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  1. Cygi

    microphone volume keeps changing

    I was looking for it, but the only thing I use is discord and I have that option turned off. Can it be steam?
  2. Hello, I have a very annoying problem, my mic keeps adjusting the volume for no aparent reason. It always goes to 100. Ive set so apps cant take control of the microphone but that doesnt help. Im using VoiceMeter to improve the quality and Shadowplay for recordings. My mic is a Rode NT USB. I want to point out that I didnt have that problem with my previous mic and before I used VoiceMeter I had this line "nircmdc.exe loop 172800 500 setsysvolume 55345 default_record" running on start up. Now that VoiceMeter is the default recording device I dont know what to do. Thanks for help
  3. Cygi

    Will it bottleneck?

    Ok thanks for the replies
  4. Cygi

    Will it bottleneck?

    Yup, I will maaaaybe upgrade to 1440 in the future
  5. Cygi

    Will it bottleneck?

    And yes I have 16 gb of ram dual channel
  6. Cygi

    Will it bottleneck?

    I have 144 hz
  7. Cygi

    Will it bottleneck?

    And what about the PSU?
  8. Cygi

    Will it bottleneck?

    Yeah but I’m playing on 1080 p cause I like the high FPS, it’s like a drug to me and I’ve seen that the i7 may struggle a little bit to keep up in competitive games
  9. Cygi

    Will it bottleneck?

    Hello It’s my first time on this forum. I need you to help me with two things. First, will my i7-7700k bottleneck Rtx 2080 in 1080 p games like cs:go, pubg. Currently I have it overclocked to 4,7 GHz and I’ll try to go higher maybe even to 5 GHz. Secondly, is my Be Quiet 600 W PSU going to handle all of this? I have used a few calculators and the results differ so much it’s hard for me to tell. I have: 1x HDD 2x SSD, 3x 120 mm CASE FANS and 2x 8 gb of ram. Thank you all for your answers