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  1. kieguru

    90 ℃ even with nh-d15. Normal?

    With temps like that with an ML360, I'd check if your pump is working properly, can you hear it or hear liquid moving?
  2. kieguru

    Why AIO over Tower Cooling

    A lot of people say that AIOs are good from an aesthetic POV but I love the look of a big ol' tower cooler. The D15 with the Chromax kit looks amazing.
  3. kieguru

    Gigabyte x570i itx board

    Thanks for the info, really appreciate it
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking at picking up Gigabyte's x570 itx board (when it's available again!) and was interested in hearing anybody's thoughts on it. I've read a few reviews but nothing recent in terms of BIOS updates and just general user opinions. I know I could go for an x470 or b450 board, but am I correct in assuming I could use 2 NVMe M.2 drives at full speed?
  5. Yeah I hear you, although I'm still rocking an i5 4460 with a 970 and 8GB of ram and it seems to handle most things fine. Admittedly I really only play OW, Witcher and a handful of indy games, but I've had no issues with stutter or unplayable frame drops. I'm in the process of gathering parts for a new build though, with a 3700x and 2070S, but this will be for work (Ai, Ps, Ae, C4D+Octane) as well as gaming.
  6. Yeah the 3600 is a solid choice, tbh nobody really needs to spend >€200 on a CPU for gaming.
  7. Seems like you've answered your own question, if you're just gaming then go Intel. You don't even need an i7 so save a bit with i5.
  8. kieguru

    Intel Xe

    Ah I didn't realise, cheers for the heads up Still, it would make sense for them to approach their launch in that way.
  9. kieguru

    Intel Xe

    Apparently Intel are looking at starting with the low-mid range segment like AMD do, specifically the £/$200 point. Seems like a sensible move imo. https://www.techpowerup.com/257911/intel-plans-to-launch-its-discrete-gpu-lineup-starting-at-usd-200
  10. kieguru

    RX 5700 XT VS RTX Series?

    I'd go for an AIB 5700xt, it will clock better and end up performing like a 2070s. The only reason I was looking at a 2070s was for Octane rendering and it needing CUDA supported cards.
  11. kieguru

    2020 GPU'S

    Buy what you can afford now, I'd go for a 2070s. You'll be in a constant cycle of waiting for the next bit of tech to come out unless it's got a definite release date.
  12. kieguru

    1080 TI Used or 2080 Super?

    Just keep your 1060, 1080p60 on your current monitor will play just fine. Unless you upgrade your monitor you will just be wasting your money.
  13. They may be worth it if you use it as a cache drive for editing but outside of that I'd say stick with gen3 drive
  14. Like others have said, unless you game with a shit load of other programs and Chrome tabs open in the background, I doubt you will even be using all your 32GB. Open up Task Manager on the 2nd screen when you're in game and it'll show you your usage.