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    Tech, electronics, motorsports, cycling


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    i5-8600k @4.7GHz (1.110V)
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    Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X
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    2x8GB Corsair LPX @3600MHz
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    Corsair Carbide 275R White
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    Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB, Samsung 850 EVO 500GB
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    Corsair RM750x White
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    AOC G2590PX, AOC G2460VQ6
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    NZXT Kraken X62 Rev. 2
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    HyperX Alloy FPS Pro
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    Steelseries Sensei Ten
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    Creative Sound BlasterX G1
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit
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  1. It really depends on what you need it for. FPS games will definitely be better on a tn panes as colours are not important there. In order to get an IPS that's as fast and responsive as a medium range TN you'd be looking to spend around twice as much. I do also have a 1440p ips panel but it doesn't even compare in gaming and honestly the worse colours are not very noticable in fast paced games
  2. Shouldn't be too bad especially considering that you want to upgrade the cpu as well in the short future. The lower the resolution the bigger the bottleneck will be.
  3. I use medium override and never experienced any ghosting, it's really difficult to find something to complain about with this monitor
  4. I'm currently using the AOC G2590PX, it cost me about 230 euro half a year ago and has a fully adjustable stand (mostly metal and high quality), 24.5", 1ms respomse, 144Hz, and is fully g-sync compatible. The only downside to it is that the colours are not super accurate but actually still better than most of the gaming monitors at this price point.
  5. Thanks for the info, but now that I saw the Kraken X62 my "spending money which I don't have" addiction is starting to kick in again
  6. So I was thinking of getting an AIO for my pc, not because I need it but rather because I want it for the cleaner aesthetics. I currently have the Dark Rock Pro 4 and it's perfectly fine but it also is very big and takes up most of the motherboard area. Is this AIO good and comparable with the likes of H100i Pro and other ones in the higher price category or are the more expensive ones more expensive because they look better and have RGB? The H100x is 80 euro while H100i Pro is 110 euro and more even more for the RGB fan versions.
  7. The Pro would be even better but also pretty overkill for your cpu. Both of them come with AM4 mounting brackets. From Dark Rock 4 compatibility list: LGA 1150 (Socket H3), LGA 1151 (Socket H4), LGA 1155 (Socket H2), LGA 1156 (Socket H), LGA 1366 (Socket B), LGA 2011 (Socket R), LGA 2011-v3 (Socket R), LGA 2066, Buchse AM2, Buchse AM2+, Buchse AM3, Socket AM3+, Socket AM4, Socket FM1, Socket FM2, Socket FM2+
  8. be quiet! Dark Rock 4, looks better than any other air cooler and the performance is top notch for the price.
  9. So I wanted to find out about this and couldn't find anything on the internet. I currently have an ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1070 and EVGA GTX 980 Ti Hybrid on my hands and I'm wondering if I will be able to run them in SLI and make it work. I'm just concerned about whether they'll work together or not and as far as I know the 900 series isn't compatible with FreeSync but will I be able to use my G-Sync compatible monitor if I connect it to the 1070? I have a Gigabyte z390 Gaming X mobo (not sure if it supports SLI either)
  10. Hello, a few days ago I've seen an interesting video from Optimum Tech on YT in which he buys cable sleeves and puts them on his existing PSU cables (link below). Because I really don't like how the default cables look and the fact that there's two doubled PCIe cables I decided to try that myself but I'm not sure on what colours I should go with, I could just go all white but was also thinking to add some black/grey/silver accents (not all of them of course). Maybe someone here has a similar build and would be willing to advise me on that will look best. The pink LEDs are not permanent, I just like the look of it. Video : And here's a picture of my PC
  11. You can just turn over the fans so instead of pushing the air through they will pull it through the radiator
  12. Most mid-tower cases only allow you to mount the radiator in the front especially if you have a beefy mobo (with vrm heatsinks and big covers). I'd suggest adding a fan to the back and running it as an intake along with the two top fans and then leave radiator fans as exhaust. This will probably give you the most optimal temps but there's gonna be two big cons. 1) Your GPU will produce a lot of heat and dump it into the case which will then go through the radiator and raise the temps 2) Dust... you have a filter on the top but not the back so the dust will gather up quicker than usual. You could just go with 2 fans at the top but then you will be starving the GPU for air and it will pull it from the PCI slot covers (I had that problem in the past) which will also bring in dust. I had a similar setup in the past and what worked for me was having the front as intake, one fan at the top as intake (the one closer to radiator) and a single outtake fan at the back. The heat form the radiator shouldn't be too bad and hopefully with an extra fan at the top the inside of the case will stay relatively cool (all things considered). EDIT: There always is an option of good ol' hacking through the case to mount the radiator outside
  13. Corsair RM650x is a tier 1 PSU with the straight power 11 and seasonic prime not far behind it, in my opinion it doesn't really get much better than the corsair RMx series, I had 2 different ones so far and had no problems whatsoever apart from having to upgrade the RM550x to RM750x White due to my system needing more power (and extra points in cosmetics ofc)