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  1. SkyHound0202

    external monitor for phone

    There's indeed USB-C single-cable touchscreen monitor out there, but not all type-C ports are equal. Some phones, like Pixel 2 series, might have a type-C ports but they only carries data and power, not the crucial display signal. Get an iPad with an Apple Pencil or Surface with Pen is the best option for you.
  2. SkyHound0202

    GIANT Phone Gaming! – Gemini Portable Monitor

    One thing to note is that not all Type-C ports are equal. Some phones might have a Type-C ports but they only carries data and power, not the crucial display signal. Plus, HDaRen't.
  3. SkyHound0202

    They put an i9 in THIS?? - AsRock DeskMini Review

    I wish there were a Quadro P5000 version.
  4. SkyHound0202

    WHY would ANYONE want this??

    I clicked hoping to see "$850 Intel Optane Persistent Memory Module vs $85 M.2 SSD in DIMM". I was disappointed.
  5. SkyHound0202

    The WEIRDEST PC Parts we Found on AliExpress

    Saw that about a year ago. It's a brand new, authentic N16P-GT-A2 (GTX 950M) GPU soldered onto a Maxwell reference PCB coupled with legit laptop VBIOS. Uses official unmodified Nvidia laptop driver. It performs similar to a desktop GTX 750 Ti but about 5% faster. Costs $60 USD. Actually runs hotter than the 750 Ti due to clock increase and unexceptional cooling, based on the reviews. No longer sold on Aliexpress as of today. Honestly not a good buy. But very interesting.
  6. SkyHound0202

    The WEIRDEST PC Parts we Found on AliExpress

    Probably you haven't wandered too far into the weirder side of Aliexpress, where you can find legit laptop GPU (GM107 "GTX 950M") in desktop PCIe form factor or even MXM to PCIe adapter.
  7. SkyHound0202

    A NEW Level of Gimmick? Gigabyte Aero 15 x9 Review

    AI? Have you tried Windows 10 Game Mode? /s
  8. SkyHound0202

    Can you make your OWN thermal paste??

    Why not just mix some technical grade gallium, indium, tin, and other metals together and make your own liquid metal?
  9. SkyHound0202

    Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid of Linux Gaming

    Again, a sneaky title change: Original: Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid of Linux Gaming Now: Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid - Noob's Guide to Linux Gaming What's going on?
  10. SkyHound0202

    Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid of Linux Gaming

    The Mac users send their regards.
  11. Microsoft is not fundamentally the good or bad guy. On one hand they need to make money since they are a for-profit organization. On the other hand bringing inclusivity and accessibility to the gaming community is a good gesture. In the end we got this: a product that few people will use but everyone will praise it for its existence.
  12. Correct me if I am wrong, are you trying to build something like this, but with multiple GPUs to power at least 2 VMs?
  13. I have an Unraid server built on an Asrock Z370 Killer SLI with a passively cooled QQC0 (i9-9900T Engineering Sample, 8C/16T, 35 W, 1.7-3.8 GHz), a KalmX fanless 1050 ti and an LSI 9300-8i HBA with a bunch of cheap decommissioned (has several hundred terabyte writes on it) Intel DC SSDs (eight 3.8 TB S3500 to be precise) connected, all powered by a Seasonic Platinum 520 Fanless PSU. Extremely power efficient and makes no noise. Primarily uses as a NAS, but also has a Windows 7 VM on it only to play some legacy games like Red Alert 2 (please don't judge) and remote in to see if anything went wrong. Honestly, the idea of streaming with a VM on a local server is an idea with great potential for a single house hold. But there's much problem to this. In my use case (NAS), I wasn't expecting triple-A titles to play on this thing anyway, so that gaming VM is merely an "add-on" for the system. All I need it to be is super efficient and quiet (hence the all low-power, fanless component), running any higher end hardware defeat its purpose of being a proper NAS. There's also not enough expansion slot or power headroom to accommodate a second GPU (lower PCIe x8 slot taken by LSI card to utilize full bandwidth), so upgrade is a no-go for me. If I were to upgrade, it means at least I need to move to a HEDT or server platform, which is expensive. Sure I can get some older parts like X79 platform with E5 v2 for cheap, but then its power consumption is again too high to be a NAS. Finally, consider this: you will not be in two place at the same time (unless there's multiple people gaming at the same time), so setting up dedicated gaming VMs for each room is no better than streaming from your main PC. So in a word, no. Stick with a low-power NAS and a performance main (streaming) PC is the right way to go.
  14. SkyHound0202

    Intel HD driver issue

    The most recent version of .NETFramewrok is 4.7.2, something's clearly not right. The Intel driver delivered via Microsoft is sometime outdated or incompatible (Windows 10 is so broken). You should try finding the drive on Intel Download Center, either find it yourself or use the Intel Driver & Support Assistant.
  15. SkyHound0202

    Cooling a PC with the kitchen sink!!

    AIDA64 Extreme -> System Stability Test