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  1. If these prices are real, I hope AMD doesn't see this as an opportunity to release their next generation of cards at a higher price point just because nvidia did. then I'd be a sad panda
  2. 1st thing to do when you get a new PC: go to another PC, download Google Chrome. Put it on a USB drive. Install in on new computer. SMD IE, I'm not even going to use you to install google chrome.
  3. if you don't have £600 at hand to buy a phone, I'd highly suggest spending your money more wisely than buying the latest-and-greatest smartphone.
  4. http://10fastfingers.com/user/334306/ repping linustech as golinustech Wooo! after many tries ---> 145 WPM! Edit: if you see the 76 WPM attempt -_-, i'm at work and had to alt+tab =P
  5. Visit the Typing Test and try! I'll have to try again at home. work computer is a POS dell keyboard with sticky keys =) Made an account and got on the top 50 leaderboard for today! Yay! Need like 9 more WPM for top 20
  6. Hey, so I'm looking into buy a PC second-hand online for work. I need Windows 7 or 8 Ultimate because I need the multiple language support. Are all these deals on craigslist and ebay too good to be true? They include Windows 8 Ultimate with their computer sale, even though a full copy of that is ~$300. I know there are ways to bypass activation/make Windows look legit, but I need a 100% way to check if its a non-pirated/genuine copy of windows? Thanks.
  7. Tells me to scroll down for the "why". The "why" ends up being "i have no idea".
  8. Take the 100 million, put it in some safe investment for 5% annual growth. Spend the 5 million a year sponsoring money to each and every person that wants to make unboxing videos on youtube. I'll send them the products and video equipment and everything. Then I'll laugh at Linus because Unboxing videos will become just like Let's play videos. Everyone and their grandmother could make them.
  9. Found some images on H110 in 650D http://imgur.com/a/XRApp
  10. I think it's time for a new computer buddy. DDR2 -_-
  11. -_- I'm skeptical. If real I would guess some LN2 nonsense. But nobody that serious uses Windows Experience Index to show off their CPU clock.
  12. I'd say go for it. New stuff is always coming out. You can play the waiting game as long as you want, it will never end.
  13. Anybody who watches Linus's videos will know he's constantly wondering how motherboard manufacturers will stand out from each other. This is how. That is some nice UEFI.
  14. Have you checked your Power Supply fan? A friend of mine experienced something similar to this, and it turned out his PSU fan failed. If you want to check for overheating issues, you probably have a regular fan laying around, like a desk fan or one of these: Open that side window and full blast that fan into the case.
  15. Heat is something you will not be able to avoid when during heavy-duty tasks on an ultrabook. Rendering images/videos will always 100% your CPU, and the cooling solution on ultrabooks is almost non-existent. You'll definitely need to use a table and not your lap when doing heavy duty stuff, even if you spend top dollar on an ultrabook. Regarding weight, I used to carry around a net book for school uses, and then just started carrying around my heavier laptop. Ultrabooks are ~ 2 lbs and a super beefy laptop is ~5 lbs? In my personal experience, 3 lbs is no big deal because its not so much the weight as it is the form factor. I'm a pretty small person, so a 13-14 inch performance laptop I don't mind carrying, but if you give me a 17 inch laptop, I'd have trouble carrying that big of a bag even if it was light because of its ridiculous size. If you are just doing light photoshop work, then I mean, you could probably live with the ULV CPUs that intel offers, and will just have to wait a few extra seconds whenever you run a filter or something. If your budget is already pre-determined, and you are a photoshop user, I'd go spring for a real mobile CPU on a heftier laptop. If you are willing to spend the big $$, then get a high-end ultrabook.
  16. I'm working on a older motherboard (Rampage III Formula) and was wondering whether to raid 0 my SSDs on: Intel Controller or Marvell Controller. On any normal motherboard, the Intel would be the obvious answer, but for this older mobo: Intel Controller is SATA2, 3gb/s and Marvel Controller is SATA3, 6gb/s. The SSDs being used are Samsung 840. These are not for boot drive. I have a separate SSD for boot. These are for video editing.
  17. I wouldn't worry about your computer overheating as long as you aren't overclocking and it isn't entirely filled with dust. I've seen some Dell's with an inch of dust layer on the intakes and still work. Though I'd be wary of the power supply. Dell knows how much power draw their system takes when they sell it, and they pretty much give you the cheapest OEM PSU that will meet that requirement. Even if it says 460W, it is some cheap 460W, and not something like a Seasonic. Dell cheaps out on anything that doesn't show immediately on the spec sheet. PSU, Ram speed, etc.
  18. Nice. Can't wait for pics. 3 360 radiators. 2 for CPU 1 for GPU loop?
  19. How are you connecting your laptop to the dual link DVI cable? You need a Active DP to dual link DVI adapter (those things cost big $$ for an adapter).
  20. The mobo doesn't have wifi built in. If you are asking if everything is compatible, then yeah, the computer should run. If you're looking for suggestions: Have you looked at 840 or 840 pro samsung? I'm not sure about sale price, but 840 pro is like the new version. New is always better. If you don't need the speed of 840 pro, you can go for 840. That ASUS card is a triple slot, i believe. Kind of overkill in my opinion. The way I set up RAID was just not plug in the HDD and raid 0 everything else. then just add in HDD afterwards.
  21. If you don't OC, the stock cooler will be sufficient. As long as you can live with the audio levels. The CPU won't overheat with stock settings with the intel stock cooler. They clock them that way on purpose.
  22. I think that its reasonable to assume that 5 years from now, the difference between a 2018 tablet and a 2019 tablet will be a "who cares" situation. Tegra 7 vs Tegra 8?
  23. I don't have your laptop, so I'm not sure how it will fare for 1440p gaming, but my laptop, Macbook Retina 15 inch, can not push 1440p gaming. And 1080p scaling looks TERRIBLE in my opinion. If you want to test whether or not you can stand scaling, try scaling your 1920x1200 monitor to another resolution with your laptop. see if you can stand it.
  24. I'd go H100i because good luck finding some place that has the h220 in stock.
  25. Fits. I have one myself. (White LED)