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    Ayush007 got a reaction from fred82 in Friend with brain tumor in need   
    I wish he recover soon asap 
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    Ayush007 reacted to sradamdrake in Friend with brain tumor in need   
    Hi Linus friends sorry if I am doing this wrong, this is my first time on the forum just to ask for help. Without blasting all of my friend, Isaac's, business here is what you need to know: he's in his early 40's and is going through his second recurrence of brain cancer. The tumor is on his motor strip which has paralyzed his right side almost completely unusable and now has to relearn to live with only his left hand while still working full time to pay for his treatments. There is some good news in that I guess his cancer is a mutation so it's more susceptible to chemo which changed his prognosis from a terminal sentence to being hopeful that he'll be able to pull through again. However the doctor said he probably won't ever get his right side back and if he does it will be very limited but we can only find out after his treatment. So I've been trying to find stuff to help him to game again since he isn't left to do much else. Right now his limited to games that only need the basic point and click with mice. I bought him Frostpunk and This War of Mine but besides those all he's been able to play is Sid Civ 6 and Among Us. Sorry for the long intro but wanted you to know what I'm working with here. Right now he's been using a logitech G300s but I was hunting though some old Linus vids and showed him the Keymouse from the vid "This KEYBOARD has a BUILT IN MOUSE" which he seemed interested in but he was concerned that it might still require the right half to function properly and the $500 price tag. We live in the USA btw. So I was going to try and convince a couple friends to all pitch in and buy it but got stopped by the fact its sold out and $500 split five ways is a lot for something that might not work. So I was looking at stuff like the Razer Nastromo, Razer Orbweaver, Razer Tartarus and Delux T9 but none of them have built in mice and the ones that have the joysticks that would enable him to play other genres of games again still require a mouse in the right hand. So we managed to find this "Gaming Mouse with 5 D Rocker, TRELC Ergonomic Mouse with 10000 DPI/11 Programmable Buttons, RGB Vertical Gaming Mice Wired for PC/Laptop/E-Sports/Gamer" on Amazon which meets the joystick and the mouse, it only has 4 buttons including the standard left and right click and it's only right handed. So where my research is coming up not very helpful I'm hoping the Linus family can help my friend out. Does anyone know of anything that might help him play some of his old games again? Thanks for any help.
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    Ayush007 reacted to Fasauceome in Friend with brain tumor in need   
    Pedals perhaps?
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    Ayush007 reacted to Gaires in BEST DISPLAY FOR RTX 3090 ( 4K OR WQHD) ,Budget not fixed yet   
    $1000 and doesn't have HDR, horrible contrast, poor black uniformity, sub-par factory calibration, lots of overshoot and isn't even 240hz or more.
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    Ayush007 reacted to Gaires in BEST DISPLAY FOR RTX 3090 ( 4K OR WQHD) ,Budget not fixed yet   
    Basically these:
    And maybe this one, depending what you're looking for in a monitor.
    Rtings is also testing LG 38WN95C-W right now, so the results should be out in a few weeks, they also have already bought Samsung G9, so you might want to keep an eye for those results as well and LG 27GN950-B has already basically won the voting so once it's released they should be buying and reviewing it too.
    Please do read the sticky, it has lots of good information about monitors.
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    Ayush007 reacted to Ilm9001 in BEST DISPLAY FOR RTX 3090 ( 4K OR WQHD) ,Budget not fixed yet   
    The RTX 3090 is gonna work best with a 8K or 4K display. I think that a 3090 is a bad deal though if youre just gaming, i would go for a 3080 even if you want to game at 4k.
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    Ayush007 reacted to FloRolf in BEST DISPLAY FOR RTX 3090 ( 4K OR WQHD) ,Budget not fixed yet   
    i am 95% sure the 8k Demo is BS or only possible with DLSS in supported games.
    8k is over 30 Million Pixels, 4x the amount of pixels in a 4k screen. It'll suck for AAA games without DLSS. 
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    Ayush007 reacted to Cvet76 in NVIDIA - 3000 SERIES   
    No. I don't concern myself with brands. I watch reviews and read owners' opinions about the products I'm about to buy, and ultimately make a decision based on which features I can and can't live with. Brands aren't a concern because there are less than a handful of display panel manufacturers and they're all very good.
