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the crunchiumo

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    Custom built PC and tech in general
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    Student in singapore that loves tech
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  • CPU
    i9 9900K
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    16GB corsair vengeance pro rgb white
  • GPU
    Geforce RTX 2080 TI
  • Case
    Lian Li 011 dynamic
  • Storage
    500GB WD black NVME ssd 1TB samsung 860 evo SATA ssd
  • PSU
    corsair RM 750
  • Display(s)
    Acer XB280HK and XB270HU
  • Cooling
    Deepcool gamerstorm assassin CPU tower heatsink
  • Keyboard
    CM storm quickfire stealth cherry mx green
  • Mouse
    Glorious Model O
  • Sound
    Audioengine A5+ powered monitors
  • Operating System
    windows 10 home

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  1. how about some nice audio, headphones with a nice amp and dac if hes into that
  2. if a ramdrive is of use to you then it would be really nice and also running VMs with plenty of ram is also nice but you also need more cpu cores for that.
  3. maybe consider some of the korean panels. they are really inexpensive
  4. go for a different ssd. the ssd plus has really bad speeds. the pny cs1311 240gb is a great option. ive used it in multiple builds
  5. stick with the stock cooler and go with a wd blue 1tb. use the extra cash on a i5 6500 while youre at it
  6. go for the aoc qhd monitor its the best deal and a qhd panel is really awesome especially if you are already used to the 27" size. the higer res is awesome
  7. im pretty sure an lga 1150 socket board is either an 8 or 9 series chipset. for example the z87 or z97
  8. cryorig m9i its a really nice small tower cooler. will fit into almost any case and is very silent.
  9. both are the same mouse. sometimes they dont include all the details in the description
  10. no problem. as im unfamiliar with the types of tracks you listen to. a solid recommendation would be the audio technicas, the im02, im 50 and im 70. the newer series, e 50 and e 40 are also great options. if u want sennheiser, the cx 5 is really nice the momentums are also really great.
  11. okay thanks. any way to set it to line level on the green jack and let the speaker amp do the work? i know for a fact if using a dac you max the system volume to get the highest signal(not sure if right terminology) as windows does some funny stuff when u lower the volume in terms of sound quality. thanks. do you have a pair yourself ?
  12. that pc is nice but the 6700k and the d15 with a h110 board seems like a waste. would prefer to see a 6600k with a lesser cooler and a z170 board. that would be the better performer with an oc on the cpu.
  13. the zero audio carbo tenore is a excellent option. its available on amazon.