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    Steel City, USA
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    Light gaming and staring at pretty pictures.
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    Ryzen 7 1700
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    AsRock AB350PRO-M
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    Corsair Vengance 2x8gb 2400
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    MSI RX 580 Gaming X 4GB
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    Cooler Master Q300L
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    Corsair CX650M
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    Asus mx279h
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    Dierya X Kemove 60% Keyboard w/ Gateron Optical Browns
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    Logitech G203
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    Windows 10/ Ubuntu Budgie

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  1. First ever was a Pentium 3 Coppermine T revision. Given my dad was super into this stuff all the time I take it he picked all that. First one I vividly remember was an old dell mATX tower my Mom had. Think it was a low end Core 2 tower with a first gen LCD monitor and just powerful enough graphics to play flash games smoothly. First I bought myself was an AMD A-8 based system with an SSD and HDD but no GPU with a 1600x900 monitor that gave me some good times. First build was an R5 2400G with an 570 and currently on a rolling upgrade lol.
  2. Would do but these were mining cards and my monitor isnt up to snuff for a 980ti. The 580 is a hold over til I get a high refresh and a newer monitor with adaptive sync and next gen mid range or higher end stuff with a full system overhaul.
  3. Thanks for the feedback bois alas my case is too small to fit the girth of the 2 cards. But ill say this I got one for $60 plus another I can use for a friend or so!
  4. Holy balls guys I managed to grab two RX 580's for $120 total. Slapping both of these on ASRock B350m-Pro4 with a R5 2400G may upgrade to a 2600 but I'm posting this more out of curiosity to what you guys might think as most of the games i play and plan to play all have crossfire profiles. Should O under-volt/overclock or just under-volt or any tips you guys reccomend?
  5. NVM Probably a 4790K or a 4770K. youll need all them threads unless you can squeeze together a little more for a 1600af build and a used b350-450 mobo or even an A320 board.
  6. Whats your price range for an upgrade bud?
  7. If you're using cad and doing serious work get the Radeon VII. It'll still work well in games and eat more power but its stronger than the original Titan Volta. High bandwidth cache will also help as well for larger files. (Tweakers delight as well)
  8. Sounds like a bad PCI-E link. Check your motherboard and gpu connection. If not try reseating the gpu and power connectors in their respective slots. If that doesn't work you'll either need a new board or gpu.
  9. I would honestly drop the 1070 and go 2070 super or RX 5700XT (for dat PCIE Gen-4) and go VR and explore a new medium of gaming. Second monitor is pretty cool in theory but if you orient them correctly in windows it takes away the issues, but more often than not it goes unused or is used for performance monitoring (imo). Reality is I'm suggesting a new medium of gaming but no matter what you choose you'll still be ripping and shredding with the best.
  10. Do you want a list of parts? And will you only be gaming or will this pc make you money as well?
  11. OC your 2080. The RT doesn't utilize RT cores on RTX that's TBD 2020 from Nvidia.
  12. I got a quite a few. 1) Vega wasn't bad and will age very well as DX12 and vulkan become more adopted. 2)Nvidia will be struggling with RDNA for the foreseeable future. Turing will be struggling against RDNA on the gaming side while Arcturus (MegaVega) will be crushing it on the compute/datacenter. 3)Many people don't need ATX, MATX will be more than enough for cpu,gpu,cooler so on. Unless you need 3 or more add in cards MATX will be a better more affordable for budget people. And shifting to that standard will have more manufacturers bring higher end boards to that standard. 4) 120hz will be the next standard. 60 is going the way of 30Hz. (I was still adamant about 60Hz but got to try 120Hz and now I get it.) 5) Intel on desktop will essentially be bulldozer especially when Zen 3 launches. But intel on laptop will be hands down the only options especially with foveros and the Intel version of "Little Big" with Willow Cove Cores with a larger highly binned Rocket Lake Cores. Feel free to rebuttal I am always willing to hear some fresh perspectives.
  13. TL;DR: No limit so long as its elective connection to any network public or private. NeuraLink (the 5G network variants). DONT DO IT. Asides from that I would have to say an always online type of anything (bar cellular). Think about what your machine is capable of on its own. As enthusiasts I think we forget about what our machines can do that's not reliant on the internet and focus more on what they can't do. Don't get too caught up in the rat race for the bleeding edge. I know we see our tech as an extension of ourselves but to others they become the extension of it. Forgive my ranting guys I don't get to talk too much about this.
  14. Though a little high on ebay youll often find 570's used for 70-80 but if you need the specific form factor then yes its a good deal.
  15. The new bios revisions favor the Zen 2 boosting stats. I'd say turn off XFR and PBO or lock the fan speed that will be consistent at keeping it cool under load but not too loud for your taste. You'll do all this in bios.