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  1. Could maybe try Afterburner and set a fan profile to see if they are registering?
  2. I'm guessing you're using a 1080p monitor? If you are then I'd say consider upgrading now with a 5700xt or something? If you can wait and have the budget for both a new monitor and the RTX 30xx then do that. Other than the lower end cards, my bet is the next gen GPUs will start to move beyond 1080p gaming.
  3. Just wondering why you undervolted but then added 50% power? For my 2070s I just set my power limit to 80% and I actually get a higher boost clock due to the cooler temps.
  4. many GPUs by default don't start spinning their fans up until they reach 40c. When you close Afterburner it will set the GPU to it's default anyway. To do a quick test you can always start a game and see the fans spin up
  5. Sorry for the late reply! It was only about 2-3 cm off but the extensions allow for loads better cable management
  6. That thing is about as thick as decent gravy! Looks like a right powerhouse though
  7. How about a 'Black 3.0' build? I remember the blackout build from a while ago where you painted everything black and had no RGB but an updated one would be cool. Stuart Semple now had and updated super matte black paint, Link here, and it would be awesome to see a full WC build with that. Maybe have gloss black fittings for accents.
  8. I've been looking at the Asus itro xv340ckp. Most 21:9 monitors now have a screen set up interface so you can arrange the space into different sized virtual screens.
  9. CPU: 3700x @stock with PTO Cooling: D15s with second fan (case is an NXZT H200) Ambient: 20 degrees Idle: 31 degrees celsius Load: 66 degrees, Cinebench 20 multi-thread, score 4908 Load: 82 degrees, AIDA64 full system load after 1 hour
  10. No worries Just one more thing to note, I'd wait for the Ryzen 4000 mobile CPUs to ship with laptops, 8C16T on a 7nm chip will work wonders for what you need.
  11. Do you need it to be mobile? If not you could build a rendering rig and keep your current laptop for on the go stuff? If you do need a laptop, I'd get as many cores as you can and stick with a 2070, when rendering there won't much time saved when the 2080 starts to heat up. It might also be worth looking at a laptop with a 1660 or something and getting a GPU enclosure with a desktop gpu. *edit - spelling
  12. The first bit I basically mean that I have a similar cooling set up to you so your temps do seem a little high. That 58C was after playing Borderlands 3, not super CPU intensive but it will use it a bit at max settings. I wouldn't worry too much about over pasting, it rarely make that much difference, I'd rather too much than too little. If the cooler screws don't give a load of resistance, give each one a quarter/ half turn tighter and then check temps. If it's still too high have a look at how fast your fans are spinning when at load and try tweaking the curve in bios. If you're still having issues maybe try a different thermal compound like Arctic Silver or Thermal Grizzly Cryonaught
  13. I've got a 3700x cooled by an NH-D15s in an H200 and the highest I've ever had my CPU was 82C after 2 hours on synthetic load with PTO on. When gaming I only ever reach about 58C and I don't have room for a top or back exhaust fan either. I'd check thermal paste, fan curve or mounting pressure, that i5 should be way cooler than that.
  14. Yeah but that's just the H200 with limited airflow. The point I was making was even though my case is less than ideal, at full system load and <60% fan speed I'm still getting decent temps.
  15. +1 to this^ Set a custom fan curve in bios and it will sort it out. I've got an NH-D15 with a 3700x and had the same issue until I sorted the curve.