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  1. According to my stats, no wu's for 9 hours overnight between 2 pcs running...something aint right.
  2. Super Mario Brothers on NES back around 1987-88, I was maybe 10 years old...You should have seen my face when I opened my very first NES for Christmas.
  3. Yes, it should run VR but you'll most likely have to turn some settings down. I played VR with a weaker RX 570 and it worked okay...Just don't expect to run max detail settings.
  4. I tried using cpu (ryzen 2600 oc'd to 4.1 ghz) and it pulled in crap ppd. I think I've read not to use your cpu unless you have something like a 24c I found that it actually slows my gpu down while running concurrent cpu and cpu wu's. How many threads is f@h using? What are your temperatures?
  5. IMO not really...at least not enough to be concerned about. Bottlenecks arent the boogeyman.
  6. Tell him you'll trade and he's getting a 'great' deal
  7. Ugh...my work laptop has that cpu and integrated graphics...the thing is as slow as molasses
  8. I mean, you COULD try esports games and run on the absolute lowest resolution and scaling. I seriously doubt they will run above 5 fps, if they even install...
  9. You could maybe find a used dell work desktop with an i5, throw in a used rx 570 and have a pc capable of gaming for around $100-$200 usd...
  10. Unfortunately, this wont play anything modern but like I said, you could use it to emulate nes, snes, genesis, n64 or dos games.
  11. The cpu is 11 years old, 2 gb of ram wont even run win10 well...I doubt you'd be able to load any games today. You could turn it into a pretty cool retro game emulator though!
  12. Trust me, a pi zero does not require a heat sink...I have 3 pi 0's, one being used for a retro gaming system, and 2 sitting in waterproof cases running outdoor surveillance cameras. I have yet to see the CPU exceed 55C even during the hot summer months...the single core CPU just doesn't produce enough heat to need cooling. I would, however buy a case for protection...ebay has TONS of different ones that are well under $10. I bought a really simple one that is just plexiglass on the top and bottom of the board and it screws together.
  13. Okay, thanks. Should I set this for a higher number, like 95 so non-worked WU's are sitting there for less time? I am running my PC 24/7 so it should automatically work on the next WU without delay.
  14. Can anyone tell me if I set this correctly? I'm wanting it to download the next WU when it is 90% complete with the current one...This is for the GPU slot. Thanks!
  15. If you downgrade your pc a little bit, you could probably get both! Something like a ryzen 2600x/3600 with a used 1080ti will play just about anything today.
  16. Unfortunately, they all do that man...Microsoft is just as bad =(
  17. Beat it how? You could put better hardware in there, I suppose. However, it still won't emulate nearly as well even with current generation hardware.
  18. #328...but up from yesterdays #364 after tweaking settings and using radeon overclocking. I guess this is about as good as I can expect from a rx 5700 and a rx 570...Looking at some of the other hardware I'm going up against, I'm pretty outclassed on here!
  19. I believe Linus made a video a while back with a Ryzen 5 (2400g?) system that 'played' emulated ps3 titles, but not well...that APU is roughly comparable to your GPU/CPU. You're expecting similar hardware to emulate the next generation of playstation titles...
  20. Your pc will not be capable of emulating a ps4 title... Neither your CPU or GPU are powerful enough.