devices in the house work normally. The router is an TP-link archer AC 1200. The funny thing is, that when I've tried just about everything else I can thi k of, except for a factory reset of the phones. I think of the guest network function on the router. So I made a new network, and thir access to the internet works fine. But they can't use chrlmecasts etc in the house, because I don't want to grant an unsecured network local access, so everyone can connect to it.
  10. Thank you for the quick replies. Will try to disable all the mods, and the re-enable them, to figure out if I have a bad one. Will also try the fixed frame rate at the same time for good meassure.
  11. I’ve got a strange issue that started occuring a few months ago. When I log into WoW it works fine for 30mins - 90 mins. But suddenly the screen starts freezing for a little bit. - This gets more and more frequent, and the freezes gets longer and longer each time. And it always end up in WoW not answering. Relogging solves the issue for a little while, then it’s starts again. After reading a few threads here, I’ve ran the userbenchmark just after a reboot of the computer, and one run while the problem occurs. I’ll also link a pastebin to my DXdiag. Hopefully someone can find a soluti