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  1. considering this one corsair K70 RGB MK.2 MX Silent Red keyboard. Thoughts?
  2. Any recommendations? Price doesnt matter
  3. Hey everyone, Im looking for a quiet mechanical keyboard because Im tired of hearing my keystrokes on recordings. Right now I have a membrane Corsair from the k series it has this cheap and wiggly sound to it. Im looking for something full sized, with multmedia control buttons and it has to have a wrist rest. I have to put quite some force to press the keys on my current keyboard and because Im a competetive player Im looking for a linear low actuation force model. Do you know or own something that you could recommned me? Thank you all for the answers
  4. Well, let’s hope they fix it soon...
  5. Hello everyone, I bought the new COD a few day ago but I stumbled across an issue, when applying RTX the shadows get grainy and you cant really see the reflections. Im running the game in 1080p with 2080S all max except from the film grain and blur stuff and my performance is way too good. RTX works only on shadows. On top of that I have only 2 settings for ray tracing on/off where as I should also have an ultra setting. All my drivers are up to date same with windows. Im getting the same grainy shadows on my weapons (and only there) when I play multiplayer and RTX is turned off. Any ideas? Untitlaaaed.mp4
  6. Hello, I have a problem as stated above. Its annoying me becauses my GPU fans are off when idle and from time to time start blasting at 70% . I sometimes leave my pc on for a night and its getting on my nerves. The curve will apply the second I turn the Afterburner on. My Oc stays even when the program is off but not the curve. Im using the latest built. Any ideas?
  7. Aight, my DAC came and it fixed everything. Sound quality is noticeably better and the buzzing is completely gone, such a relief. My graphics card still moans like a virgin while playing games but my fans are just a bit louder than that so I will live with it. Thank you for your answers, problem solved Edit Big thank you for mariushm
  8. No I don’t get shocked. As I said above my outlets aren’t grounded
  9. Its a be quiet straight power 11 850W so I guess it does? My Graphics Card is making that noise
  10. It’s around 8% boost. Not that much but in my opinion still worth it. Remember to look for some deals because you can get the new COD for free when buying an RTX
  11. Competitive player here as well. I’m playing all those games with i9 9900kf and Rtx2080 super. I’m running 1080 p 144 Hz display. Ow- almost constant 300 FPS (render scale set to 150%). Csgo- over 600 FPS. R6 up to 300 (270 ish most of the time). The only game I didn’t test yet is Apex but you’ll surely get way over 240 fps. The processor will be buttlenecking the card so you should consider going for i9 9900k than i7 9700k. 2080 ti is just overkill, it’s meant rly for 60 FPS 4K ray tracing AAA titles like metro or control. The ti variant is just not worth it, spend the money on better CPU. And yes you can see the difference between 144 and 240 Hz. Peace
  12. Cygi

    Ghosting in Control

    Oh shit, thanks dude. How did I miss that. Same thing was implemented in the new metro. Thanks again
  13. hello, Almost 2 years ago I bought a Toshiba 1TB HDD. A year ago my mom accidentally pushed on my pc causing it to fall on its side. I havent experienced any HDD problems whats so ever untill today... my hard drive started to emit rather quiet but constant noise. When not in use the noise still occurs (my os is installed on a SSD) and is audible even when the case is closed. Ive been using that drive to store videos and Shadowplays temporal files (I have my recording on all the time). I included an audio file, please wear headphones for it. Should I be worried or is it a normal sound that hard drives produce? Thank you all for answers Messenger.mp4