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  1. don't forget, if you increase the number of drives you also increase the chance of faliure so ensure your raid array is up to spec.
  2. ah.... I can't really help with this, I would never spend that little on a camera setup that heavy. what cam / lens are you using? Mine weighs in at just shy of 3kg and i use a £500 Carbon Manfrotto tripod, that way it is light weight and sturdy. If i'm out and about depending on environmentals, i will add my sack to the hook and put some rocks / sand in it just for extra stability.
  3. I have to say i have had my FreeNAS box running flawlessly for a while now and upgared the OS as well as move to a new hardware build and it migrated with no issue at all! Ad for complexity i think it is one of the easier systems to use. It can be as complex as you want it to be. Web based control, or if you get fancy you can do it in shell etc.
  4. This is the only itx case i have used and used it for my NAS so can't comment about GPU fitment but i got it cheap on a popular online auction site https://www.overclockers.co.uk/kolink-satellite-plus-aluminium-micro-atx-case-black-ca-02f-kk.html
  5. im not too sure whether you are wanting a HTPC or media server. If you want the latter, Get a usb stick, slap OMV on there and have done with it.
  6. Well today i came home with a microserver... thinking of using it as a NAS.... guess i might gift my old NAS to my father for his business.
  7. That makes sense! i tend to get parts from my work as i don't want to see them go in the bin... but then i end up keeping a hoard at home! lol
  8. Fair enough. As an Infrastructure engineer i totally understand your points, just wanted clarification. I agree that server grade kit is generally more robust (slightly more expencive though) I have heard mixed reviews about the warrant for ECC ram in a HOME nas setup. I can't say i have used any AMD builds in a freenas environment, i'm mainly an intel build man myself and using an i5 is more than enough for most stuff. Depending on what the OP is looking for it may be better to go with something like OpenMediaVault as that is known to run lightweight and even on ARM setups like a PI. I think the CHEAPEST setup would be something like an older ATX server board with Xeon processor, 16gb DDR3 ECC RAM. i believe most recomendations are using supermicro motherboards. I think 400 is a reasonable budget but also don't forget to budget in boot drive and powersupply (reputable) also possibly running a UPS?
  9. Can you clarify that statement? Below is my specs for my FreeNAS build and it is working great. There is a recomendation to use Xeon and ECC RAM and the people on the FreeNAS forum ball hard on using ECC and 'server grade' hardware however realistically it's depending on usecase.
  10. I have 4x 3tb WD Red, 2x Constalation e3 drives and i can't remember the others, i think seagate some model lol! I'm thinking i could sell some stuff and get myseld a 1tb M.2 so my desktop doesnt have any spinners.
  11. I like your thinking. I know this sounds sad but i don't actualy have many friends so would be more a case of giving it to someone online random but then i worry they are just getting it to sell online.
  12. I'm just popping up this post in the hope i'm not alone. My day job is an Infrastructure Engineer for a multinational company and we get to play with some REALLY shiny stuff in the office, Big Datastores and servers and all the good things. The issue i have is that i have GAS and end up with a lot of kit that i don't need / require but it just 'want' As an example i've built myself a NAS and due to having lots of random hardware it is greatly over specced. I also have Two x99 PCs (full setups with similar specs, Spare GPUs, 970 and 980s, another 6 3TB hdd and so much stuff i don't know what to do with. I'm kind of tempted to sell some of it and use the money to get something more useful but i feel that i wouldn't get a decent amount for it so may as well keep it.... What do you do with spare old hardware? do you keep it or sell it or donate it etc?