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  1. No, just the fold-able kind so I can avoid getting licence, registration etc.
  2. I live just under 4 miles from work. Most of the route is relatively flat through a village. I would be riding mostly on Sidewalks and the shoulder. Any help finding a recommended electric scooter model is appreciated.
  3. Are they going to make an AM4+ like the previous platforms (AM3, AM3+) or just skip that practice and call the next thing AM5? When will these next generations start using DDR5 RAM instead of DDR4? It seems to me like something AMD would be eager to implement from what I've heard about Ryzen liking faster and faster RAM not to mention the APUs that rely even more heavily on it.
  4. Whether it's 50 years or 500, humans are gonna have to learn to give the stuff up in most parts of life anyway. Earth doesn't have an unlimited supply and even if it did the environment is fucked if we continue for much longer.
  5. That's Bourgeois revolution. There was no departure from capitalism. Workers were still being exploited by a system of profit motive. (Not entirely certain about palpatine, that's fiction)
  6. It's highly improbable for us to finally throw off the shackles of oppressive capitalism without some kind of violent revolution by the proletariat.
  7. The 1% are on this forum? Where? I'll go get comrade guillotine.