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  1. I grew up in a town of 400 people, my mom currently lives in a town of 49 people and my sister is in a town of 17 people. I left my home town the day after graduation because I hated small town living, but some people love it. If you are a social person small towns are great, can always gather at peoples houses just to hang out or play board games or watch sports or whatever, but if you are kinda anti social small town living is a rough rough life

  2. 1 hour ago, InnerBeast Gaming said:

    Vega 56- No. Just no.

    rx 5600xt- A good value option, if you don't mind not having ray tracing and all that, I reccomend this, if you can find a good deal

    RTX 2060KO ultra- Uses the same chip as the 2080, 40% preformance boost in productivty (E.G adobe)  tasks compared to a normal 2060 chip, Great price- It won't happen again with the 3060, unless it sells like $h!t. If you like ray tracing, and the cushy features Nvidia offers, this probably is the one, but the XT is a good deal too.



    Literally, if you want to upgrade though, do it for a good reason. A rx580 is already overkill for what you said you do on it/ want to do on it. 

    Ya I was kinda leaning to the 2060 as I havent been overly happy with the rx580, more just trying to figure out if there was a good reason to pick the 5600 instead. Thanks for the input

  3. 6 hours ago, RonnieOP said:

    Im really bad for building and upgrading my pcs for no reason.


    For what i do i could honestly grab an old optiplex and slap a gpu into it. But in my head im like "i want to play destiny 2 at 144hz 1440p" so instead i end up with a fairly nice setup.


    And if thats not bad enough i end up upgrading for no reason. Had a 1700x and 1080 and when zen 2 came out i decided to upgrade to a 3700x and 2070 Super. And when the new nvidia cards come out for some dumb reason ill replace my 2070 with one of those.


    Its a horrible cycle lol.

    Wanna hear a horrible cycle, here we go.

    -I wanted to get back into PC gaming after taking break for like 8 years

    -I bought a r5 Alienware Laptop October of 2018.

    -Bought an APU because I had credits I needed to use and figured I might use it sometime.

    -Impulse bought a 2080ti in December of that year because I was in my local computer store when they were unpacking a new shipment.

    -Bought a new power supply for the apu because the included one wasnt rated for enough wattage for the 2080ti.

    -Didnt do my research and realized I couldnt use my APU without an external monitor.

    -Sold my laptop in January because I decided to build a tower

    -Bought a Define R6 case, 2700x, Gigabyte x470 gaming WIFI, 16 gb ram, Acer Predator x35 monitor and corsair h150i cooler.

    -Starting in April I decided I wanted to do open loop and bought a thermaltake P5 case, started ordering a ton of water cooling parts and started planning for Ryzen 3.

    -Sold the Acer monitor because I was getting motion sick and thought it was due to size, bought a pair of 24 inch monitors.

    -Realized motion sickness was due to curved screen, not big screen

    -Sold 24 inch monitors and bought 34 inch ultrawide flat panel samsung.

    -Ryzen 3 launches, couldnt find a 3900 at launch obviously so I got a 3600 because I had already sold the 2700x and wanted something to get by.

    -Also bought a x570 Meg Ace because I sold the gaming 7 board and im not smart with component selection lol.

    -Bought a 4x8 corsair RGB kit because I wanted all 4 slots populated knowing full well this was stupid

    -Still running the 3600 because of the announced next ryzen launch hopefully this summer.

    -Also I should add that I had a logitec 910 keyboard and 502 mouse, sold those and bought corsair k95 and VOID mouse because Im a corsair whore, no other reason really. 


    And why was this all clearly a big waste and stupid use of money. Because I spend maybe 2-3 hours a week playing games and otherwise I web surf and watch friggin youtube videos. Worst part is I definitely will do this again and again.

  4. I have a 8gb rx580 and wanna do something newer. I have the option of a Vega 56 for 329, a Variety of RX 5600 XT available for 389-399 and a RTX2060 KO Ultra for 399. All of those are available brand new from Memory Express locally and all those prices are in CAD funds. This isnt gonna be a heavy use machine meaning its gonna do a lot of just video streaming, web browsing and not much else. I guess if work is slow maybe some gaming but it wont be used heavily for that because I have a pretty decked out home PC for that. So if you had to chose between those 3 cards which direction do you go?

  5. On 2/14/2020 at 11:55 PM, greenmax said:

    What about a laptop with an egpu, Alienware I think has that I think.

    This is exactly what I was gonna suggest, If you look at the EGPU units the video cards mount vertical into them instead of horizontal, would stand up to vibration MUCH better and then the rest of the components in the laptop would be fine so long as you have a good place to put the actual laptop. Im sure you could make a very acceptable gaming set up with this.

  6. 2 minutes ago, tnings said:

    I  was thinking to get started to get the custom loop kits from ekwb but I am not sure.

    If you are just going to cool the CPU for now those kits are fine, make sure they arent aluminum rads, I couldnt see on the site if they specify so you might need to email them. As someone else said soft tubing isnt as nice looking but it gets your foot in the door and it you use on of those kits then you arent using the distribution plate off the hop anyways. I think its a fine way to start off and get you started. Some of the pieces in that kit will be reusable in the future anyways.

  7. I did my first loop using hardline, honestly its not that hard, just takes some time, I still had mine done in about 5 hours using a core p5 and cooling both the gpu and cpu. As for parts, what kind of budget do you have? Custom loops can get expensive real quick so lets make sure you have enough resources to buy what you need to do the job right