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  1. You don't need to compare to Steam, Epic is lacking basic features that Origin, Uplay and GOG had within 1 year after release, if not from launch. The fact Epic can't match those even when using that much money and in over 2 years from release is laughable. Also Epic is not trying to compete, they're trying to establish a monopoly. Epic is literally acting more like a monopoly than Steam ever did. WTF, a DRM that isn't complete shit like what was getting popular isn't innovative, but exclusivity deals are? People didn't like it, but the alternative was going the way of rid
  2. You aren't buying through Steam, you're buying it through GMG, HumbleBundle or any other site, and then using it on Steam, in other words, the sale isn't going through them but the use of the product goes through Steam. In this case they become the provider and not the seller. The MS analogy doesn't work here, as Steam doesn't profit directly from sold keys, they profit from having more users on the platform. The keys on Steam require no fee to be generated, and they obviously can't track where and for how much the key was sold, so they can't take the usual 30% cut there, and by the fact
  3. That's 100% the publishers fault, Steam have nothing to do with where publishers/devs sell their games. But even in that case the keys system at least makes the market not limited to buying through Steam, but limited to downloading/playing through it, not ideal but at that point Valve can't really do anything more, unless you want Valve to force publishers to put their games elsewhere.
  4. Last time I saw prices didn't drop when PC games went from physical to digital, and that was a bigger difference than this would be, plus games on EGS aren't cheaper, including exclusives that wouldn't be limited by any deal with Valve. Apparently GOG barely breaks even on a 30% cut, so GOG would probably be the first one to go down if there ever was a price decrease based on the cut the store takes. Also it's amazing how the best alternative to Steam is the client of the store that most publishers don't want to sell at because they can't add DRMs when selling games on it.
  5. Wasn't the rules regarding Steam keys thing done because there was abuse going on? I thought they had no special rules for that but it started getting abused so they implemented those rules, but maybe I'm wrong.
  6. If you check Nijisanji you can find a lot of male Vtubers. Females are still majority though.
  7. Maybe they made the model before deciding to have a employee do the voice? Possibly the initial idea was to just get a (semi-)professional VA to do it, but they ended up changing the plans. There is a difference between intentional and unintentional disconnection between appearance and voice, I don't think this here was intentional. And I personally think Tamaki voices fits pretty well when considering the character settings.
  8. The issue here is the fact that the seller can revoke your access to the medium whenever they want without even having to explain the reason why they want to do it. If someone loses access to their account because they lost the password/email that's their issue, but the company blocking it is another completely different issue. That would be like if the Blu-ray publisher could remotely break the disks if they decided you did something wrong.
  9. Probably he wants to not get locked out everything he bought, even if he couldn't buy new things. Using the IKEA example, that's like if you get banned from IKEA for doing something stupid, but they also come to your house and get everything you have ever bought back. It's stupid and shouldn't be a thing. It doesn't matter why the account got terminated.
  10. I don't think I would have that many issues with pen tablets, as I did use one for some time in the past, a Aiptek 14000u that I got for cheap almost 10 years ago, I did make lots mistakes due to the "disconnection" between the movement and drawing when using it, but that might be mitigated a bit by lower latency and better tracking. The reviews issue is pretty much all over the tech industry, so I'm kinda used to it, I usually check reviews and keep the negative points of each to consider chronic/common issues, like for example in this case: Driver issues, QC issues, pen nibs not
  11. I'm trying to decide between getting a cheap pen tablet with a decent size or a cheap display tablet, the options at the moment would be the following: Pen tablet: XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 - € 60 Huion HS610 - € 60 Display tablet: Huion Kamvas 12 / 13 - € 230 / 260 XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro / 13.3 - € 210 / 250(on sale currently) For me the biggest advantage of the ones with display would be the possibility of using them as portable monitors, as I don't draw that often and having the tablet just sitting there might not be the best option, but
  12. When lowering the quality from Ultra to Low, if the FPS doesn't change(or barely change) it is probably either a CPU limitation, or a game engine/code limitation. Ryzen 3000 and earlier aren't exactly that good for high frame rate in many games, so that is a possibility, but at the same time I've never seen someone getting stable high FPS at Black Desert, so maybe the game simply can't really go much higher, or maybe a bit of both. Simply turn up the settings and enjoy the much better looking game with the same performance. If you want to try something to get higher FPS you should
  13. Got one after trying for 30 min and failing at launch, and another 5 minutes few hours later, probably after the shop removed bot made orders. I simply had the stock notification site open refreshing automatically every minute or so.
  14. The games I play on my phone require to touch the middle of the screen all the time, as they're mostly rhythm games which use the Guitar Hero/Rock Band style lanes. Also because the content I watch on my phone is 16:9 so the taller screens from modern phones don't help there and applications that I use often have the menu on top or bottom of the screen which becomes annoying to use when I need to change the way I hold the phone all the time. So for me a bigger screen isn't that nice when it comes to usability(small hand issues). The iPhone size is good but it doesn't fit half of the requi