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  1. CookieSmasherGus

    UKs Porn Pass law has just passed, will go into affect in July

    God, imagine brits trying to buy a license for porn. Just beyond uncomfortable "Ummm yes good evening sir I would like to purchase a licence for... Viewing saucy videos."
  2. CookieSmasherGus

    What song are you listening to right now.

    It's super weird sometimes but I really dig it and I just can't explain why
  3. CookieSmasherGus

    Nord VPN vs PIA 3 vs 2 years

    I have tried out both and honestly I noticed very little difference in terms of performance, both work, change the ip and location, don't leak and work with whatever streaming service or other geo restricted content I'm trying to reach. In the end I went with Nordvpn simply because they are based in Panama and are not obligated to keep logs about their users while PIA is in the USA although they also claim to keep no logs. It's a tricky situation and hard to verify. Of course price also had some influence.
  4. CookieSmasherGus

    Why are you a computer enthusiast?

    I was really into gaming since I was a kid and occasionally things go wrong so you really have to learn your way around computers when you spend so much time around them. As I grew older tech also evolved and various sci fi form of entertainment made it sound really fascinating and influential on our everyday lives so naturally my interest never went away because I felt that tech will effect everything in a major or minor way.
  5. CookieSmasherGus

    new games

    I really like warframe on steam, I keep playing it on and off and it keeps getting updated so sometimes it feels like a new game even though I'm playing the same one. Graphics are amazing if you want to push your pc to the limit. I play it to chill out in pve and co-op so if you want pvp I really don't have much to recommend except maybe Overwatch.
  6. CookieSmasherGus

    Looking for a Novel to Read

    I really enjoyed "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep". When I started reading I didn't even know that a movie based on the book exists, I just knew that it's one of those classics that sci fi fans should read. It was really easy to read and didn't feel too long and it is a tad bit different from the movie (the movie isn't called like the book and it's possible you've already seen it).
  7. CookieSmasherGus

    should gamers know how to code

    Programming is not for everyone, you can't just mash the keyboard a bit and expect results. Hell, some of the best programmers that I know don't even play video games because they're too busy working - either on side projects or just their regular 9 to 5. Making games also isn't easy, so if gamers get into coding it's usually to make a game but then you won't have much time for other games. At least that's my experience
  8. CookieSmasherGus

    What is Linus' actual revenue?

    Nice, thanks for the replies, that video especially was very informative
  9. CookieSmasherGus

    What is Linus' actual revenue?

    Hey y'all. So do any of you ever wonder how much money Linus makes? Because I just noticed this article (https://tipsfromgeeks.com/guides/how-much-does-linus-tech-tips-make/) where someone is trying to speculate how much he could be making. Seems reasonable, though I'm not a youtuber myself. What do you guys think?
  10. CookieSmasherGus

    How to convince parents to let me buy myself a computer

    You should emphasize the gaming part WAY less and instead focus on how a pc could help you stay in touch with your classmates, do research for school projects and keep up with various tech news. You could try getting into some tech hobby like programming or 3d modelling/printing because you really need a pc for that. Also building your own pc from your own money is a great learning experience in self-reliance, financial responsibility and general tech know-how.
  11. CookieSmasherGus

    Steam game suggestions

    Warframe is pretty cool although its a third person shooter and not an fps, but I like it because I can shoot armies of npcs and that's like really cool. You can play solo or with other people. There is pvp but I don't do it, I play other games for that like Overwatch.
  12. CookieSmasherGus

    EU Vote in Favour of Article 13

    Well we still have like two years of regular internet, perhaps in the meantime we'll see how websites will implement this directive.
  13. CookieSmasherGus

    Good news from NASA

    And SpaceX too, I'm sure Elon would totally be on board with this
  14. CookieSmasherGus

    Which VPN should I choose?

    I went with NordVPN cuz I saw them sponsoring a bunch of youtubers I like (not LTT unfortunately but they have PIA at least). Seems good to me, no noticeable speed decrease on browsing or downloading and now with article 13 passing I'm going to need it even more to get to my memes or whatever. It's gonna be interesting to see how this changes the landscape of the internet, but so far a lot of people are saying that this still won't go into effect for a couple of years
  15. CookieSmasherGus

    F In Chat for Europe

    I think we're gonna have a renaissance of classical art memes. F