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  • CPU
    Core 2 duo E8400
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    Some hp mobo
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    4gigs of some hp ram
  • GPU
    Evga gt 740 sc (broken)
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    Hp case
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    160 gig Seagate barracuda
    320 gig hdd out of some laptop
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    Some Hp psu
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    Some sharp tv
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    Hp cooler
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    Some cheap keyboard
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    Some dell mouse
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    Asus zonar dg
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    Windows 10 home 64bit
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    Hp stream 11
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    Lg K51

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  1. I found out why it was doing that but i went on vacation so i didnt get a chance to point it out Apparently my mobo only supports pcie 2.0 and the card only supports pcie 3.0
  2. It is a second hand card, previous drivers did the same but i managed to get them installed on a gt740 about a year ago
  3. So im currently trying to download the drivers for a msi gtx 1070 armor When i tried downloading them normally i got a Bsod saying nvlddmkm.sys fail, so i tried dduing the drivers and installing them using safe mode But now hell ensues, everytime i load windows out of safe mode i get a Bsod for the nvlddmkm.sys but windows is reporting the drivers as working perfectly (checked using safe mode) What should i do to fix this Thank you in advanced
  4. The pro tech tool kit costs 69.99
  5. I just wanted to say thank you to linus, his staff, and most importantly this community Because of everyone here, helping me when i had computer issues and everyone helping others. I got a job at a repair shop, i have my own ifixit kit and everything This community is truly amazing, and everyone deserves to pat themselves of the back for how much, you've learned from others and taught others, a simple thing for some can change others lives Tl:dr, thank you everyone for being a part of this community
  6. The part of the board the outputs is messed up, its hard to explain I was more thinking of the freesync on nvidia way of passing it through
  7. Yeah exactly that, i just phrased it weird The onboard ports dont work but the but it still works, (works as in, it still computes)
  8. So my boss told me if i could get 1070 we had working i could have it I realize routing the gpu video to the igpu would work but when i plug the vga in it doesnt output anything I tried looking through the bios so i can enable the onboard video but i couldnt find anything The mobo is a msi ms-7778 ver:1
  9. Update: i tried resetting the smc (i think thats what its called), i tried entering recovery mode, tried the linux boot mode thing, the point is i tried almost everything i could find on the internet and nothing is working, i feel like its a lack of mac os on my device, but i cant know for sure. i will try and meet up with a buddy and see if i can make a mac os usb key or what ever its called. If it somehow works i will update And thank you all for your help
  10. Took out the drive and nothing changed, so im guessing its a firmware error
  11. I put in a cent os installation usb cause i had one lying around and nothing showed up Tried to reset it using the removable battery method and nothing happened it still only shows white Could one of apples other chips being stopping it from running properly
  12. Tried holding option having tried holding it while a windows usb is in it but i do have a cent os key to try Also this is what i mean by white screen it does still play the start up noise I haven't tried hooking it up to a display but i will try to
  13. Thanks i will check it out But i did try it and it was a no go Im hoping apple made a way to flash the firmware after the fact