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    I7 4790k @4.4Ghz
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    Asus Maximus VII Hero
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    G-Skil Trident X 16GB 2400Mhz
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    Gigabyte GTX980 G1 Gaming
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    Phanteks Enthoo Primo
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    6TB Mixed Storage
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    Seasonic 1200w Platnium
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    Benq XL2720Z
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    Corsair H110
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    Corsair K70
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    Logitech G9x
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    Audioengine D1 DAC
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  1. Just to close off the thread, turned out to be ESD from my new chair. By sticking a mat under my chair, the black flicking stopped, verified by removing the mat, black screen again. Seems I'm not the only one who's seen this in monitors:
  2. Just so you don't think I'm imagining this, here's 2 videos recorded one after another of me sitting down.
  3. Ok, I think I nailed it. If I unplug the Dac, screen flicker, plug it back in, screen flicker, just doing anything with the USB on the DAC causes screen flicker. Now my DAC is a good 4 years old, so I'd say it might be on the way out. I've removed the usb cable completely, got it plugged in through spdif, so lets see what happens now. Still strange it didn't happen with the Benq tohugh, but maybe the Acer is more sensitive to power or interference Update: Nevermind, flashed again with no DAC, bare things plugged in, it has to be the monitor or cable for sure, did it on my sons machine the moment I plugged it in too. I'll try the new cable when it shows, and if not just get the new monitor in April. It's turned me off Acer for sure, had my concerns before buying a Predator in the first place, well learnt my lesson now.
  4. I love the fact this stumped people, shows I'm not alone. Just ordered a Ugreen DP 1.4 cable, just to be sure, overkill I know., Replaced the USB cable on my DAC, still using the one I got with it from 3 years ago. The screen did flicker when I unplugged the DAC's USB cable, but not since. So far I've been using my PC for 2 hours, no black screen flicker....Yet.... I know it's not gone completely, but I just got to hold out until April, looking at getting a BenQ EX3203R or ASUS XG32VQR. Was wanting a bigger screen anyway since I'm sitting further back with the new desk/chair setup, but still wanted to stick with 1440p. From what I've see these freesync monitors worth fine with G-Sync.
  5. Ok so I go my first flicker/blackscreen since my last post. It was dead silent, what I heard was a electrical click through the speakers. What I have is a S.M.S.L M6 USB Dac and Audioengine 5+ speakers. The click happened at exactly the same time as the black screen flick.
  6. Yeah the flickering you got in the video is like mine, usually I'll get one flash here and there like in my video's, but I have had a couple of times a wicked flash like yours. Here's a funny thing, I let Windows install their 432.00 driver, I'm yet to see a issue in the last 40 minutes, usually I would of got something by now... I first noticed my flickering when I got up from the PC to grab a drink or something, thought I'd bumped the desk too hard, but when it started happening just sitting here doing nothing and then in games I figured it wasn't me doing anything wrong. At first it wasn't doing it in games at all, but now after a week of desktop flashes it does. Didn't have a single problem using the Benq, but that was only 1080p, but it shouldn't of mattered if it was a GPU fault because it was pounded with Furmark, RDR 2, Unigine Superposition, Firestrike Extreme etc. I even removed my vertical GPU mount which used a ribbon cable. The only thing I can remember doing a day or 2 prior to the problem showing up is updating Intel's Management Engine firmware to the latest, but surely that wouldn't of caused a problem, this is on a z390 Apex XI/9900k system.
  7. Nah I went in a personally set it to 144Hz@1440p, 5 hours it never black screened once for him, being seven and playing Fortnite he would of yelled out..lol.. The moment it was back on my system, within a few minutes black screen. It's just so odd that it's been running fine from new, (July 2017) but now develops a problem, pretty much out of nowhere. Been doing IT repair for like 20+ years (I'm 42), and this one has stumped me. When you swapped cables, did it work for a bit then stop, or just didn't work from the moment you plugged it in?
  8. Ok so I'm not going crazy. I have tried the cable it came with that does the same, a new 1.5m cable, which honestly had been working fine since I picked it up in August. It wasn't like I plugged in a cable and it happened straight away, only really started just before Christmas. When I plugged it into my sons GTX 1050ti, that was using the cable the monitor came with, but the moment I swapped back to my RTX 2080 ti rig (cable and monitor) it happened within a few seconds. I also had a vertical line down the left hand side of the screen that completely threw off the screens layout, but turning off the monitor fixed it. I even went to the extent of plugging in a 250GB SSD installing Ubuntu Mate to see if it was a Windows 10 problem, but nope, as soon as I installed the NVIDIA drivers and ran the card at a higher refresh rate it split seconded black screen there. So that points to hardware for sure. If it was the RTX I wouldn't be able to play anything, but it's smashing all the benchmarks and stress tests, so kind of ruled that out. Currently running Windows 10 with no NVIDIA drivers at 59Hz and there's no black screen, so it seems to be higher refresh rates causing it. Guess I can try another cable for now. I've already decided to get a 32" 1440p Asus or Benq monitor in April (won't have the money until then), but if there's a monitor fault I'd like to get it replaced before warranty runs out.
