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  1. Well if you had a better motherboard I would recommend you overclock you cpu to around 4.5ghz, that would usually fix your bottleneck since your cpu is only at 3.3ghz, but your motherboard is bad so you will have to do a full system upgrade which means cpu, motherboard and ram to gain more performance. Or if your cheap you could always starp on a fan and put a heatsink on those vrms and try to overclock. If you are overclocking try Fsb or north bridge overclocking
  2. I know navi might have driver issues but I don't think vega does. The 56 uses more power and his hotter than a 1070 but it does outperform a 1070. Also if you are afraid of driver issues with amd cards just use 20.4.2 that's usually a very stable driver that works for most people.
  3. guess who was right about the Quadro a6000
  4. just checked gamers nexsus, hardware unboxed, and phils computer lab. Couldn't find a game other than tomb raider on hardware unboxed that couldn't hit 60fps(GN's tomb raider could hit 60 though). Maybe in the future it will of course get harder to hit 60 fps but by then 1 st and 2md gen ryzen will get so cheap that most people will probably upgrade. Also pretty sure ac odyssey could run around 40-60fps on this cpu and to be honest valhala and odyssey look very similar so,I don't expect fps to drop a lot unless they make a bigger map.
  5. if u only want a gpu upgrade u could wait for rx 580s, gtx 1060s, vega cards 1070s and 1080s to drop in price and pick one up over a 3070 since u will be severely bottle necked at 1080p. If u have enough many to fully upgrade ur pc u should wait for zen 3 and amds new cards. Basically wait till around october and november before u buy since availability for ampere cards aren't suppose to be that great and probably by then older gpus like 2080tis will drop in price.
  6. which games does it not get 60fps in. just curious
  7. umm but everyone got the cuda core numbers wrong lol
  8. the problem is that prices dont drop on older intel processors. If u check ebay 7700ks are still expensive. The only time I saw cpu price drops are with ryzen for example before covid i could find a 2600 for $150 or $200 cad and if you wanted to go cheaper u could probably found them for much cheaper on the used market
  9. well techpowerup says it only 2 percent faster than a 580 so am not sure what killings is happening
  10. umm are u sure about that I don't remeber a 980 killing a 580. hell a 970 is about as good as a 1060 3gb.
  11. Why buy a 9400f pretty sure those cpus get maxed out in newer titles. I don't really think that those cpus are going to last that long when it comes to triple a gaming, its fine for esports and single threaded games. Also if he wants to upgrade the cpu too he should be at least be looking for a 6 core cpu with hyper threading like the 10600k or the 3600 or even older ryzen 5 or 7 cpus.
  12. why not just get a 580,570, 5500xt or 1650 super. Also u really need a gpu upgrade before cpu so.
  13. not $50, he could probably make way more if he sells them all individually rather than a bundle on ebay.
  14. please don't buy a 9590 or trying overclocking on that board. The vrms and that board aren't very good and by overclocking u might also lose performance if the vrms get to hot and start throttling the cpu. Also try to aim for a full system upgrade, try to get on am4 and even if it means cheaping out on the gpu. That gpu is mainly for high refresh rate 1080p gaming while the fx cpu is more for 60hz to 75 hz gaming. The only way u wont run into a bottleneck is by maxing out all the setting or gaming in 1440p. This is assuming u game at 1080p
  15. u should try to get a used ryzen 5 1600 or 2600 or even a 1700. Also if its available for a good price try to get a 1600 af. These would be better options then a 3200g and should cost about the same or more. Also try to get at least b350 or b450 motherboard.