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  1. Unpopular opinion: fully utilizing the mature & mass-production ready 14-nm node to produce processors is less risky and makes much financial sense than investing and transitioning to a new & experimental 10-nm node with limited manufacturing capacity.
  2. Is AMD for Poor People? Why is AMD the Budget Option for Gamers?
  3. I would say the price is pretty good consider that Mi A3 (4+64) is available from Amazon Germany for 199 EUR. That's a great deal you got there. Mi A3 is not a flagship phone, but it's fit for day to day use and it's part of the Android One initiative, which means it runs stock Android and will receive update faster. (On a personal note, I would prefer a clean Android than those customized ones by Huawei and Lenovo.)
  4. There's no "true" USB-C to USB-C hub. Those hubs available on the market with one USB-C port exclusively use the port for charging. Those with two USB-C ports are mostly at USB 2.0 speed. The reason being that using a USB-C hub, especially under USB 3.1 Gen 2 protocol, will make the hub itself become a huge bottleneck in terms of power and bandwidth. If you all you need is a USB-C port and you don't care about DisplayPort capability, you can just buy one of those USB-A to USB-C adapter. It will only carry data and (hopefully enough) power to your device. However, if want full power & bandwidth and you motherboard has spare PCIe x4 slot(s), you may consider buying an ASmedia-based PCIe to USB-C add-in card like this. If you want DP over USB-C, you will probably need Thunderbolt 3 or a native USB-C port on motherboard that has electric connection to GPU.
  5. Microsoft: Windows on ARM Meanwhile at Google: Android on X86
  6. At least Dell officially supports Ubuntu, as stated in their product specification for XPS lineup. Secure erase the SSD in BIOS (Or replace the SSD entirely) and install any certified OS you want.
  7. Microsoft offers a detailed documentation of Hyper-V on Windows 10 on their website.
  8. I have an even more crazy one...an Xeon E3-1575M (QK9N). Locked multiplier, but you can't beat the DDR3 ECC support and working Iris Pro P580.
  9. Seeing an MSI GS65/75 (i7-8750H, 16GB RAM, 256G SSD, 2080 Max Q) for $2100, I guess you are probably right.
  10. Switch the primary GPU to PCIe in BIOS.
  11. It will work, but the tweaking options may be limited compared to Z-series board paired with an unlocked K-series processor.
  12. Why not just get a laptop? For the same price, you may get a somewhat decent laptop, which is much smaller and much easier to carry around in a truck.
  13. Yes, Intel XTU supports all Sandy Bridge desktop processors. Source