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  1. Ya unfortunatly the one computer is locked down pretty tight so trying to use any kind of software solution isnt gonna work and they will be sharing a monitor where I just have to change the input depending on the machine. But I just looked on amazon and I can buy a usb2.0 switcher so I could use that and just plug the dongle in for my current wireless keyboard/trackpad and then just hit the button on the switch to change. Not the cleanest solution but better than yanking the dongle out of one computer and plugging it into the next one every time I wanna do anything, plus I can run my printer through it so they can both print, seems like an acceptable solution
  2. Hey does anyone make an all in one keyboard/track pad combo that can be switch between 2 pcs by flipping a switch. Im envisioning maybe something that comes with 2 dongles that work off different frequencies so you put one dongle in each pc and just flip a switch on the keyboard to change which device youre operating. Or do you know of something similar?
  3. Literally as long as I can display like 3-4 tabs at a time in Internet Explorer on one screen (yes it has to be IE) and display netflix or VLC on the other Im good. Its a work computer in my shop, there will be no gaming done on it.
  4. I found a Sapphire Nitro+ 8gb variant of the rx580 tonight for $150 Canadian thats only about a month old so I just picked it up, its gonna end up being a better solution to using a splitter and will allow easy separate display outputs.
  5. Ya I understand it would duplicate, that would be ok actually. I think I have a splitter already so I might try that first, no point in buying a gpu if I don’t have to
  6. I didn’t even think of using an adapter. I guess the second question is do I even need to bother with the rx580 or do I just use a splitter on the hdmi and run the same resolution to both screens. The tv just plays Netflix or movies off the hard drive and the monitor is just for a simple web based program I use for remote starters
  7. I need 2 hdmi though and I believe the card only has one hdmi out. I guess I could get a dp to hdmi though
  8. Ok, where do you live, what do you play, do you need other peripherals, is that $1000 usd? Do you have anything currentky
  9. First I apologize if this is the wrong section. I built an apu system using a 2400g, my question is can I run a monitor off the apu then dump a rx580 or similar in to run a tv monitor. The idea is it’s a shop computer and I wanna run the monitor in my tool box off the apu then run the tv off the gpu running a different resolution. Is this an issue?
  10. I have no desire to buy prebuilt and I would be a novice. Built my first one solo back in January, took me about 4 hours cause I was reading manuals and what. Second computer took me like 8-9 hours because I did a full blown custom hardline build. Most recent was about 3 hours because I rebuilt my brothers and replaced some parts but had to undo a bunch of bad work to start with. Only one that went quick was the shop computer I built because it was just an apu system with m.2 storage. That was like an hour long build. Point is I enjoy the building part just as much as using the finished product, if I could make the same kinda money I currently do but build computers instead I would
  11. My most expensive mistake has simply been overbuilding the crap outta my stuff. I run a 2080ti, I have a 3900x I need to pick up today, I use a msi ace x570 board, 32 gb of RAM, 1.5 tb of NVME storage and full custom loop cooling, all for a computer I use for like an hour or 2 a week of gaming and the rest of the time is spent watching youtube and going on forums and stuff. I enjoyed building it but in Canadian I have well over 5 grand into the machine and its a waste. As a more specific instance though I bought a 35 inch ultrawide last year and had to sell it because it made me motion sick sitting that close to a big screen, that was a $750 mistake
  12. I dont agree at all with mine but no way I want to deal with the Don so ill just stay here lol. Also Im diabetic so maybe Ill just stick around in a country where I can afford to buy insulin
  13. After I made my post I realized Im stupid and forgot about that lol. I was on my way back to edit/delete my post but you already got it lol. So I guess ill just leave my mistake intact
  14. I wish I made the money I make in Canada in the states. With stores like microcenter Id be building a pc every 6 months and not waiting for 2 months for water cooling parts to come in
  15. Yep even when not charging for it if you photocopy and distribute said copies of a copyrighted work its certainly breaking the law
  16. Memory Express would be my recommendation. They price match online, they dont over charge to build and they carry quality parts with a good warranty program if you are wanting more than manufactures. I believe they do build to order through their online center although youll have to double check, I know they do it in the store. What kind of budget are you dealing with
  17. Where are you located in Canada?
  18. Ya thats what I see too, I figure its basically a glitch in the matrix that will be fixed when they can
  19. I literally just posted about this right below you, yep Im having issues too
  20. I went there a little over an hour ago and there was a video for the spouse build listed but it was locked even though I was a subscriber, I just figured it was a glitch. I just tried to go there now and when I try to load the LTT channel it just gives me an empty space where the videos are supposed to be. I tried on my PC and my Mac, is it doing this for anyone else?
  21. That would depend on who you are, for some people thats a ton of money, for others not so much. But if you are trying to build with a budget in mind, saving $270 there would allow you to move up a couple levels on your processor, or a level in GPU or whatever. I get what you mean though
  22. Well my build had like 27 fittings so if all the sudden they were like half the price that would add up pretty quick
  23. Ok so sometime this week I am going to be tearing down my brothers computer and redoing some of it. He has a 7600k, and asus TUF Z270 MK2 and a 1070. It going to have a hyper 212black cooler. He really knows nothing, like I went to his place last week and turned on his XMP which was never on, hes had it for a couple years now. I wanna kinda tune this thing up a little bit but my PC is a full custom loop and I run Ryzen so thats what im used to OC'ing. My question is what is a safe multiplier/voltage to shoot for on this thing thats gonna be rock solid stable. I want him to get the most out of this machine but I dont want him to have any issues so Im fine being a bit more on the cautious side as opposed to pushing it to the ragged edge.
  24. I was running a 2700x with my 2080ti earlier this year and it worked great, you are gonna be perfectly fine.
  25. Fishing line, use fishing line like dental floss to get between the cpu and the cooler.