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  1. So... the third law in the Three Laws of Robotics introduced by science fiction author Isaac Asimov in 1942? Also, the idea is already used in current AI's to some extent. Particularly a variant of machine learning where essentially AI's are generated at random, then the best is picked while the rest are deleted, the best is further mutated at random and the cycle repeats until a few thousand iterations later you have a pretty darn efficient AI which no one understands how they work, but they do. I'm basically summarizing this video, it's by CPG Grey, it's pretty good.
  2. Let me put it this way, Do you feel rage at overclocking competitions where ludicrous amount of voltage is being pumped into the tiny CPU, and told to run at breakneck speeds not once, but continuously on hours on end?
  3. Shouldn't be a problem, Cemu is incredibly well optimized now
  4. Modding is your friend Although currently the more mature and supported female mod is the Linkle mod:
  5. I don't think regular gaming will die anytime soon. Even if they massively improve the latency, there will always be some latency which is unacceptable for any games that requires fast reaction (especially in multiplayer games). There's also VR to think about. It's a growing market and I don't see Sony dropping PSVR anytime soon. Streaming 8k at 120hz with very low latency in the future sounds basically impossible. And as others have mentioned, not everyone have a great internet connection. I don't think Sony and MS will just give them the bird and drop physical consoles completely. I do think streaming has it's place and will live along side regular gaming nicely. Accessing console exclusive as a PC player, playing multiplayer with console friends, playing games at high graphics settings while using low end PC, and among other things. Hmm, why do you think it'll be detrimental to custom PC hardware industry? Personally I think there would either be no change or even faster advancement in hardware. If any average Joe can pay a few bucks to get access to streaming, gaming would be much more accessible, not limited to those that payed pretty pennies for a console or a PC. More accessible games means more players, which means increased compute cost. Streaming service would have to pay for more hardware to keep up with the compute demand. Increase demand for more and better performing hardware should drive hardware to advance faster. Then once the average Joe gets a taste of gaming and wants to explore further (zero latency gaming, VR, etc), they'll then go and purchase a console or PC. I'd saying streaming would only help the gaming industry grow more. As for the right to our software, we lost that long ago buddy. With steam, uplay, EGS, origin, and however more on PC, we've been purchasing a "right to access" the games for a while now. Console players have it worse, I still can't wrap my head around needing to pay every month to access online. So many games nowdays are multiplayer only (Overwatch, PUBG, Division 2, etc). The idea of paying for the game itself, then having to pay even more every month to play those games is mind boggling.
  6. In my opinion it didn't get lots of positive attention because people just didn't know what it was. In the most popular video demonstrating sets (with over 600k views) it didn't show the two things I'm excited for. Tabs in x86 application and file explorer. Literally several top youtube rated comment thinks this doesn't support file explorer... If they have shown sets in a different light, people may have actually embraced it and wanted it instead of being negative about it.
  7. Epic: *Makes an incredible successful game Prince Harry: Ban it. Epic: Mr Prince, there are much, MUCH bigger fish to fry. Be it gambling, smoking, alcohol, and drugs. Fortnite isn't tearing families apart, causing cancer, causing car accidents, or destroying lives. Quote: “more addictive than drugs and alcohol”. Oh please, friggin coffee is more addictive than a bunch of codes. Last I checked Fortnite doesn't cause withdrawal symptoms. (Even then, caffeine is arguably not an addictive.)
  8. I watched the video and read the article, basically boiled down to three things: 1.) Lack of leadership - Decisions not being made quickly enough. Unclear vision throughout most of the development. (e.g. Removing and re-adding the flight mechanic, not once, but multiple times throughout production) 2.) Using Frostbite engine - Engine wasn't designed for online looter shooter. Bioware had to write and rewrite a bunch of codes to get even the most basic things working (e.g. Save and load). Lots of bugs and hacks in the engine itself. To add even further, the original vision of the game (which was more of a dynamic survivor shooter, not looter shooter) was impossible to achieve with the frostbite engine. 3.) Resource mismanagement - EA allocated a lot of Frostbite engineers to work on FIFA instead of Anthem. Anthem developers that wanted to report a bug or have a question had to wait up to a week to get a response.
  9. Remember that neural network that trained on stylized artworks and could then stylize normal photos? Now all we need is for neural network to learn what combination objects and their placement constitutes as visually pleasing and we'll have a fully closed system which doesn't need further human input to spit out loads of generic artwork!
  10. I'd be interested if it came in 8tb. Dump my entire steam library, movies, other *cough movies, and just a bunch of other stuff without worrying about running out of space. Would using a separate 128gb ssd as cache have similar performance boost as a built in one?
  11. What control? Does Youtube have an automatic system which flags bad comments for creators to take actions on them (e.g. Hide automatically and wait for approval)? As far as I'm aware this system doesn't exist. The only viable control is outright disabling comments, reviewing every single comment individually to remove/report/hide is impossible for any big channels. All the changes do is screw over content creator by having their videos demonetized over comments they can't control, and commentors ability to maliciously abuse the system to get videos demonetized. Regular viewers lose as more channel chooses to disable comments, limiting our voice. Content creators loses as disabling comment section will likely drive viewers away. The only winners are trolls/haters for having a system they can abuse, and Youtube for getting more money by not having to pay creators and making the platform more attractive to advertiser. I'd say our reaction is justified.
  12. Given you're only using it for basic tasks outdoors, evaluate the battery life and weight. Given both batteries are old, online numbers of their battery life is probably wrong. Test and see which one lasts longer. See which one is more ergonomic to handle when out and about. Dell one looks to be smaller, personally I like smaller laptops when I'm out. Depends on you. Hardware wise the lenovo is much superior. But in my opinion, given this is strictly an outdoor basic task laptop, as long as your Dell fulfills your processing requirements, has (probably) better battery life, and a smaller form factor. I'd take the Dell. Again, assuming you're ok with the performance of the Dell (cause that is some pretty old specs).
  13. Reminds me I still got a FX 8350 build lying around I never managed to sell... Absolutely hated that CPU, had CPU bottleneck in majority of the games I played with a 290X. Sure there's a select few games under the most optimal condition the CPU bottleneck wasn't as bad, but practically you throw any random game at it and 80% of the time it'll bottleneck... I remember back then, whenever I want to try out a new game, the first couple of hours would be me fiddling the settings while monitoring CPU/GPU usage to see what settings can push the most usage towards GPU.
  14. I don't remember the titles being THAT bad though. I've since unsubscribed a few months ago. I completely agree with Rohith_Kumar_Sp, clickbait titles/thumbnails are fine, as long as I still know what the video is about. Not having the product name at all in the title/thumbnail is just stupid
  15. I'm getting a bit confused about the terminology used here, are RT cores and tensor cores different things? Is it correct to say Titan V has shader (cuda) + tensor cores; 2080 ti has shader + tensor + RT cores; with traditional cards (e.g. 1080 ti) only having shader cores?