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  1. I used a VPN on a router to change my IP address for all devices connected to it, I first checked my IP address per instructions, then set up a VPN and manually double checked IP addresses if they were indeed changed.
  2. Source: https://www.darkreading.com/nordlocker-invites-ethical-hackers-to-crack-encrypted-locker-worth-$10000/d/d-id/1337631?_mc=rss_x_drr_edt_aud_dr_x_x-rss-simple It's cool to see tech companies take security seriously while also being open about it. Now, I'm no hacker myself, but I'm not sure if $10k is enough for someone to try and find some flaws in closed source software and also decipher the data inside. Still though, I'm curious to see how this will pan out.
  3. This is cool, but it won't stop me from using adblock, the reputation of ads is beyond saving at this point. And many sites that I do visit have things like sponsored content that isn't blocked by software. I can live with that because they're less intrusive and also not malware.
  4. Looks like I need a Pitta mask when spring comes around, pollen allergies are killing me and I really need an excuse to start dressing in cyberpunk fashion.
  5. None taken. And if you get better productivity from using a Mac then go for it, it all depends on your priorities. I personally feel more productive on a more familiar platform (Windows) while the appeal of Linux is the fact that it's free and customizable.
  6. This is why I never buy games as soon as they release, always gotta wait and see, maybe wait for some discounts. There are plenty of games to choose from and there's very little reason to get this hyped for anything. Have to stay cool and not rush into buying. And no pre-purchasing.
  7. I'd stay with Windows or go to Linux for some novelty. And I don't really like Apple as a company so I wouldn't use Mac.
  8. It's fine. I'm much rather in the mood to play games when it's chilly out like in autumn, rather than spring, so this delay is kind of a win. And if helps to avoid crunch time for the developers then it's a double win.
  9. I'd be ok with that. Recently I've been watching more of Tech Linked (which doesn't have that much Linus anyway) instead of the main channel so I'd barely even notice that he's gone. It's kind of funny - Pewdiepie is also taking a break this year. Perhaps more big time youtubers are deciding to take breaks for the new decade and to ponder their options.
  10. Lots of indie games with the boys like Terraria, Stardew Valley and Minecraft. Most played game is Warframe, though I kind of stopped this decade, needed something fresh. I know it got an update, but I don't want to get sucked in again.
  11. At the moment it's SWTOR and Warframe. There's just something appealing about space exploration, shooting bad aliens and living in some crazy bizarre galaxy filled with all sorts of weird extra terrestrials.
  12. When you have a great weekend but have to go back to your regular mundane life on Monday.
  13. Have not been feeling very optimistic lately about our future.
  14. My brother still uses win 7 because he can't be bothered to get legitimate win10. Though I was also surprised when he mentioned that he's considering moving to Linux because it's free. I've considered that idea myself, but I'd like to try it out first somehow.