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    Ayush007 reacted to Jisagi in NVIDIA - 3000 SERIES   
    I'd love to get the rtx3080, but only having 10gb vram might be not enough at least in the long run. I'm a fan of buying a bit more expensive and having my stuff longer. My gtx980 was (excluding an titan class ones) the most expüensive on I could get back then and is still kicking but those 4gb vram it has really is crap now. Buying a rtx3090 might actually be the "only option" I have, if I don't want to wait till (maybe) next year. For now I still have some time till I buy something, because I'll wait for RDNA2 and the new Zen3 cpus. This should be enough time to ponder over buying one or the other card.
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    Ayush007 reacted to Cvet76 in NVIDIA - 3000 SERIES   
    First, before forming an opinion on the GPUs and their respective performances, I'm going to wait for them to be released, reviewed and matured enough so that possible problems with drivers are minimal. Also going to wait for the parter cards (MSI, ASUS,...) to see what they have to offer and compare them with Nvidia's.
    After that I'm going to wait for everything next gen. DDR5 ram, PCIE 4 (yes, I know ryzen has it), Zen3, Intel's whatever gen comes next and after all of these come to pass, I'll probably get me a balls to the wall 3090 along with a new display and other bits and bobs. Next year. I'm in no hurry.
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    Ayush007 reacted to Eigenvektor in NVIDIA - 3000 SERIES   
    That's exactly how new generations are supposed to work. You get more performance at the same price point. I'd say the 2000 series was somewhat of an exception in that regard, but it seems to have really skewed people's perception. It's an impressive release for sure, but maybe wait for independent reviews before you declare victory across the board? We don't even know what the performance improvement they showed was compared to (most likely RTX only).
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    Ayush007 reacted to Andreas Lilja in Anyone planning to buy MAFIA 1 (DEFINITIVE EDITION)   
    Yeah I've pre-ordered it.
    Played Mafia 1 in the past but I was a bit too young for its difficulty.
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    Ayush007 got a reaction from Turkiye1923 in Anyone planning to buy MAFIA 1 (DEFINITIVE EDITION)   
    Hello guys ,
    I hope you all are doing well !!
    Please stay safe and healthy !!
    As we all know,  the masterpiece edition of Illusion Softworks  - MAFIA 1 is back  ( with  4k stunning visual  graphics ). 
    I know Many of you  ( especially hard-core  game lover ) don't miss any title unless it doesnt worth it. 🤞🤞🤞🤞
    tell me how many of you are going to buy this title.
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    Ayush007 reacted to Master Disaster in Anyone planning to buy MAFIA 1 (DEFINITIVE EDITION)   
    I did pre order it (yeah yeah I know) however after seeing the trailer I refunded my pre order and will wait for it to release so I can gauge its reception.
    The trailer basically looked like Mafia 3 reskinned, they made a point about Tommy not being a soldier while in the video he's reloading a clip one handed and blind firing like John McClane. There was way to many medikits, to much clutter on screen pointing out where to go and what to do, not enough guards, the cars look like they're driving at Mafia 3 speeds but the thing I hated the most was the voice acting.
    I'm hopeful the "Classic Mode" they have teased will fix most of these issues and if it does I will buy it but if it really is Mafia 3.5 then I'm out.
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    Ayush007 reacted to JZStudios in LAST OF US 2 (WORTH IT OR NOT)   
    What I said happens literally the second you start the game.
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    Ayush007 reacted to gloop in LAST OF US 2 (WORTH IT OR NOT)   
    No, that particular scene happens about 2 hours in. 
    Id recommend staying away from and threads or videos discussing Part II if you don’t want spoilers. 
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    Ayush007 reacted to Peter Starzynski in LAST OF US 2 (WORTH IT OR NOT)   
    I really liked the first part. 
    Thank you. I try to be. 👍
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    Ayush007 got a reaction from Peter Starzynski in LAST OF US 2 (WORTH IT OR NOT)   
    Thanx  for explainig so beautifully and logically.
    Your explanation is quite logical and practical.
    I appreciate it 👍👍👍👍👍👍
    Bdw I have played first part !!
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    Ayush007 reacted to Peter Starzynski in LAST OF US 2 (WORTH IT OR NOT)   
    Heres why I'm not buying the game. 
