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  1. Check my message above. Ai-1 supposedly doesnt have enough power for the shure.Also the difference between UMC202HD and Behringer UM2 is only the additional inputs? I'd love an interface with low noise and I just dont trust sth this cheap to deliver me that
  2. Also, if I were to go with an inline preamp ( probably fethead cause cloudlifters are incredibly expensive here in Poland) should I go with a different interface than the ai-1?
  3. @The Flying Sloth Hey I have one more question. I’ll be buying Ai-1 for SM7B. Ai-1 has 45 dB of gain where the mic requires at least 60. Are you sure it’ll be enough? I stumbled across this page here https://service.shure.com/s/article/sm7-output-level-and-preamp-gain-specifications?language=en_US I really want to avoid upping the gain in software, cause it will probably make the static audible. Thank you for your time
  4. I think I'll pull the trigger on SM7B and A-1. I didnt really like how the stealh sounded. Im choosing A-1 over the Mackie Onyx cause on full gain it doesnt have any noise as far as Ive heard
  5. So all I need is a strong interface like the A-1 and Im good? No inline preamps?
  6. I already have a boom arm and a pop shield. I prefer to trust someone that is well known for his audio knowladge than a fresh random acc. I'll take a deeper look into all of this but maybe youre right, I may not need such a mic.
  7. I’ll use the mic for discord, voice recording and maybe future streaming. I’ve see that cloudlifter goes for a lot here where I live. I’ll take a look at the stealth. Thank you very much
  8. Yeah I know, but you haven’t helped me at all. I needed recommendations for the audio interface
  9. And doesn’t the audio interface convert it already?
  10. Well I already have a rode nt usb. I wanted to upgrade to xlr
  11. Hello and welcome, I’m planning on buying a Shure SM7B and I know that I’ll need some kind of audio interface for that. I’m looking for sth simple from budget to mid-range. Do you have any recommendations? Do I need anything else for that mic other than the interface? Thank y’all for the answers^^
  12. Hello and welcome, Today I noticed a screw sticking out of my rode psa1 boom arm. It was screwed into some piece of plastic. I remember having some problems with that part but it was ages ago. When I unscrewed it the plastic broke and the screw went flying across my room revealing this piece of metal which looks to be a part of internal mechanism. Boom arm works fine, even better, I’m now able to fully extend its length (I wasn’t able to do that before). When fully extended it makes some scraping sound but nothing bad. Nevertheless this sticking part worries me so I’d be thankful f
  13. I have an i9 9900k with a high overclock cooled by a Dark Rock Pro 4 and in cpu heavy games it’s audible. My case fans are already pretty quiet that’s why I’m looking for a balance in between airflow and silence
  14. Hello, I’m looking for a case that dampens noise and has an okay airflow as well, be quiet series caught my attention but the small vents at the front won’t let inside enough fresh air. Do you guys have any recommendations for a modern case with a foam that is also pretty spacious up to 200$? Thank you so much^^