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  1. Maybe those fans are too close to each other and this causing vibrations?
  2. I didn't try any other fan yet. Also as far as I know those fans cost half the price of the case. I don't even want the fans to be silent, just a good airflow, that's why I chose this case. The problem is a whining noise, it's recorded on video. I just hope it's about the spreading lubricant but honestly I don't know how much time it has to spread for the noise to disappear
  3. 140mm fan on the bottom. I checked and blades aren't touching anything.
  4. Hi everyone I have started using a new Fractal Design Torrent case and after a few hours fans started to produce an annoying whining noise. I have recorded this noise on video. I have contacted Fractal Design support, they say this noise is normal because lubricant needs to spread but I am concerned if this noise is ever going to go away. This is my first Fractal Design case. P.S. one of case fans is a source of a noise. My RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio fans weren't spinning when I was recording a video and my Noctua NH D15 is quiet. Also if someone else has this case did yo
  5. Hi everyone What is currently the best 140mm airflow rear exhaust case fan? Preferably from Noctua, no RGB. Black color would be perfect to match black case and all black PC parts and peripherals. I was considering Noctua AF-14 PWM. But open to suggestions if you know any better fans than this one. Thank you
  6. No, this case didn't include a rear exhaust fan
  7. Hi everyone So I switched my old BeQuiet Dark Base 700 to new Fractal Design Torrent case, designed for maximum airflow. Also I am switching a cheap 360mm AIO to Noctua NH D15. My new case has 2 big 180mm fans on front (intake) and 3x 140mm fans on bottom (intake). Do I need a rear exhaust fan if I have Noctua NH D15 CPU cooler, which already has 2 fans? Will it have any positive effect on the airflow, or will it influence the temperatures inside the case?
  8. Hi everyone So a few days ago I started hearing some electric high frequency sound coming from my PC. Firstly thought my AIO pump was failing but after listening a bit more it seems that GPU causes the noise. Increasing fans speed also increases the electric noise. It started 2 weeks after my GPU warranty expired. I googled a bit and it seems that a crappy PSU might cause this. Some people say that replacing a PSU with a more quality one can fix this. Honestly, this buzzing noise causes a headache and is getting on my nerves. If a game is opened - coil whine noise can be heard. ALT+TAB a
  9. Hi everyone So today I got my new Fractal Torrent case. The question is about fans. 2x 180mm fans on front and 3x 140mm fans are included on the bottom. No fan is included in the rear of a case. I know this is an airflow case but would adding an additional 140mm fan on the rear make airflow even better than it already is? Would it effect any temperatures? If yes then how much? ALSO, would the vertical mount of GPU improve it's temperatures? Thank you
  10. Hi everyone How can I reset my GPU settings to default? My friend who is "experienced" with PCs was helping me for years with my PC and while cleaning the dust and changing the CPU thermal paste did something to my GPU (in BIOS or smth), either undervolting or setting it to a different power mode (so I can pay less for electricity as he told), I don't quite know what exactly he did or how to fix it, he can't explain what happened either. The image on the screen started lacking colors and contrast was behaving a bit "funny, opening Start Menu caused contrast and brightness animations on de
  11. Okay so I have ordered Fractal Torrent case. Would changing 3x stock 140mm fans on the bottom and 2x 180mm fans on the front to Noctua AF-14 be an improvement in airflow and temperatures?
  12. My current case doesn't have the option of top mounted exhaust. I have ordered Noctua NH D15 and wanted to purchase Fractal torrent case but it seems to be out of stock due to some short circuit issue. Would you advice some alternatives to it? Good quality and excellent airflow?
  13. yes, ATX. I heard top mounted PSUs aren't too good for gaming PCs though...
  14. Hi everyone I am planning to switch my AIO to air cooling and I want to buy a new PC case to have a best possible airflow. Please help me choose. My current CPU cooler is Cooler Master Masterliquid 360 RGB The reason is I want to have a more reliable option and in general I dont want to think about the possibilities of RMA, pump fail, liquid leak on other components while have to leave PC on going outside or going to sleep. Also I don't OC my CPU a lot so I think having an AIO is an unnecessary risk and CPU temperatures are gonna be similar under load. Buying a new cooler is a lot cheaper
  15. HI I have had the same issue with my Cooler Master MasterLiquid 360 RGB and thought my pump is duying but it appeared that all my 3 fans were faulty and the noise literally caused a headache after an hour. If AIO's fans are garbage then mounting the radiator (and fans) on intake (front) will cause higher case and GPU temperatures. Either get a decent air cooler or an expensive and quality AIO (a well vented case is recommended as well). Air is safer though. Many people still use their old Noctua coolers and didn't even replace any fans. If air cooler fails you only replace a fan. If