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  1. Hi everyone! I'm curious about improving my efficiency whilst surfing the web or running multiple programs. I would like to be able to scroll up and down multiple windows at the same time. Preferably i would like to have this function programmed into my mouse with a click on/off and to affect all current windows opened. Is this possible to write a program to do this? Would it also be able to program in that you can select which programs are affected by this program/function. I have zero experience with programming but wondered if this already existed. Thanks everyone!
  2. Finally! Someone doing a custom loop in the evolv matx!! I've been looking everywhere for something like this! Awesome job, Love how much work you have put into this and it turned out really great. I've only just built my first PC under a year ago and want to custom loop it in the next upgrade but couldn't find anyone that had done one in this case! When I finally get around to doing it i'll be sure to post something up!
  3. Thanks you! Yes, that's precisely what i wanted to do @jstudrawa
  4. @paddy-stone @Herman Mcpootis Thank you both especially so much for your help! I ended up going with the following list based on your recommendations and built it all a week ago! Seriously happy with how it turned out. I'm already looking for new parts and thinking of upgrading ? ?. I popped in some RGB and an extra case fan on top of what you had recommended. The pictures i took make it look over-saturated with light but its a perfect amount of illumination. Took me about 5/6 hours to build with all my paranoid double checking and constantly re-watching build guides on youtube though hahaha.
  5. I took your advice @paddy-stone! Thanks for all the effort! You are a great member of the community! Didn't realize I had it on US prices - good catch. I swapped to a cheaper keyboard and different Wifi card (has included Bluetooth which is handy). I had heard of kinguin but it sounded dodgy. Does the SSD cache drive make a noticeable difference to HDD write speeds? Do you have any recommendations for graphics cards?
  6. Hi Forum! Another build newbie here so I wanted to get opinions/advise on my future build. Under $2000 budget but I don't need crazy expensive or over the top parts for a high performance gaming PC. I'm in Australia and I wanted to build just a small sized PC for home (study and web surfing) with some casual gaming on the side. Mostly battle royal style games I can play with friends: Apex, Fortnite etc. Basically I want a decent little system but I hate slow ANYTHING so wanted higher performance and quality parts so I wont have to deal with slow system (I aimed at mid to high e
  7. Accidentally posted here instead of in the proper area! My bad! Thanks for reading! ?