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  1. Good news everything is back up and running. Hopefully it was just the combination of a long gaming session and the Hybrid switch getting hit, pardon the mess that was my last post. Phone posting sucks.
  2. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/seasonic-prime-ultra-platinum-1000w-80-plus-platinum-modular-power-supply-ca-06d-ss.html Linky to specific model. Dang wrong model, it's the 1000w version not 750w. Fixed. Hate doing this by phone. And not fixed, mine is the titanium not platinum model. Ugh, small phone screens and touch interfaces suck for this.
  3. Seasonic titanium model, I'd have to do some digging to get you exact model. Doing that via phone is pretty slow obviously. Note system had been operational for about a year without psu issues, so I don't suspect bad psu. Full system is x470 Tiachi ultimate MB with r7 2700x 2080ti 32gb ram and 4 hdds plus ssd.
  4. Computer just unexpectedly turned itself off and won't power back on. After taking case side off notices psu felt unusually warm and won't power on from MB switch. A check shows the hybrid mode switch on back of psu appears to have been knocked. Suspect overtemp protection may have tripped. How lo g should it take to cool down enough to function again, since obviously I want to confirm cause asap. If it's so.thibg else, well yeah. Note typing from phone so pardo n any extra messy typing e.t.c.
  5. AMD only said they'd stay on AM4 until 2020. So i expect Zen 4 to be a new socket.
  6. What i meant was i assumed which piece of the physical drive gets written to is upto the drive, it only decides which part of the disk to rite to and assign an allocation table address to when it actually writes it. In that scenario if a data write request or a delete request or a read request comes in the drive will be writing/deleting/reading equally from all platter so no misalignment can take place.s. The only real catch is you'd probably needs a number of platters that follows binary progression, (so 2 or 4 or 8 or 16 or e.t.c.).
  7. Huh, so basically the OS has close to direct control of the heads and it doesn't know how to do this. I assumed HDD's worked through some kind of situation like this: "OS: get ready to write some data HDD. HDD: Ok ready. OS: Ok here's the data write it and associate that with File Allocation Table Address X. HDD: Runs off and writes it to the next free section of disk." Guess not.
  8. Which raises the question, why instead of writing/reading data from one platter and head at a time don't they split it amongst all the heads and write to multiple different platters at the same time.
  9. Sorry but i'm with waffles here. The things he's complaining about in terms of button rebinding and graphical options stuff is basic standard to every PC game ever stuff. not having it IS a bad port. You have to meet that bar to even be an ok port.
  10. A larger node means the dies are bigger, and cost rises exponentially with die size increases. Thats what has really made Zen 2 so revolutionary. The die sizes don;t really change as you go up the product stack so you can get excellent yields, (and thus low costs per die), on very small dies that are then bundled in multiple to produce a high end product without the cost to manufacture scaling that normally comes with a high end product. Doing this on GPU's however is apparently rather tricky copaed to CPU's.
  11. Unlikely as 64 cores 128 threads is the max even EPYC their server chips go to, and that won't be increasing with Zen 3 ethier so i don't see threadripper going beyond 64 cores until the 5000 series at the earliest.
  12. But it's not equivalent, it's not even close to equivalent. If this only had a 15-20% performance gain over the previous 32 core part you probably would see people giving AMD a hard time. But when 50%+ is happening with alarming regularity people don;t really care because whilst it may only be 32 cores still it's performing like it has a lot more cres than it actually does.
  13. Ok want to give a larger reply to some aspects of this. One of the biggest issues i'd take it your entire post is the very clear enormous generalisations going on.ASD has a list of symptoms longer than your arm. But any given individual will posses only some of those symptoms and the degree of severity for each symptom they do possess as well as exactly which ones is so variable that generalisations whilst acceptable when talking about it in general are nearly usless because which of the many generalisations and the degree of severity that are applicable to each individual case is enormously variable. This means you pretty much have to take every individual on a case by case basis. I'm also not sure incidentally where you get the more violent from? Whilst it;s true that can be the case with some forms of ASD it's actually overwhelmingly the case that the reverse is true. In fact checking for such violent tendencies is one of the checks the NHS does during diagnosis to see if there are possibble other root causes that aren't ASD for the symptoms as many non-ASD factors can mimic a number of the effects of ASD but have very different causes.Excessive violent tendencies are actually something of a warning flag there, (though again exceptions exist, primarily as a stress reaction when overwhelmed by events). Now being victims of more violence from others due to discrimination, yeah that happens a lot unfortunately, but there's an enormous difference between being victims of violence and being perpetrators of it.
  14. I believe AMD themselves have allready confirmed zen3 will be moving from 2 4 core CCX's per chiplet to 1 8 core CCX per chiplet.