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  1. Have not been feeling very optimistic lately about our future.
  2. My brother still uses win 7 because he can't be bothered to get legitimate win10. Though I was also surprised when he mentioned that he's considering moving to Linux because it's free. I've considered that idea myself, but I'd like to try it out first somehow.
  3. I go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. A little bit of cardio to warm up, then some heavy lifting and calisthetics, some isolation exercises and then core exercises at the end. I'm very happy with it, been doing it for quite a few years as a way to get out more and away from the computer. Weight has stayed pretty much the same but I have noticed some gainz so all is very good. Diet is pretty much all over the place - sometimes I do intermittent fasting, sometimes I go hard on eggs, chicken, rice and oats to try and gain some extra muscle but I have a hard time shoveling so much food. Maybe I'm a hardgainer. I don't try to overthink it too much though - just less sugar, less alcohol and less processed food. More focus on making my own food with some meats, grains and veggies. People talk a lot how you should avoid carbs but I can't live like that - seems too depriving and I'm not that hardcore on the whole fitness thing. And there is a lot of conflicting information about fitness and health - some say fasting great, others say overall caloric intake is most important, carbs bad, carbs necessary because without it your body is under stress. It's a mess so I think it's best to just stick with what works for you individually because that's the important thing - the ability to do it consistently. Otherwise you'll start to hate it and be back to square one.
  4. Well, as you've already mentioned PoE is free to play so it's almost justified for them to push microtransactions in such a way and yeah it would be totally disastrous if that was also in D4. Which is why I think they won't do anything this ridiculous - Blizzard aren't some newbies in the gaming industry, they know what works and what doesn't (most of the time). D3 is paid and you can buy extra storage space with in game currency. And Overwatch is also paid but only the cosmetics are behind microtransactions (but it's with lootboxes so that's wrong in a different way). Anyway I just think that D4 won't be a huge deviation from their current formula of: make a solid but paid game, add some real currency cosmetics and make more characters and acts as DLC. It's not great, but at least it's better than paying a subscription
  5. Free vpns aren't great if your priority is security and privacy - they might giving out your data to make ends meet. Better to save up and pay for one - something like NordVPN, ExpressVPN ir even PIA. Best do your own research and figure out what works best for you. Not sure what to recommend for anti malware stuff though - usually common sense is enough - aka not downloading suspicious files, not giving out permission to various websites and not using random USB sticks found on the street. I use (have installed) Malwarebytes and it seems ok.
  6. Oh, I wasn't at Blizzcon so I didn't know that there's already gameplay of it or anything, just saw the trailer. My Bad! Yeah, I guess back in the day things were very different from now. But microtransactions are optional most of the time, some companies take it to the extreme and make games unplayable without them but I still have hope that Blizzard will not stoop so low. But who knows - they might be getting desperate.
  7. I've heard rumors (read on 4chan so might as well be bs) that D4 will be a third person action rpg akin to Dark Souls and the like. That might be a nice change. And I think that Blizzard has learned their lesson and definitely won't put a market like the one at the start of D3. Base game and expansions has always been their monetization method so I don't see why they would do it any differently and I assume that the microtransactions will be for cosmetics, mounts and other pointless stuff aka not pay to win. I do want to be excited for all things Blizzard but the banning of Blitzchung for pro Hong Kong sentiment kinda made me hesitant about them, haven't played anything from them recently. Dunno, won't be asking for refunds but I don't think I'll be buying anything either.
  8. Anyone remember voat.co? It was touted as a cool and freedom respecting alternative to Reddit. I checked it out a few times and it seemed like it was co-opted by the alt-right. Don't know how it looks right now because it seems that you have to have an account to see what's going on. Now I'm not saying that the same will happen with Mastodon, but it's a possibility if they're really going to be unmoderated like that. Personally I don't even use Twitter but I'm curious to see how this will unfold.
  9. The main things that could use an upgrade are the SSD/HDD combo, maybe a better graphics card. A new pc case because I'm using some old recycled one and though it does the job it's kind of shitty looking. And if I'll feel extra fancy perhaps a new monitor as well.
  10. Agreed, this whole event is being blown wayyyy out of proportion. I mean, it's just one server, no actual serious damage has been done. Considering how big NordVPN is this is a fairly minor incidend. And besides, it seems to have an ulterior motive - Tech Crunch is owned by Verizon and they released their own VPN some time ago (source https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20180807/08182440385/verizon-launched-vpn-without-bothering-to-write-real-privacy-policy.shtml) so it could just be some desperate attempt to make Nord seem unreliable to push their own service. It just feels like everyone is reading the headline, see the word "hacked" and then just lose their minds.
  11. I use Nord and it's definitely an improvement over the usual free vpn's I used in the past. It's compatible with a lot of different devices, works pretty consistently and the speeds are good. I agree that their marketing is a bit misleading and can be improved, but I can understand the desire to maximize sales in any way possible. Overall it's pretty good and worth a try.
  12. Technology is constantly pushing the boundaries and advancing in unforeseen ways. Sometimes it's scary or absurd, but overall it has improved our lives in amazing ways and I'm just excited to see how tech makes our lives a lot more interesting. But I do have to admit that I'm a bit weary of the environmental impact of this rapid advancement.
  13. I'm not sure what the situation with tech stuff is in South Africa but it's always cheaper to build a rig yourself