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  1. When lowering the quality from Ultra to Low, if the FPS doesn't change(or barely change) it is probably either a CPU limitation, or a game engine/code limitation. Ryzen 3000 and earlier aren't exactly that good for high frame rate in many games, so that is a possibility, but at the same time I've never seen someone getting stable high FPS at Black Desert, so maybe the game simply can't really go much higher, or maybe a bit of both. Simply turn up the settings and enjoy the much better looking game with the same performance. If you want to try something to get higher FPS you should
  2. Got one after trying for 30 min and failing at launch, and another 5 minutes few hours later, probably after the shop removed bot made orders. I simply had the stock notification site open refreshing automatically every minute or so.
  3. The games I play on my phone require to touch the middle of the screen all the time, as they're mostly rhythm games which use the Guitar Hero/Rock Band style lanes. Also because the content I watch on my phone is 16:9 so the taller screens from modern phones don't help there and applications that I use often have the menu on top or bottom of the screen which becomes annoying to use when I need to change the way I hold the phone all the time. So for me a bigger screen isn't that nice when it comes to usability(small hand issues). The iPhone size is good but it doesn't fit half of the requi
  4. This phone would be perfect for me hardware-wise if it had a microSD slot(less important if there are high capacity options, but still nice to have) and more importantly if it was shorter, what's the reason to have a bigger screen if can't reach it most of the time after all(top of the screen at portrait, middle at landscape). Unfortunately for me there is no real upgrade from my current phone(Sony Xperia XZ1) that fits my requirements(headphone jack, frontal speakers, 256GB+, and 15cm or shorter.). Also what does these companies have against rectangles? Basically everything in the
  5. If you overclock the i5 the difference disappears, and if you want to get the best gaming performance overclocking is a must on most Intel CPUs.
  6. No, the lane number doesn't change, the speed of each does.
  7. Check the motherboard manual to see what that led means, or check if there's any text by the led that might say what it means.
  8. Apparently the 5700XT and Radeon VII are still better when you consider price and power consumption.
  9. We don't know neither price(of the 3060) or performance of the new GPUs, how would someone be able to say which have the best FPS/$?
  10. I will just buy what is the best for my use case regardless of brand, if both have similar offerings for the same price I would favor AMD. Realistically, my next CPU is probably going to be AMD, because i would like a nice efficient 16 core CPU hopefully for $350 or so in the next few years and at this point Intel seems pretty far away from being able to realize that, while on AMD side they already got the CPU, just need to drop the price.
  11. It was better than DLSS 1.0 (Battlefield, Metro and some others), because DLSS was worse than a simple upscale, the sharpening was a nice bonus to take some of the blurry look away from the traditional upscale. DLSS 2.0(Control, Death Stranding, Wolfenstein: Youngblood) is straight up better than the native image quality in some cases, which is literally impossible with the traditional upscaling methods, while often looking really good even when it isn't as good as native, naturally it does have issues like trails behind some moving objects in Death Stranding, visual artifacts in certain situa
  12. It might actually put less hot air in the case than usual non-blower coolers, as the heatsink on the GPU side seems to be made to exhaust part of the air directly out of the case, using the slot in similar way as blower coolers.
  13. We now have the measurements of the cooler, if we know how big it should be there's no trick to be made. From the TPU Preview:
  14. At least in Control, according to Digital Foundry tests, there is no difference in the performance hit caused by RT between the 2080 and 3080, the performance difference stayed the same regardless of RT being on or off. Naturally there are no tests on other games, so that doesn't confirm it, but there's no proper confirmation that the RT performance hit will be lower/won't be there for the new GPUs.
  15. At lower resolutions it is: At 4k the difference goes almost to 40% though, but based on the specs on the 3070 it will probably be better for lower resolutions, and I assume Nvidia would base their marketing at the resolution it looks the best.