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  1. You can buy a new daughter board for your phone. Try searching for "galaxy a5 2016 usb board" on ebay.
  2. So where's that 60TB Seagate SSD from CES 2017?
  3. It's not advisable to use Windows XP since even full support has ended on August 31, 2019. If you still wishes to proceed, some browsers like Firefox (ESR) and Chromium still works but will display a warning about the operating system being unsupported.
  4. IMO, Windows "Compute Stick" or Chrome OS based "Chromebit" are better hidden and does not require heavy modification. While we are at it, since the the monitor already has VESA mount, why just get a an Intel NUC (or any VESA compatible mini PC) and mount it on its back? Much better performance and no network lag.
  5. We seriously need to make VIA Technologies great again to break the Intel/AMD x86 processor duopoly.
  6. The X570-P is an odd motherboard: in its price range, it has the most exceptional power delivery for stable everyday use and better overclocking, yet the board itself lacks advance features like USB-C ports, SLI support, Intel LAN, S/PDIF, etc. It's fine for a home gaming computer if you don't care those feature. And if you really need them, you still have the option of using AIC. Paired with a R5 3600 and 1060, combined with the fast RAM, it would make a perfect 1080P gaming system. You can certainly upgrade to newer CPU and GPU down the line when they became available
  7. Unlikely, considering the X570 chipset itself is literally a repurposed 12 nm I/O die that was used a a stop-gap solution for AMD, which is way more expensive to fabricate than the 55 nm ASMedia chipsets, thus driving the cost of the entire motherboard higher. Yes
  8. Although newly manufactured motherboards shipped with the newer BIOS, some old stocks at retailer might still contain the old BIOS. Check with your vendor to see if they can confirm the BIOS version for you and update the BIOS if necessary. If that is not possible, there's still the option to request a bootkit directly from AMD with valid purchase receipt.
  9. Battleye proactively scans and monitors your disk to keep an eye out for suspicious files and executables. You either had used or have been using WSL2 that contains code which "resembles" virtual machine (not necessarily VMware, but likely open source code that are also utilized by VMware). This prompted Battleye to flag you as suspicious and eventually get you banned after your repeated attempt(s) to start the game.
  10. The oil stain looks like the silicone oil bleed from the thermal pad. Interestingly, silicone oil is non-conductive and will not short out electronics. So your problem must be somewhere else.
  11. The XMG Apex 15 actually uses B450 chipset. So no Zen 3 (Ryzen 4000 series) in the foreseeable future, unless they release a new hardware revision with B550 chipset or somehow slipstream the new AGESA code into the BIOS update.
  12. I would advise caution regarding such purchase of defective parts. It's either too good to be true, or you can't handle "the truth". For starters, you'll need proper skill and equipment to conduct repairs on graphic cards. This ain't easy. Also, the seller did not specify what kind of "defect(s)" they card have. If those RTX cards were affected by the early GDDR6 failure or power problems, it's actually less challenging to fix as long as you know how to (de)solder BGA/SMC and where to source them. (And if those card are still covered by warranty, it would be even more s
  13. As of right now, there are only three PS4 exclusive titles with PC release, namely Detroit: Become Human (December 12, 2019), Horizon: Zero Dawn (Q2 2020) and Death Stranding (June 2, 2020). The previous Amazon FR listings for other games were reported to be erroneous. (Note: Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls were initially released on last gen PS3, then ported to PS4, finally PC) The likelihood of having more PS titles on PC is not impossible, but highly unlikely. Only selected titles will get such treatment, and those "core" PS titles like Uncharted series, God of War s
  14. Android does not distinguish LAN traffic (local) and Internet traffic (external). If properly configured, it should go through Wi-Fi LAN only and will not use mobile data.
  15. Unplug from wall power socket, press power button to drain any capacitors. Should be fine then.