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    It's been too long
  • Birthday Aug 14, 1990

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    Australia, QLD
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  • CPU
    Intel core i7 5820k at 4.2ghz
  • Motherboard
    Msi x99s sli plus
  • RAM
    gskill ripjaws 4x4gb ram at 2400mhz
  • GPU
    gigabyte wind force gtx980 at 1500mhz
  • Case
    Corsair 780t red and black
  • Storage
    1tb seagte barracuda, crucial 256gb ssd
  • PSU
    corsair rm750
  • Display(s)
    samsung 28" 4k monitor
  • Cooling
    corsair h100i
  • Keyboard
    razer blackwidow chroma
  • Mouse
    Razer deathadder chroma
  • Sound
    astro a50's
  • Operating System
    windows 8.1
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  1. Thankyou so much!! It looks like I may have to break out the dremel
  2. Hey there LTT comunity, I recently had my CPU and mobo die (5820k and MSI x99s sli plus) and now I am going to purchase an 8700k and a Gigabyte Z370M D3H. Since I have to order these two new parts I decided to downscale from my Corsair 780t to a Corsair Air 240. Though I have a problem with measurements. I currently have a Gigabyte G1 gtx 980 which is 312mm long, and I'm wondering with 55mm (h100i) of radiator in the front of the case will it fit in, even if I have to dremel some of the pointless metal off the end of the card. So if someone could verify the
  3. Went to do that today with a mates one, but his power supply has a 28pin connector for the motherboard so I couldn't try it... I'll be getting another one to try tomorrow, thanks for the advice though.
  4. Hello all! So after coming home today I decided to sit down and play some games, until my pc didn't post at all. I look down and see that only some of the led's on my fan are on and some without led's were not spinning at all. So I decided to turn it on and off again to see if that fixed the issue. Then I realised more fan had turned off and my gpu fans were spinning at full speed and not slowing down. So I tried a couple more times with no prevail. I then removed the GPU to see if that was the issue, and still no fix. Though after removing the power supply I saw that there is some
  5. Hey everyone I'm currently working on a project in After Effects and keep getting this same error every time I try and render Any ideas? Thanks Zach
  6. He's already got one A game server sounds like a great idea, maybe as good as the collection of raspberry pis
  7. So after a long haul of shopping, i've almost finished all my Christmas shopping Though I have one friend left over to buy for and was hoping if you guys could help me decide what to get him. Now he's a very good friend of mine and I'd be happy to spend up to $500 on this gift for him. He basically already has everything from the latest smartphone, multiple smartwatches and $6.5k gaming setup so that crosses out a few things I was hoping that you guys might know of something groundbreaking or new in the tech world that would blow him away. Oh and that's 500 AUD T
  8. So recently I ordered myself an IPhone 7 plus, and it has finally shipped, it made it to Sydney but according to TNT its " Shipment Received At Transit Point" what does this mean? Does it mean it's on its way to my city? Thanks Zach
  9. Hey Linus community, Recently I have been making a Pokemon animation at school for an assignment. It's been going very well until now where I seem to be stuck. I have been trying to recreate (fig 1) but have failed many times and I was wondering if you guys had any tips on how I could animate this FIG 1 Thanks Zach
  10. I7 4790k gtx 970 msi z97 gaming 3 16gb ddsr3 ram
  11. Recently, me and a mate have been refilling his water cooling loop. He let it go to far previous to refilling it causing the cpu to overheat and crash the pc. When filling it up a small dot of distilled water was spilt on motherboard, but dried straight away. What at could cause the problem in the picture above?