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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, Ok so I'm gonna use some electrical tape cause I don't have duct tape. I'd like this to be temporary, any idea where to purchase brackets? I've searched online but only found ones for pc desktops.
  2. Her laptop is the MSI Leopard 8rd gp63. She is now missing the box in which the laptop came with. So I'm helping my gf upgrade her laptop with an ssd, it currently only has an nvme installed, this leaves me an empty slot for and hhd/ssd which I am missing the bracket for. Any idea how to install this? I apologize that I'm not knowledgeable on laptops.
  3. So I recently purchased a vertical gpu mount from phanteks and I've been having trouble where to route my aio tubes is this too much of a bend to cause problems? also how much user interference does it take to cause damage to the tubing?
  4. Planning to get a new processor, I've read that ryzen benefits more from faster ram. I only have g skill 2666mhz ram 16gb kits. How will it affect my performance?
  5. Locked cpu so no overclocking can the h7 handle the i7 9700f? also can it stay quiet? if not please recommend an aircooler preferably with black and white accents like the h7.
  6. I have the corsair glaive purchased about a year ago. This week while casually browsing on my pc I noticed it started double clicking on the lmb and somewhat unresponsive when held down.(ex dragging a file then losing the "grab"). What's causing this and how do I fix it?
  7. My mobo is already 9th gen capable when I got it, says so in the box. I changed my mind and maybe get a locked i9 instead and not worry about anything in the next 4 years(?). Any suggestion for a cpu cooler for the locked i9? Be quiet is too expensive here. Facepalm on this one cause I just used the xmp(?)profile. I'll check on it when I get home. AC oddysey, my monitor is freesync capable and I'm just using the nvidia g-sync driver. I just need it to stay above 60fps. So I'm planning to get the locked i9 instead so I won't have to buy a new mobo.
  8. current specs; i5 8400 asrock z370 pro 4 rtx 2070 g skill 2666mhz (2993) 16gb antec gold 650w gold rated pixio 1440p 144hz monitor I have a slight issue with my monitor, whenever my frame rate drops below 60 I get a little stutter. It's a bit annoying and I want to fix it. I can't decide if OC is worth it just because at 1440p it's more gpu bound than cpu bound. I'm not aiming for stable 144 frames on 1440p anything between 80-100 is fine for me. My rig is mostly for gaming and some light streaming. For the i7 9700k I need a new mobo and
  9. I bought this thing for like 68,000 JPY (650 usd) in december. Now I am planning to sell this to my gf who is currently thinking about building her own gaming pc for 50,000 JPY (500-550usd). Is it worth trading the rtx 2070 for the rx 5700xt? I own a freesync monitor 1440p 144hz. Now my monitor isn't officially supported by nvidia gsync drivers but I think it works just fine, it might be smoother if I get the amd gpu tho. I am considering the rtx 2070 super oc which costs about 72,000 JPY (700usd).
  10. So which one is better? same price point of 100$ Feel free to recommend more headsets at this price point thanks! Also I do not want a separate mic because I do not want extra clutter on my desk. I play pubg/rainbow 6 these types of shooters so I need audio to be clear and also mic quality.
  11. Any idea on how to re attach the foam on my hs50?
  12. Well my mistake, So the fans on the bottom are for intake; the more you know thanks guys. I just watched jayztwocents vid about the overheated ssd aswell I just got worried since these things ain't cheap.
  13. I currently run my rig with my ssd under my GPU, Which I then realize my GPU is exhausting hot air all over my ssd. Will it affect my ssd significantly? I have a Samsung 850 evo 250gb, Max temps of my gpu under load is around 70-80c. I have the nzxt 500 and I mounted my ssd directly below the exhaust of my gpu.
  14. That was my initial thought, seems like this is a really hard question. For future proofing is the i7 better?
  15. Says here on the box of my mobo it can handle a 9th gen. Also I have the 144hz on 1440p monitor idk man sometimes the i5 8400 falls short in some games.