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  1. While the Fairphone is bulky, phones didn't really get any smaller/lighter than when they were more repairable. Most phones from 2015 or so are about the same size and weight as current "small" phones. Samsung Galaxy S5 had IP67, which while lower than many modern phones, should be more than enough to protect against most water accidents, and certainly more than enough to protect against a small amount of water.
  2. Designing around stupid requests while keeping the features should be the company job though. For example something like the LG G5, even though it had a metal unibody it managed around the limitations by doing a completely different way of making its battery swappable, it wasn't water-resistant but that could likely also have been worked around in some way. For anyone wants to see how easy the battery swap is on the LG G5.
  3. If you're playing Pavlov on maximum settings, I don't think you're getting over 144fps constantly, likely somewhere between 60 and 100fps average depending on the map, at least the GPU would be getting that, if the CPU is the limiting factor then it might not even reach the 100fps average.
  4. How many frames are you getting in the games you've tried? I doubt that CPU is going to be good enough for high refresh rate in many games, but I don't really know how heavy VR titles are on the CPU.
  5. Sony did it for the PS4 Pro and PS5. Makes sense for Valve to give some attention to this, as many that bought the system want to manually upgrade the SSD.
  6. Then it should be properly enforced...? If rules don't exist, they should be made. If rules exist, but aren't enforced, they should be properly enforced. Regardless if it's for TV, Internet or whatever else. I didn't mention anything of how well it's done, only that it's done, as the point I was trying to make is that TV already have rules in place in many countries, I don't know if they are actually enforced as that becomes a lot more specific and hard to know than just the existence of the rules, and it isn't important for the point I was making. Just to support what I think shou
  7. Because in many cases it's already done. In many countries there are plenty of laws that apply strict regulations on these things to TV, the thing here is to also apply some to Youtube. Also I'm pretty sure most wouldn't be against similar rules to apply to all type of media in case their country doesn't already have it.
  8. They killed Edge, in favor of the Chromium Edge, Edge have been the default since 2016. The original edge was at ~4.5% market share for quite some time, the chromium version is already at almost 9%.
  9. That is $200 more than what it should cost, and double what it was released for 5 years ago. It literally performs within 10% of the 960. VRR isn't magic, it only will avoid screen tearing by matching the monitor refresh rate to the framerate.
  10. Unless you can get it for basically free, you shouldn't get the 1050Ti, VRR is great but it isn't worth buying a new GPU that isn't going to bring any significant performance increase for it. Save money for a newer GPU from the RTX3000 series from Nvidia or RX6000 series from AMD.
  11. I have no issues with scaling at my TV(225%) or my monitor (125%), neither have issues with Freesync that aren't present on Windows. Video playback is the same as Windows for me, multiple monitors with different scaling isn't that great, Windows is better there, but it's not like you can't make it work, issues with blurry things are common on Windows, while Linux the more common is to not scale the window at all, but both happen to either once in a while. No issues with Vsync after I set it up. ProtonDB you should consider that not everyone will have issues, one person might have t
  12. The sticks move the camera based on their position, if they are touching the "walls" that's 100%, if they're in the center it's 0. When the sticks are as close to the center as possible while accepting the input, if it's too fast then you should try lowering the sensitivity settings, similar to the ones in the image below in the games you play. If you want to change the way the stick works in a more advanced way, like for example the difference in speed between the maximum and minimum speed, I believe that would require some third party software that allows for that type of m
  13. If I understand what you're saying correctly, you should fix that using software, usually in horizontal sensitivity or something similar in the game settings, or by using some software that allows to change sensitivity or maybe the deadzone to your needs. If you mean you want for the hardware stick to become harder to move, i don't think you can do that normally, but probably it's possible to mod it.
  14. For that price you should be able to get a i5-1135G7 or Ryzen 7 5700U or possibly even the i7-1165G7 on the higher end of the budget. For these three CPUs, in single core(likely the more important to you) it's kinda like this: Ryzen 5700U is ~5% slower than the i5 which is ~10% slower than the i7, that is at 25W, at 15W the i7 performs about the same as the i5 in single core loads, in multi core the Ryzen is about 100% faster than both Intel options at 15W, and about 70% faster at 25W. Link to AMD options: https://geizhals.de/?cat=nb&xf=12_8192~14265_U~2991_480~6751_26~676
  15. Considering the speed Edge have been gaining market share, I would say it's a problem. They doubled their market share in a year, which likely not by coincidence was one year that Microsoft was more aggressive pushing Edge, including the forced install of the new version, having fullscreen ads asking to make Edge the default and pinning it to the taskbar by itself. I'm sure the chromium version didn't increase the market share only due to that, as there are people that actually like it, but I doubt Microsoft pushing it didn't have a significant effect. And regardless of market share this