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  1. piercetorres

    Hard drive upgrade

    I want to change the boot drive but how would I clone it
  2. piercetorres

    Hard drive upgrade

    So I have a laptop with windows 10 and my product key is attached to my mircosoft account but I want to up grade my memory if I do will I have to buy a new product key
  3. piercetorres

    Factory default for laptop

    I was wondering if it resets the bios settings or if it reinstalls everything that was originally on it when it was sold for example windows 10
  4. piercetorres

    PC Randomly Freezes HELP!!!

    Try upgrading the ram I saw you only have 16 gb
  5. piercetorres

    Factory default for laptop

    So I was going though the bios for my HP stream 11 and I found what's called restore security settings to factory defaults and the attached photo is my screen
  6. piercetorres

    Windows 10 reinstallation

    Just tryed the media creation tool and it did not work
  7. piercetorres

    Windows 10 reinstallation

    So I have bought used HP stream 11that came with windows 8 instead of the factory installed Windows 10 but the os died so I put Ubuntu on it till I can figure out how to get windows 10 on it again but I downloaded the iso from microsoft.com and used winusb on my laptop with Ubuntu but every time I try to use the boot drive I get the message in the photo and I don't know what to do if anyone knows what I can do please help also I don't want to spend money on a copy on windows 10 product key