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    Gaming and editing videos
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    i just play on my computer all day


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    I7 6700k @4.4 GHZ
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    Corsair Vengance LPX 16GB (2x8gb)
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    founders edition 1080
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    NZXT Noctis 450 ATX Mid Tower Case
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    250 gb 850 evo and 3tb hdd
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    evga 750 bronze semi modular
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    i have 5 monitors and they are all different
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    CLOUD 2
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  1. it was game mode in my MSI dragon center "true color" was enabled
  2. Whenever i launch overwatch it makes all of my monitors change color slightly, it makes them all have a hint more red/orange i first noticed it yesterday and the colors go back to normal when i close overwatch i have windows night light disabled
  3. i have a nhd-15 and it's worked better then 2 aio's that i've had so idk what to say i've had a h100iv2 and a fractal design aio
  4. nh-d15 is better then most aio watercoolers
  5. i have a 60% keyboard right now but i don't like how small it is (or loud) and i was looking at new keyboards but one of the things i would like to be able to do is reprogram keys, can razer keyboards do this?
  6. i had the same issue with my pc for a long time, capping my framerate fixed it for me i think the issue ended up being my power supply because i have since replaced it and no longer have the issue but try enabling a fps cap or vsync and see if you can get the game to launch
  7. i set my voltage to 1.375 in my bios and here is a HWmonitor screenshot
  8. if the max package temp is 90 whike running aida 64, is that too hot?
  9. this should work, thanks! also i have a 6700k and a gtx 1080 (i'm assuming it's my cpu that's causing me to lag while i stream)
  10. is there any way to use a elgato hd60 to record my gameplay but still play at 144hz? my pc can't handle streaming overwatch that well i think it's my cpu but i may be acquiring o pc with a (probably) 4th gen i5 or i7 which i could use as a streaming pc i already have a elgato hd60 so i was wondering if this was possible in any way it doesn't make sense to buy the really expensive 4k one in that case i would be better off getting a better cpu
  11. i own a g pro wireless it's amazing i used to own a g502 but it work out and i love my g pro wireless basically all i do with it is play competitive shooters (overwatch) i think the main selling point is the weight and the wireless technology being as good as wired although i watched this video and it left me with lost to think about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Stf8UmIaJuo
  12. basically all i do in my pc is play and occasionally stream competitive overwatch i'm looking into upgrading my monitor that i game on but i'm not sure what i would like better right now i have a 144hz 1080p monitor and it is nice but i would love a higher resoloution, i realize how bad 1080p is at 27 inches frequently because this monitor is beside a 4k monitor and a 3440x1440 one but on the other hand 144hz is amazing and so so so much better then 60hz, i just want to make sure i'm not missing out on something huge not getting a 240hz screen Edit: i have a gtx 1080 so i sho
  13. only reason i picked that board was so the build experience would be smooth (no messing with the bios) as he is new to pc building and i'm across the continent from him so the only help i can give in in a video call