  9. Ok I'm going out of my brain here. Over the last week I've been having issues where the screen will go black for a split second then turn back on, this originally started just on the desktop, there is no Windows disconnect/reconnect sound when it happens, just the blue led goes on then off (I have it set to power saving). At first it wasn't happening in games, the last 2 days it's happening when gaming, at least 6 – 10 times a day. https://youtu.be/S5uD0zGKh0Q https://youtu.be/HJfTM3tfkBg I did the usual, brand new DP cable, rolled back drivers, reset monitor settings, lowered the frame rate to 120Hz from 144Hhz, disabled G-SYNC, all still the same thing. Wiggling the cables DP or Power won't recreate the issues, it's just intermittent, pretty much happens when it wants. I tried another monitor (27" Benq 1080p 144Hz), no problems, but oddly enough none for my sons 7700k/GTX 1050ti which I connected the Predator to using the same settings as I was 144Hz@1440p, G-Sync enabled. I'm running a RTX 2080 ti. He had been using it for a good 5 hours, I just switched it back to my PC and within 10 minutes of it being used the same black screen happened. I still have 6 months of warranty left (July), but I highly doubt they'll use the monitor all day waiting for the problem to appear. I had zero issues until about a week or so ago.
  10. Realistically using a 4Ghz AVX/AVX512 offset is fine even if you're OC is higher. Even 4Ghz gives you better benchmark numbers than the previous generations. Not setting an offset on a moderately high overclock can cause the dreaded phantom vrm throttling or kick in over current protection. On my 7820x I have them set to 4Ghz though 4.3Ghz AVX is fine but why generate extra heat and power draw. This was my power draw with everything on Auto, no AVX offsets and the XMP profile set. (7820x/GTX1080ti in Realbench, 500w full system load)
  11. I'm curious hows the x99 Strix going? Personally I've been through 3 boards and 2 6900k's. The boards keep killing themselves and taking the cpu's with it. Got rid of mine, went back to a 7700k/IX Hero rig until Skylake-X drops.
  12. Man you can do 4.8Ghz with way less voltage than 1.4v, I'm running 4.8Ghz@1.25v using a Kraken x61.
  13. You've got to remember clocks are the be all end all, you have to look at the architecture. My 6900k@4.2Ghz will out perform a 5960x@4.4Ghz but remains cooler. I originally had a 5820k, but it would't overclock any higher than 4.3Ghz, most only get 4.5Ghz and that's we a awesome overclocker. Where the 6800k@4.2Ghz (the average) is around if not beats the 5820k@4.5Ghz in synthetic benchmarks, but who's running synthetic benchmarks all day. So if you're just looking a bragging rights on core clocks, get the Haswell-E, if you're looking for better performance and benchmark scores on lower clocks get the Broadwell-E.
  14. No turning on Fastboot on a X99 system using XMP is bad, very bad, the system will not train the memory correctly which introduces stability problems. Don't take this the wrong way or anything, but have you had much experience with the x99 platform, I really don't recommend suggesting to anyone to just go fiddling in the BIOS and "turn things off" if you don't know what you're doing. I'll tell you straight out, there is no way to speed up a x99 cold boot other than fast boot, and that's not recommended unless you're running stock 2133Mhz (Haswell-E) or 2400Mhz (Broadwell-E) DDR4 as there's no overclocking on that ram. I went through all this when I first built my X99 rig 18+ months ago, my wife's 4790k machine boots quicker, but again it's not and advanced as a X99 system.
  15. And then we need to factor in ram speeds, this also can lead to a better Cinebench score. What I've notice is that with Broadwell-E it seems to handle higher frequency ram a lot better, but has a weaker memory controller needing a higher VCCSA voltage, but that allows for the higher frequency ram to keep the BCLK at 100Mhz instead of 125Mhz +. My runs are done on a 32GB 2800Mhz C14 kit, so it's not going to yield the top scores. Either way the main reason I went from my 5820k was because it was a shit overclocker, I couldn't get anything over 4.3Ghz out of it (not to mention the MSI Gaming 7 board I was using was utter crap), so I opted to go with 8 cores and a New Strix board. I was looking around for a 5960x second hand but no one was selling any locally. But I agree with the what you're saying, if you're not going out of major overclocking scores the Broadwell-E makes more sense, there's a few benefits to BW-E. In the end though you really can't go wrong with either CPU for gaming or virtual machines, though VM's love ram but going 8 cores would benefit more than 6..lol