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  1. There doesn't seem to be a way to to adjust a curve in that though. Just setting constant temperature, or adjusting starting/max temperature. Also, it reports 37c on the palm rest on idle, what are you guys getting?
  2. My brother recently bought a second hand 2014 15 inch Macbook Pro with 4980HQ and 750m. Everything runs great except he complains the wrist rest area behind the keyboard gets too warm under light use (browsing web, etc). I'm thinking of adjusting the curve so the fan will run a bit faster during light use. The only software I found sets a constant RPM, it can't adjust the curve. Does anyone know a software to adjust the curve?
  3. Flying car named "Blackfly" a game changer?

    Normally when I think of cars, I think of something with wheels, and can travel on land. This looks more like a flying boat. IMO, when personal flying vehicles becomes affordable and transport cost is economically viable, I think most, if not all, should be autonomous piloting like current self-driving cars. A few dozens meters up in the air, far below where commercial planes fly, will be filled with lanes for these personal flying vehicles. Lanes invisible to the human eye but used by the self-piloting ai. Current self-driving car AI have so much difficulty navigating land because our roads and traffic rules are built fundamentally for humans. If we build sky lanes and sky traffic rules with mainly self-piloting AI's in mind, I'd say the AI's would work much better and be far safer than the AI's for ground cars. In my ideal world, no one, even with extensive training, should be allowed to pilot in these sky lanes. If they want to fly, use the currently established sky area for commercial planes. In my opinion, a 100% AI controlled transport system, with some human overwatching it, should be far safer and reliable than our current car based transport system.
  4. I'm confused, how does this work? So these are new types of SD card sized chip that can plug in either via PCIE (to get really high speeds) and USB (or whatever our current SD card uses), is that correct?
  5. Really hope this doesn't deter or make it impossible for other games to implement similar systems as OW's POTG. I really like the idea of a highlight replay system and it'd be nice if we see them in more games to come.
  6. Soon you'll be able to charge your electric BMW wirelessly

    Forgive me for being uninformed, but if this is the case, why aren't phone chargers using magnetic resonance then?
  7. Oh it does work. The acceleration was so ungodly slow I couldn't tell it was moving. Had to hold the key down for several seconds before there was any movement. Changed it to max acceleration now, still slower than I'd like. Any idea how to get it faster than Fast acceleration?
  8. There's a software built into windows called Mouse Keys. It can be enabled under Ease of Access Center in the Control Panel. It allows control of the mouse cursor using keyboard numpads. When I used it, the keys that were supposed to move the cursor (e.g. 4 on the numpad to move the cursor to the left), does not work.
  9. Hey all! TIL you could control the mouse with the numpad with a built in software called Mouse Keys in windows. I tried using it but the mouse cursor wouldn't budge. Everything else (clicking, highlighting, selecting mouse click, disabling/enabling mouse key) works, except using 7,8,9,4,6,1,2,3 to move the mouse. Quick google showed no results. Anyone have any idea? EDIT: I'm using Windows 10 64 bit Thank you!
  10. Pubg sues fortnite

    Well I'll be damned...
  11. Pubg sues fortnite

    Reading around comment sections of articles, threads, other forums, I'm genuinely shocked people are siding with PUBG... Games takes inspirations from one another, certain mechanics from one another, ideas, themes, and so on. So much variety has been done at this point every "new" game is simply a mix of elements from several other games. Developers can design a mechanic which has been made in another older game without even realizing it! Unless fortnite is literally ripping models, textures, names, sounds etc off PUBG. Bluehole got no ground to stand on. Fortnite is similar to PUBG yes, but so is unreal to quake, mario to sonic, contra to metal slug, street fighter to tekken to mortal kombat, need for speed to asphalt, command and conquer to starcraft, DOTA to league of legends, you get the idea. This is simply the nature of games, if there's a popular game, there will undoubtedly be more games created which are similar to the "original". It's as if a pop music artist can sue another pop music artist just cause the song has a singer, drum, guitar and so on.
  12. Pubg sues fortnite

    This is hilarious! PUBG Corp should start selling salt, they seem to be producing metric tons of them
  13. What is the cheapest site who sells windows 10 activation keys?

    Search Windows 10 Pro OEM on ebay. There's almost always at least one seller selling it for under 4 euros, or at least dirt cheap. Find one being sold by a seller with good positive feedback. I've bought 2 so far and both worked. You pay them and they email you the key within minutes. I've read somewhere the key's don't stick to your board though. As in once you use it, and you reinstall OS, you'll need a new key. (I haven't had the need to reinstall, so I have no idea) I recommend using these key to activate W10 after you've installed it as trial. (As in, skip the enter key step when installing W10). I wasted a key by validating it during the installing step, but W10 asked for a key again when I was in windows, and when I entered the same key, it said it was used...
  14. Outraged by the implementation of Women in Battlefield 5

    I'm part of the people that are just disappointed by the trailer in general. There being a women is the least of my concern. The trailer was just a jumble of mess. There was no iconic music to build up tension (present in basically all previous battlefield trailers), it was incoherent, and gave us zero gameplay footage. What's worse was they tried to use cinematic scenes with an HUD overlayed as if it was in-game gameplay. What on earth were they thinking...
  15. ASUS Killing AREZ brand? ROG is Back? *UPDATED ARTICLE*

    Asus! Paint those already produced AREZ cards in gold and sell them as limited edition cards! Get those supplies gone and make some money back in the meantime.