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  1. You probably just misclicked the Case on PC-PartPicker, but just to be sure: These are two different cases : Phenom MicroATX and Phenom MiniITX Cases. The MicroATX case, the one you have selected, would still actually work with the ITX mobo, so I'm not sure if that is your intention.
  2. http://www.asrock.com/mb/photo/IO/Z87E-ITX(m).jpg
  3. would something like this work? http://amzn.com/B00A4I3AGE though i would rather have wires leading to a standalone antenna, i can't find one with 2 cables.
  4. My dog chewed up the wire for my antenna and I need a new one. I don't know enough about this stuff and was wondering if I could get some answers. Info (hopefully relevant): motherboard: asrock z87e-itx (link: http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Z87E-ITX/ ) antenna: ASRock WiFi 2.4/5GHz Antenna Questions: When looking at replacement antennas on amazon/newegg/etc, why do they all have 1 wire, but the antenna mobo came with had 2. 2.4ghz vs 5ghz? I need both (2 antennas?) Why do the prices vary so much? How important is the antennas and what should I be spending my money on for equal/greater performance than the stock antenna?
  5. Do you remember what size the holes for washers are for case fan screws? If so, I can save some driving by going to hardware store directly from work instead of going home, grabbing a screw, then back to hardware store.
  6. What I can do to minimize the vibration on my radiator fans. I screw the radiator onto the fan, and then the fan onto the case. I used standard screws because I assumed that those rubber mounting things won't be able to hold the weight of both the fan and the radiator. Unfortunately, I can hear the entire case vibrating sometimes, kind of like the vibrations an automatic car idling on a red light has. Kind of like slight rattling noise.
  7. You can probably just use the stock cooler instead of a $17 one with out any difference.
  8. First step is to pray it is a software issue. Hardware issues are a bitch even if it under warranty. It looks like you are running Windows 8. There is a "Refresh my PC" thing you can run to basically reformat Windows, but keep all your stuff. Perhaps try that.
  9. 3 290x is just 6 PCI expansion slots on the back. Newegg has a search filter for that. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007583%20600006548&IsNodeId=1&bop=And&Order=PRICE&PageSize=100
  10. jaypro


    I remember Doom had WASD as the movement keys, which was 1993. There is probably older titles that used it, but I was too young back then.
  11. Depends on the game. But FPS performances will not change drastically, because it is heavily reliant on the GPU in most games. I would wait for a new system entirely.
  12. jaypro

