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    Gyming , gaming& racing 😉😉


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    i9 7900x
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    32GB Corsair
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    2x Galax HOF RTX 2080ti
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    1 TB Samsung 850evo
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    1300 silver stone
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    Samsung SE790c WQHD
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    AIO Cooler Master ML360R RGB
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    Windows 10

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  1. Thnx kawaii koneko for giving your opinion , I appreciate it, bully is also good game from rockstar but gta gameplay is too good , I mean roaming like tramp anywhere , creating chaos u know what I mean to say..!!!!
  2. First of all thnx for taking interest in my section Ok I have installed it from rockstar social club , so I should reinstall it ..!!?? Ri8 n windows I have install it in This July I guess , so is there any need to reinstall windows. ( i9 -7900x) 2 way rtx2080ti 1tb Samsung 32 gb ram
  3. Hello guys, I hope u all are doing well, ( I know many of you have faced the problem n done lot of R&D ) YOUR OPIONION IS HIGHLY VALUABLE 4 ME. I would like to inform you that while I play gta 5 , when I need to go back to option menu , it just freeze or crash , even I have tried on safe mode. what should I do now ?? Your cordially Ayush
  4. Hey Guys, I hope you all are doing great, Your opinion is highly valuable 4 me. ( I know many of you are hardcore gamer , so u can give me better opinion regarding which title is best from Rockstar )???? your cordially Ayush
  5. Dear Tristerin, Thnx for taking interest in my section CPU-i9 7900x x288 raider Cooler -360L rgb ram-32gb 2666ddr4 ssd-1 tb Samsung
  6. Hello guys, Hope everyone is doing well !!!! Actually I know many of you are expert of overclocking , even upto 5ghz , so your opinion is highly valuable for me as I’m beginner. CPU-i9 7900x Cooler -360L rgb ram-32gb 2666ddr4 I have tried many method after watching over Clocking for beginners video but didn’t work for me , today I have notice Genie 4 option ( in which your system will automatically overclock it , as In my case it set my cpu frequency at 4.10GHZ ( some active core are set at 4.4) I hope this is the best available option for me. (Note- I’m just assuming my situation , although I know manual is best but as I hv tried to set manually by cpu ratio n vcore so many times with different settings but my temp reach upto 90.c , so not good for cpu life span). In Genie -4 I have stability plus below 70.C, so I guess it’s good deal for me. Please give me your opinion , I will be highly privileged. Your cordially Ayush
  7. Thanqu so much for taking so much pain for me , I appreciate it , people like you are very rare , despite of having problems in your life , you still try to solve my problem Bdw have u heard about OC GENIE GOOD for overclocking ??
  8. Actually it is , i9 7900x see I told u , u have quite depth knowledge about PC stuff, quite informative n genius ppl like u in Linus tech forum are really helpful for beginners like me what if I only need 4.1 or 4.0 cpu frequency , then also I need to change something more if it is then what should I change ?? Bdw when I change Vcore settings my temp are more then 75.C like 80 or 90 thts why I don’t go for it.
  9. Hahah,Well actually when I do stress testing , under non turbo cpu core frequency it shows 3.30 but in Active core1 to 10 it show 40 MHz or 41 MHz , so I thought I haven’t overclocked it properly Bdw my auto V core- 0.9 something or 1.02
  10. Yea sure I will do it , but before tht I don’t know the reason that 1. when I set Vcore to 1.1 or 1.2 v , temp touch to 88 or 90 but when I set it to auto then temp remain normal why????? Secondly when I touch bios I change cpu clock ratio n disable turbo , I hope tht much is enough or should I touch non turbo cpu core too?
  11. Well I have put my V core on auto then it’s ok whether I touch 4.0 , 4.1 . now I’m bit much confuse between 4.0 or 4.1 because while stress testing both have equal temp , so how to choose 4.0 or 4.1 ?? How can I check stability ??,
  12. Well I have disabled it before overclocking in bios
  13. Well I tried to follow his steps but my temp keep on increasing “like at 33-55C , 39-67, 41 -76 n so on , even in 41 n 42 GHz I have increase my Vcore-1.2 /1.25V But doesn’t work for me !!!! So I guess I should remain on 33 ?? Because of low temp