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  1. Well if you do plan on buying one do know that shipping might take a while and try to get one from a reputable seller. I know that people sell fake gpus on aliexpress but when it comes to 580s i haven't seen it. Just use caution when buying cards of aliexpress, I know tech yes city should have a few videos on how to get good deals on pc parts from there without getting scammed.
  2. well this game does prefer AMD gpus rather than NVidia so it does make sense for the 5700xt to beat your 2080 super.
  3. to be honest if he cared about getting better performance in dx12 and vulkan games he would go vega 56 instead of 1070 and 1660 since it beats those cards in dx 12 and vulkan games.
  4. probably the 1070 it is cheaper and you can use the spear money for something else
  5. the only differences I could think of would be nvenc and better power consumption
  6. all of these cpus are just overclocked versions of yours so if you want the performance of those cpus all you will need to do is overclock your 8320e to those clock speeds.
  7. well watch dogs legion and doom eternal do push pass 8gb of vram at 4k
  8. I think watch dogs legion uses more than 8gb of vram at 4k
  9. umm doesn't a rx 580 and 570 destroy the 1050ti. Pretty sure I could find one on eBay or my used market for around the some price as a 1050ti. So i am pretty sure the rx 580 and 570 or 1070s and vega 56s are the best price to performance cards right now
  10. the ryzen 5 5600x lol. But in all seriousness we will see on November 5
  11. well I guess you will have to wait and see. Most people in LTT forums don't really like people like moores law is dead or Adored tv so you are going to get a lot of people saying they know nothing and have no sources. Just wait and see if he's right or wrong and then make up your own opinion on if this guy is legit or not . Also if people say he has no sources correct me if i am wrong but i am pretty sure he started the Quadro a6000 leaks. He leaked a few pictures and then a week before it come out he leaked the full specs.
  12. Well if you had a better motherboard I would recommend you overclock you cpu to around 4.5ghz, that would usually fix your bottleneck since your cpu is only at 3.3ghz, but your motherboard is bad so you will have to do a full system upgrade which means cpu, motherboard and ram to gain more performance. Or if your cheap you could always starp on a fan and put a heatsink on those vrms and try to overclock. If you are overclocking try Fsb or north bridge overclocking
  13. I know navi might have driver issues but I don't think vega does. The 56 uses more power and his hotter than a 1070 but it does outperform a 1070. Also if you are afraid of driver issues with amd cards just use 20.4.2 that's usually a very stable driver that works for most people.