    [NOOB] New headphones

    It depends on what you are looking for. To audiophiles, headphone recommendations are based solely on sound quality, balance, etc. Conversely, casual music listeners (the majority of people), care more about comfort/style/bass. This is why you get a lot of hate for Bose and Beats by Dre, because they prioritize comfort and style/fashion over audio quality. In audio forums, you will mostly get audiophile recommendations, but this may or may not be what you are actually looking for.
  13. Another gift I plan on giving is an airplay audio adapter, for people's iphone. Not just for them, but for me also. I want to rid the world of people who listen to their audio through their phone speakers .
  14. A mechanical keyboard. Perfect gift for the holidays. It is something that most people would never fathom purchasing vs a membrane keyboard, but after using it, will never go back. One of those "thought you never needed but afterwards can't live without".
  15. Current Setup: PC uses AudioEngine A2 through 3.5mm plug. TV uses built-in speakers. TV is Panasonic P50S60 (only audio input is optical) What I want: PC and TV both use Audioengine A2. My proposed solution: 1. Buy a DAC, for sake of example -> Audioengine D1 (USB port and toslink optical) 2. DAC USB port connects to PC. DAC toslink optical input connects to TV. DAC RCA output connects to speakers. Will it play sounds from both the USB port and the optical port? at the same time? will i need to physically plug and unplug to change between audio sources? Let me know if confusing, I can create a MSPaint diagram if needed.
  16. i run a 256ssd for main storage, but i have a 1tb external 2.5 hard drive because I ran out of space and I have an ITX configuration that couldn't fit another internal SSD. It turned out well because I put my steam library, music, and videos on it so I can bring it places as well.
  17. on the topic of HWbot and Windows 8, I don't expect Microsoft to care, because it is a non-issue in 99.999% of cases. It only effects people who overclock via software while Windows is running, and fixes itself upon restart.
  18. I think the volume and variety of stuff that Razer offers is why they get so much hate. Volume-wise, because they move so many products, there are bound to be more people with faulty products who then generalize and say that all Razer products suck. Also, you get those elitists who look down on Razer because they sell so many different things. Audiophiles hate razer audio gear - like they hate bose and friends. Keyboard fanatics hate razer gear because they aren't Filcos or Duckys. Then, you get people who say Razer is overpriced and expensive for shitty quality. These people just don't understand that products are priced as high as they can and sell. You can't compare the price of a no-brand mouse with a razer mouse, even if it is cheaper and has superior build quality. The no-brand company HAD to price it cheaper or else nobody would buy it.
  19. If you're looking into switches as in mechanical switches, a $50 budget may be hard to find. Your best bet would be Cooler Master Quickfire Rapids. They are tenkeyless, if you don't mind that and they often go on sale for $60-70 with $15-20 rebates. If I were you, I'd budget ~$70 for keyboard and ~$30 for mouse. Mouse is harder to recommend because it is all about feel/grip. Pretty much any gaming mouse has a good enough sensor, the DPI count on sensors is just for marketing, because 10,000 DPI is just silly to begin with.
  20. You have a microcenter nearby? Microcenter gives $50 off motherboard and another $20 off memory and another $20 off Samsung SSD if you buy 4670k from them, which is cheapest place to get it anyway.
  21. They are physically exactly the same. People have already successfully taken the BIOS of a GTX770 and put it onto the GTX680 and vice-versa.
  22. I linked the Corsair RMA policy, and nowhere does it say that they would ship new units out from RMA. Every RMA I've ever dealt with has had the policy to only ship the defective part. I did not want to ship the fans and then they end up shipping back only the AIO unit. This is the first time I've experienced an RMA where they re-ship out Retail packages. Almost always do they say that chances are you will get a refurb unit. Corsair does not mention anywhere in their Warranty and RMA policy that they ship out Retail and new boxes back to the customer. They also never mention to include all accessories. It is pretty logically to assume that you would not include accessories out of fear that if they were to follow other company's policy of recycling extra accessories, you would be screwed. Some examples: I RMA'd a set of Monster Turbine Earbuds. It originally came with a bunch of ear tips and a case/pouch. They shipped another one back to me, by itself, in a plastic bag. I RMA'd an XFX Graphics card. Their policy was clear and precise. I quoted it below: "Only the faulty item is required. Please do not send any accessories originally supplied with the product. Such items and the package used to ship the product in are recycled and will not be returned. All replacements are sent in non-retail packaging with only the product included. This includes power cables for power supplies, only the core PSU unit is needed." Source : http://xfxstorage.com/Support/pca_rma_tc_ns.pdf The main thing I was trying to get at was that I wanted to show Corsair that I was not trying to scam them out of two fans. The only way I could think of proving this was by showing to them that I've spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on their products, and that I'm not just trying to get some free fans.
  23. The 770 4GB is esentially the same exact card as the 680 4GB, so if you find benchmarks on those, they will be the same.
  24. In an ITX Build, you only get 2 RAM slots, so I'd go with 2x8GB of Ram, because 2x4 leaves no room to upgrade. If you are on a budget, you can even do 1x8GB ram and upgrade in the future. The difference in speed between 1 module and 2 module is negligible. Also, it may sound like 16GB of ram can never be fully used, but you can easily get a RAMdisk app, and load your favorite 1 or 2 games onto the RAMdisk, giving you data transfer rates that can be measured in multiple Gb/s. For example, you could create like a 8GB ramdisk, leaving you with 8GB of ram still, and put Skyrim completely on your RAM, giving you near instant load times. Or, for bragging rights, you could put LAN party games like DOTA2 or League of Legends on your RAMDisk, and "win" the loading screen contest.