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  1. FinnegansWake

    Borderlands 3 likely an Epic exclusive

    I don't like having many apps as well. Battle net somehow grew on me, but it's doesn't even come close comparing to what steam offers. Another point is I think steam is better or smaller devs that want to get publicity, game recommendations that are offered to be based on what I play do offer games that I wouldn't find anywhere by myself.
  2. FinnegansWake

    Can I use a VPN to balance latency between game clients?

    And check on which US server the ping is best, ~10ms should be totally fine. https://www.speedtest.net/
  3. FinnegansWake

    Can I use a VPN to balance latency between game clients?

    Interesting question. Borderlands use p2p for multiplayer so connecting to the same server maybe could straighten out the latency for both users. Right now if your're connecting to your AU buddy you get a response later than him, while connected to the same server theoretically should give the same response time. I'm using Surfshark, they have 30d. money back guarantee if it doesn't help at least you'll get to try VPN for free for a month :D. Other VPNs that are said to give good speeds are ExpressVPN and IvacyVPN. P.S. You don't need to connect to the server in between the countries, just connect to the same US server, it's closer to you and to AU.
  4. Priceless But gotta admit this sounds more reasonable than a DDOS attack on fing Facebook.
  5. FinnegansWake

    VPN, but google knows?!

    Try cleaning up the cookies/cashe and then double check if it still shows your exact location. If you're signed into google then this information can be stored on their side and you gotta log out.
  6. FinnegansWake

    PIAs prices are going up, what's a good alternative?

    I asked kind of the same question and got lots of good advises. You can check the topic here. I'm using Surfshark it goes as low as 1.99$/MO for a two year plan. Has an Android app and I googled if they work with FireTV, according to their webpage it does, I haven't tried personally though. Overall I'm happy with the service.
  7. FinnegansWake

    What free games do you play?

    Path of exile Heartstone Played Gwent for a while but somehow didn't stuck to it.
  8. FinnegansWake

    Interview with Hyperion Gray about Dark Web

    Tristerin, that's Trotsky in you avatar, right? I Haven't read him unfortunately. From contemporary left I read Hardt and Negri, their work Empire IMHO is a brilliant critique of capitalism, but I just don't buy their later works where they glorify the resistance of the multitudes, from what I can see multitudes are just as likely to submit to capitalism and consumerism. Any other authors you would recommend? And correct me if I'm wrong, from the discussion I formed an opinion you're a left-leaning person. And what's your take on VPNs? Since this technology enables (if done properly logless) communication that can't be monitored by oppressive governments can we consider it as a revolutionary tool? Lots of VPNs, like Surfshark that I'm using, or ExpressVPN, are stating that privacy protection and anonymity are their main goals. Both of these aspects go against authoritarian regimes.
  9. FinnegansWake

    Interview with Hyperion Gray about Dark Web

    Minority Report, enjoyed that movie, one of the few where Tom Cruise didn't annoy me. Regarding guns, - true. I'm not a fan of arming up a population but modern history is kind of written in revolutionary blood. But not straying far from the topic I think the same logic applies to internet censorship. Just look at countries where VPNs are illegal, they all have dictatorship tendencies. And the usual argument is for the safety of all, we need to control the masses from the dangers outside or inside. Pol Pots Cambodgia took it to the extreme, seeing enemies within the society (people were executed for wearing glasses...) thus protecting people from...themselves. And fear is a strong weapon. Isn't this the classical Trump discourse? Every foreigner is out there to destroy American sovereignty, and under his administration net neutrality is under attack, journalists are being monitored almost out in the open. From this point of view I can imagine Dark Web and VPN technologies as progressive tools to resist oppressive tendencies.
  10. I've read this interview with Hyperion Gray about Dark Web and found it an interesting topic. As stated "The “dark web” didn’t create criminality, so treating crimes at this level can only be so effective. I’m not a criminal justice expert so I won’t comment too much more on this, except to say that I personally favor preventive over reactive approaches to reducing criminality." It does make sense but is it really true? We can say that guns themselves don't create criminality but they sure do help a lot to commit a crime... I've done some reading about critique of violence by Slavoj Zizek and in his book "Violence" (2008) he argues that violence should not be interpreted only as a personal act, there are structures and material products that enable violent acts. Another read is Marshall McLuhan "Understanding media" where he argues that the invention of radio enabled XX century ideologies to be spread with ease thus enabling dictatorships. I haven't been on a Dark Web even once so I don't know how much of its content is illegal. Maybe there are more experienced people here who have used TOR and can say: is Dark Web evil or is it means to further secure ones privacy? Or is it something entirely different and I fail to understand the concept of Dark Web. Sorry for the philosophical approach!
  11. FinnegansWake

    Game Suggestion

    Try Anno series, 1404 with Venice expansion is considered an absolute strategic building classics. Everyone is looking forwards to Anno 1800, TBH it looks stunning and might be a very good game, will released after one month.
  12. FinnegansWake

    Good logless budget VPN providers?

    Thank you all for advises, over the weekend I read reviews on VPNs mentioned in this thread and basically Surfshark has enough positive vibes to compete with old players so I decided to give it a shot. 191x7, I read that being located in 5, 9, 14 eyes countries is a disadvantage for most VPNs, I didn't want to pick one located there and smart commentators here pointed that out as well. I did choose Surfshark and it's located in the British Virgin Islands, when I bought it I used their Valentines day deal, which is still active in case you need it, but I'd recommend making your own opinion after reading about various VPNs. If you don't use it a lot Surfsharks deal is 1.99$/MO so one of the cheaper options out there.
  13. FinnegansWake

    Is DDoS attacks a way of brute force hacking

    What I recall from my studies Brute Force is a method to solve specific algorithm problems. It can be used in hacking for example trying to obtain passwords, you write an algorithm that tries various combinations until it hits the right one. But this is very easily countered. In programming from other people experience it can be used when you're not sure what solution to your problem is valid so you write a piece of code that tries different solutions until it gets the correct one and then proceeds. Correct if I'm wrong please this is an interesting topic.
  14. FinnegansWake

    Good logless budget VPN providers?

    Thanks a lot for your recommendations, I see all of them have money back guarantees so I will compare them to Surfshark over the weekend and see what's what. I use Ookla speed test and https://ipleak.org to check for leaks, are these OK or should I use some other pages? Will take a look at UX/UI too.
  15. FinnegansWake

    Good logless budget VPN providers?

    I've read about 5, 9,14 eyes countries and would like a VPN that is located outside of them. I see ExpressVPN and Surfshark both are based in the British Virgin Islands which is a plus IMHO. Plus both of them went through audits to test their extension security. https://cure53.de/pentest-report_expressvpn.pdf https://cure53.de/pentest-report_surfshark.pdf Both reports are positive yet it looks like Surfshark had fewer issues and ExpressVPN sadly is out of my pay league. Origami Cactus, thank you for links to review sites, I'll read through them.