    Btw I enjoyed the first game. I thought that story was really good. It showed me the story of a broken man who 15 years later becomes a father again even when he is trying to fight it the whole time. 
    I'm not a fan of TLOU2 storyline because it just went all over the place for me. I watched a stream and I felt like I got more of Abby's story rather than Ellie's story. Theres way too many flashbacks, while I think the story between Joel and Ellie is good, I just wish they could have told in a way that didn't require flashbacks. That would allow the player to grow an even deeper relationship with Joel, making is killing even more meaningful than it already was. Then instead of playing as Abby, you can hate her even more.
    Also I'm not a fan of sex scenes. The one with Abby and Owen made no sense to me.
    All of that said, this game was a beautiful game. The characters are looking more and more real as video games evolve. The scenes Naughty Dog makes are beautiful as usual. Its a masterpiece graphically.
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    Ayush007 reacted to Lord Vile in Best monitor for ps5 ( should I buy or not )   
    I wouldn't get a 4K monitor, they're a bit pointless as is and the console may not run 4K great in a few years even if it can hit 60+ at launch. Plus the PS5 looks to be significantly weaker than the XSX.
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    Ayush007 reacted to Lord Vile in Best monitor for ps5 ( should I buy or not )   
    For the consoles I'd stick to 1080p 144Hz tbh.l Sure they might run games well now but in 5 years time you can't exactly swap out the GPU.
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    Ayush007 reacted to BlueScope819 in Best monitor for ps5 ( should I buy or not )   
    What's funny is Sony and all of the other console makers push these super high framerates and super high resolutions, which basically means in order to take full advantage of it you would be spending as much on a monitor as you would on the console in the first place. People don't seem to realize that. Also, 4k is pretty dumb for gaming, as LTT said in one of his videos. 1440p 144hz is the sweet spot for monitors. You can pick one up for like $400 but it won't have HDR. In order to get a monitor that would take full advantage of all of the PS5s features it would be over $700 just for the monitor.
    And remember: Just because your display interface supports 4k 144hz or whatever doesn't mean you should actually run 4k 144hz, considering the price of the hardware there is no way it can do 4k 144hz at any reasonable settings or games besides pong.
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    Ayush007 reacted to JZStudios in LAST OF US 2 (WORTH IT OR NOT)   
    I think the story telling and pacing is really poorly done, there's lots of plot holes, the script is awful (Ellie and Co. talk like millennial California valley girls) and has a lot of very forced emotional manipulation, which only works if you're easily manipulated and gullible. There's also lot's of streamers and let's players that skipped the leaks and still hate it.
    What happens to a lead character doesn't exactly bother me. It's the only way the story could work. What bothers me is how bad the dialogue and how stupid the plot and characters are up to that point. And then the game does a bunch of flashbacks, so characters will reference things and you have no idea what they're talking about, or they'll mention something that happened hours before that you've already forgotten about. The ironic thing is that the story would actually be much better if they told it in a straight linear fashion, so maybe you'd get to care about these characters. There's also just... the initial cause for revenge is the death of a certain person, who's just a piece of shit. Just fucking awful, and it make it feel dumber. They also took the ambiguous ending of the first game, and threw it in the trash.
    It's hard to discuss why it's bad without spoilers. Let's just say I actually bought a PS4 for 6 games, 4 of which are on or coming to PC, and one I didn't like as much as the prequel, which is now on PC. The Last of Us 2 was my last reason to have bought a PS4, and I'm hugely disappointed. I may as well just sell my PS4 entirely at this point.
    Did you play the first game?
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    Ayush007 reacted to PyroTheWise in Best monitor for ps5 ( should I buy or not )   
    I would pair the PS5 with a HDR TV that supports 60fps.  The PS5 will not go higher than 60fps.  Using a 120/144hz monitor will be a waste because developers will assume you are playing on a TV.   The consoles are generally developed with the idea you are using a TV so I do not expect developers to be creating 144hz experiences on the PS5.   I expect them to restrict to 4k HDR 30fps usually with the occasional game at 60fps.
    However, this is just my opinion based on the years of gaming on a PS2, PS3, PS4.  
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    Ayush007 reacted to gloop in LAST OF US 2 (WORTH IT OR NOT)   
    I wouldn't recommend buying it, if you really want to know the story watch someone play through it.